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I chose these five companies because they’re multinationals and they also have a good reputation on how they treat their employees and customers. Another reason I chose these five is because these companies are quite successful in the national as well as the foreign markets. My major is International Business and I would love to travel as part of my job and these companies, being multinationals, provide great opportunity for me to pursue my international career. I would love to work in foreign countries and learn more about their culture and meet new people, thus that’s why I’m looking for companies with jobs abroad and the companies on my top five list have various job openings all over the world. I’m planning to apply for these jobs as soon as I finished my Master’s Degree in International Business or a Master’s degree in Management Information Systems. I’m planning to graduate with my Bachelor’s degree in International Business in May 2018 and I’m planning to graduate with my Master’s degree in May 2020.

I. Google Inc.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google Inc. in 1998. Google Inc. started as a search engine named Backrub but Google has grown into a well-known multinational. Google makes hundreds of products such as YouTube, Android, Smartbox, Google Search, Google Maps etc. and the company’s products are used by billions of people from all over the world. The CEO of Google Inc. is Sundar Pichai.

The job I’m interested in applying at Google is as a Product Strategy and Operations Lead for YouTube. The reason I chose this job opening is because I would love to work at Google since it is so well known for how it treats its employees. Google seems to have created a work environment in which I would enjoy working.

The task of the Business Strategy and Operations department at Google is to provide business critical insights using analytics, to ensure cross-functional alignment of the company’s goals and the implementation, and helps teams drive strategic partnerships and new initiatives forward. The main focus at Google is on positioning the highest-level company priorities with strong day-to-day operations, and to help develop early stage ideas into future-growth initiatives.

YouTube’s continuous evolving and growing community makes it critical to utilize sources efficiently in order to best serve YouTube’s users, creators, and advertisers globally. Google bases its decisions on data analysis. The Product Strategy and Operations Lead is in charge of managing the data use at YouTube as well as using data analysis to provide savvy into the company’s business and strategic orientation.

The Product Strategy and Operations Lead will need to work closely with the company’s teams of Data Scientists in order to combine your business knowledge and reasoning with their analytical abilities. It is your job to keep track on having the right tools, data visualization, and the correct and efficient procedures to deliver analyses reports to the department that is in charge of making product decisions.

You will be working cross-functionally with many of YouTube’s teams that owns specific YouTube products such as: Product, Engineering, UX, Finance, Marketing, HR, and Sales. You need to become a pro on YouTube’s data and act as an adviser on how to use data to operate the business and make important strategic decisions.

There are several responsibilities you need to fulfill as the Product Strategy and Operations Lead. The first responsibility is that for you to work together with the company’s product and strategy teams to understand how the company’s performance relates to its competition and to the whole industry. The second responsibility is to work closely with Product Managers and Engineers to develop an effective and efficient design for the company’s internal data tools that are used to communicate data throughout the company. The third responsibility is to provide metric reports to YouTube’s senior leaders, Google’s senior leaders, the Board of Directors, Sales teams and more.  The fourth responsibility is to team up with the Data Science team to carry out quantitative analyses and up to date modeling that deliver applicable insights to the product and engineering teams.  The fifth responsibility is to put together presentations and to clearly and concisely communicate discoveries from proposals to senior management and to the rest of the company.

The minimum qualifications are:

• BA/BS degree in technical or business fields or equivalent practical experience

• 6 years of experience in an analytical role, such as management consulting, investment banking, business intelligence, data science or corporate strategy

• Experience presenting data and findings to stakeholders.

• Data analysis, modeling, SQL and presentation experience.

The preferred qualifications are:

• MBA or advanced degree

• Experience or passion in consumer Internet, media or online video industries.

• Experience building software products, either as a product manager or engineer

• Additional statistical analysis experience (e.g. R, Python, STATA, MATLAB).

• Background in computer science, statistics, machine learning, or financial analysis.

• Expertise in the data analysis workflow (data mining, statistical analysis, etc.)

The entry-level salary is approximately $55,000 a year. The location is San Bruno, California, USA.

Google has many benefits to offer its employees and it carefully tailors their benefits to the various needs of its employees. They also offer trainings and workshops in order for their employees. Google also has gender pay equity and with me being a woman this really makes a difference. Google states that their goal is to create an environment in which every Googler can thrive. Thus, there are definitely opportunities for growth in the organization.

I would be a great fit for this position because I’m really motivated and I’m open to learn new things. I’m a loyal YouTube user and I would be more than happy if I could also work at YouTube. I love the community that YouTube has created and I want to help improve it. I’m also interested and quite proficient in coding and computer science, thus that would definitely come in handy when applying for the job.

This position matches my employment wants rather than needs because I really want to work in a field that combines business knowledge with computer science/other relevant education.

I will search for internships in this work-related field to gain work experience and to brush up my skills. I will also attend as many workshops as I can. I’m also planning to take coding and computer science courses.

