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The Man Who Stumped The World

While researching and reading many online articles about the inventor Erno Rubik who invented one of the most confusing puzzles, the rubik\'s cube.  I’ve found about three or four biographies of his childhood, career, and even how he came to invent the cube, but what I haven’t been finding is books about him.  He has written books but it is usually about how to solve his maniacal cube. This is important because I’m sure there are millions of people that have been changed by the cube, even if it makes them think more, it was a good change in history for kids or adults to think more.  My Goal in this paper is to go as deep as I can into Erno Rubik\'s past history, however this task may be difficult since he doesn’t like making public appearances and he has only been interviewed a handful of times.

To achieve this goal, I’m organizing my research paper into three categories, childhood, career or adult life, and contribution.  The childhood category will look into how his childhood was, if it was easy or hard to grow up in that time period, If he finished high school or he dropped out.  The career or adult life category will dig deep into Erno Rubik\'s life from the time he left high school to the time he invented and published the rubik’s cube.  I think this will be the easiest category because there is the most information about Erno Rubik’s college career, and how he created and patented the rubik’s cube.  The Contribution category will be important because it is why I choose this person.  Another thing that I will cover in this contribution category is what makes this person interesting and that have changed their lives significantly.  

Erno Rubik was born from Magdolna Szanto, his mother, and Erno Rubik, his father,  in Budapest, Hungary on July 13th 1944.  Erno Rubik, the father of Erno Rubik was a flight engineer, and his mother Magdolna Szanto which was a poet during the second world war, Erno Rubik credits hit inspiration to his father.  At the age of 14 he began studying sculpture at a secondary arts school and four years later graduated and enrolled at Budapest University of Technology to study architecture. Although there is a bit of information in this paragraph I can not find any more things talking about his early life, which I would like to, but I will now go onto the career category.

After Erno Rubik graduated from the Budapest University of Technology, at the age of 34 he taught architecture at a division of the same college he went to for eight years, according to .  Three years later he began to design and model his first prototype of the cube with the intent to challenge his student, However the following year he patented the idea as a puzzle toy.  The same year he handmade the amazing puzzle to challenge his students, but after his first toy sold over millions of prototypes he created his own company to design and produce more puzzles that will challenge you as much as the original cube.   Five years later he convinced a New York based company called “Ideal Toys” to mass produce it and sell it worldwide.  They then continued to rebrand it and renamed it the “Rubik\'s Cube.”  The next three years his “Rubik’s Cube” got the prize toy of the year in five states, these states were Finland, Sweden, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Germany.  In those three years the creation of Erno had been selected and put into a gallery of “The Museum Of Modern Art,” in New York City.  Erno Rubik continued to teach in the 1990’s, when he became the president of the ‘Hungarian Engineering Academy’. In this time he started a fund for interesting students that have interesting designs themselves.  In 2009 Erno Rubik was awarded the European Union ‘Ambassador of the Year of Creativity and Innovation’ along with multiple other people including Ferran Adria Acosta, a creative chef, Antonin Holy, a professor and chemist, Damini Kumar, designer and inventor, and almost twenty more.  Very recently Erno Rubik war named ‘Honorary Citizen of Budapest’ although he has been awarded many more more scientific titles this title meant a lo tto him personal.  The Cube defined the 80’s creating an art movement known as Rubik Cubism and appearing everywhere from your office table looking back at you with pure spite as you stare back perplexed over the complexity of 26 magic little blocks, to Hollywood things that happen on the big screen across the world. In 2014 he began a six year tour of Beyond Rubik’s Cube a program will talk about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  

Beyond Rubik\'s Cube it the world\'s first museum exhibition all about the Rubik\'s cube puzzle.  It boasts 7,000 sq ft of games, puzzles, history, art, and engineering, all inspired by Erno Rubik’s best-selling masterpiece. Whether you\'re a puzzle buff, nostalgic about the cube and it\'s history, or just looking for a fun and challenging way to spend a day, Beyond Rubik’s Cube will reveal something amazing you’ve never seen before.

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