II. The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company began as a cartoon studio in 1920 and has grown to a successful company that owns various media networks, parks and resorts, studio entertainment, consumer products and interactive media. The CEO of the company is Mr. Robert A. Iger.

The job I’m interested in applying at Walt Disney is as an IT Business Analyst. The reason I chose this job opening is because it gives me the opportunity to work abroad and also because I have been a Disney fan since day one.

The Business Analyst (BA) will need to work within the structure of the department’s procedures in order to provide them business analysis services.

You will need to observe and evolve a good understanding of the customer’s business needs. Becoming skilled in the software packages used by them will give you the needed skillset to produce distinctly accurate, detailed analysis to suggest improvements and possible add-ins to business operations and systems.

There several responsibilities you will need to fulfill as a Business Analyst. The first responsibility is to work within the organization’s structure of processes and procedures in order to deliver software, system testing, and business analysis.

The second responsibility is to network with customers to gain a thorough understanding of their businesses. The third one is to constantly review processes to discover possible enhancements. Another responsibility is to continually gain an understanding on the strategies customers use and trying to apply your knowledge to provide solutions that best fit the customer’s objectives. You need to give suggestions on changes in process, workflow, and software in order to increase the efficiency. Another responsibility is detailed requirements gathering and on-site analysis and coordination to ensure delivery to the customers. You are required to provide business change management services to the customers and promote change. You are also in charge of designing a process of continuous learning and becoming skilled regarding the software that EMEA IT serves to the customers. You are also required to work closely with others in the department.

The minimum qualifications are:

• Degree in Computer Science/Business or equivalent qualification and experience

• Proven experience in business analysis, covering all aspects of the BA lifecycle

• Exemplary communication skills, both written and oral

• Understanding of Agile or Lean software development methodologies

• Expertise in managing change and transition

• Experience of stakeholder management in a complex business environment

• Experience of balancing business need against cost/value of a solution, whilst pursuing a clear strategic direction

• Proven track record of setting realistic goals and meeting them, with a style characterized by personal motivation, organizational skills, and communications effectiveness

• Certifications in software delivery, project management, and operations (Prince2, Scrum Master, ITIL) are desirable.

The entry-level salary for this job opening is approximately $86,000 a year. The location is London, England, United Kingdom.

I haven’t been able to get much information on opportunities for growth at Walt Disney but Walt Disney has excellent benefits to offer.

I would be a great fit for this company because I have a degree in Business as required; I am quite proficient in both written and oral, and I can adapt quite easily and quick. This will come in handy for pursuing and International Career. I am also really organized and driven to meet deadlines and accomplish tasks in a timely manner. I have experience in project management and I have been quite successful in organizing and completing projects.

I plan to get my certifications in the required software delivery, and operations. And I also plan on doing internships. I will definitely look out for an internship where I can practice and refine my business analytical skills. I want to gain hands-on.

III. Apple Inc.

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple on April 1, 2976, in Los Altos California. Apple started with producing computers but nowadays Apple is famous for its iPhones, iPods, iPads, macBooks, apps and many more products. The CEO of Apple is Tim Cook.

The job I’m interested in applying at Apple is as a Channel Manager, Accessories for Central Europe. The reason I chose this job opening is because it gives me the opportunity to work abroad.

The Channel manager will manage the Apple Branded Accessory Business in Central Europe by assembling cross-functional teams for continued success. The key responsibility of the Channel Manager Accessories is to achieve and increase sales targets of Apple Branded Accessories in Central Europe by selling the products to a number of carefully chosen resellers (retail, carrier, and beyond.)

The Channel Manager will have to design and implement the strategy for individual accounts, provide assortment, positioning, offer suggestions to consumers, and direct cross-functional teams to ensure that the company’s objectives are being met.

You will be responsible for networking and building long-lasting partnerships to make sure that the Apple branded products is in reach of the customers so that the customers can take full advantage of the devices.

You will also need to work closely with the Country Sales Leadership team, CP&D Management, Finance and Legal to create a local strategy, create unique offers, supervise the launch of new products, and manage important resources.

You will also need to look out for opportunities and act as the middleman to close deals when opportunities arise. You are also required to be up to date on the country legal and market environment and on competitive products.

The qualifications required are:

• Several years of Retail Sales/Retail Marketing and/or Channel Operations experience.

• Experience in Telecommunications, or Consumer electronics industries preferred.

• Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.

• Excellence in translating complexity into easy-to-understand business terms.

• Advanced analytical skills, including ability to build, augment, and validate complex analyses.

• Good understanding of the strategic priorities of resellers.

• Good understanding of consumer preferences and behavior.

• Strong presentation skills and senior-level presence.

• Strong organization skills and ability to manage multiple projects at once.

• Ability to architect new cross-functional business processes to ensure timely results.

• Interest in the unique capabilities and value proposition of accessories.

The entry-level salary is approximately $ 85,000. The location is Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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