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Fig 1.1 kitchen chimney

A Kitchen chimney is an electrical appliance designed to prevent the spread of smoke & cooking smells in the kitchen. In kitchens, food preparation process like grilling & frying can produce remarkable amount of grease, aerosols. In kitchen ventilation systems, the exhaust hoods are designed to remove the contaminated air from the kitchen to keep up high indoor air quality.People install a chimney according to their necessity choice.

Kitchens have a high fire risk because of grease discharges. A vapour & small grease particles go upwards above kitchen equipment & come to a hood. The problem is part of this grease don’t come to a filter but stays on a hood walls. Then this grease is accumulated on the surfaces & can blaze up with even small fired.

1.2 Components of Kitchen Chimney:-

1. Filters.

1)Plastic mesh filter:-

•Washable and reusable

•Trap dust, smoke, oil particles etc

•Cheap and easily available

2. Gauze  Filter






3. DC Suction fan







4. AC to DC Adeptor






Description about Model :

•Secondstagefilterwillnotallowtheoilandgreaseparticletoreachtheexhaustfanandwilltrapevenveryfineparticle. •Thereisaspaceabovechimneythatiscalledduct,whichisusedtoremovefilteredairoutfromtheroo withhelpofexhaustfan.

•Picture of Model:-


A Prepare Model Of  Novel Low Cost Chimney



Business Model Canvas

 Key Partner




Above parameter represent is key partner for regenerative shock absorb became a model. This parameter include in the model behind main parameter is engineer is a helpful for our model and next step by step is mechanics, friend, company and auto shop are areinclude in this factor becasuse it is provide factors of become a model of our project.

 Value Propositions

 Safety

 Easy &  Performance

Many value propositions are including in this mode for generating shock absorber model after became this model are very unique because this type of model are have no available in the market its making for special former because farmer when move of ownevehicale during very hard work of suspension system.

 Customer Relationships

 Face to Face Communication

 Home Delivery

 Better Service

Customer relater ship are represent when customer are perches this model of response of customer by company of became a model .

This model are low cost of the model of the construction and easily are perches of any by customer by shopping center.

 Customer Segments

 Kitchen

 Hotel

 Hospital

 Domestic Purpose

Kitchen is used chimney for getting out hot air from room,

Hotel is used chimney for their required purpose.

Hospital is used chimney for better health of patients,

Chimney is also used as domestic purpose.

 Key Resources

 Plastic mash filter

 DC suction fan

 AC to DC adaptor

Next step is a key resources and it is a including in name of component and it is a continuously working during when vehicle is moving on rough road.

 Channels

 News paper

 Public gathering

 Salse men

 Marketing

Company gives use advertisement of its product in newspaper.

Company organize public gathering of marketing for Its products.

Company provide salesmen for marketing of its product.

Cost Structure

 Maintenance

 Material

 Designing

 Manufacturing

Maintenance of product is costly to company.

Material is a key factor for deciding the cost of product.

Desining is the key parameter  for cost of product.

Manufaturing method is the deciding for cost of product.

Revenue Streams

 Public

 Industry

 Online payment

Public and industry using   law cost of chimney require purpose

People order chimney and easily online payment.

 Ideation Canvas

• People

• Servants

• House Wife

• Chef

• Activities :

• Designing

• New Design of filter

• Power Consumption

• Remove Odour

• Cleaning Of Filter

• Location :

• Reastuarant

• Hotel

• Hostel

• Kitchen

• Bakery

• Possible Solutions :

• AC to DC Converter

• Easy Cleaning

• Less maintenance cost

Product Development Canvas

1.Purpose :

• Remove smell

• Remove grese

• Remove oil

2.Product Experience

• To stop sticking of grease

3. Product Functions :

• Less Power Consumption

• Trap Oil

• Remove oil from Smoke

4.Customer Revalidation

• By improving Maintenance

• Use of porous filters

• Efficient suction

5. Product Features :

• Easy assembly of filters

• New designing of filters

• Easy cleaning of filters

6.People :

• Cook

• House wife

• Servants

7.Components :

• Filter

• Exhaust fan

• Duct

• AC  to DC adapter

8. Reject,Redesign,Retain :

• Poros filter

• Less power consumption

• Design dimention

• Final Design of kitchen chimney:-












•Dimensions of model:-

No Dimensional component Dimension

1 Length of exhaust Hood 460 mm

2 Width of Exhaust Hood 370 mm

3 Diameter of duct 65mm

4 Size of gauze filter 460*370 mm

5 Size of plastic filter 460*370 mm





•CFM=  Area*( RPM * Effective pitch) /12

=   𝜋∗𝑅2*(RPM * Effective pitch)/12

•If two fans are used then,


•Calculation for Power Consumption in chimney:-

•We know that, for power consumption;


Where V= voltage on fan

I= current flow

•We have fan specification;

Voltage= 12 V & Current= 1.2 A

P=12 * 1.2 = 14.4 Watt

•If chimney works for 2 hours in a day then;

Electricity consumed  =   14.4 *  120𝑚𝑖𝑛60𝑚𝑖𝑛

= 28.8 Wh

= 0.028kWh

•Total Electricity Consumption:-

= 6 * 0.028

= 0.168 kWh


Application and advantages










Periodic Progress Report (PPR) Details


Enrollment No : 110960119045 College : Arun Muchhala Engineering College, Dhari, Dist:


Student Name : Patel Rahulkumar Shantilal Department : Mechanical Engineering

Mobile No : 9724246485 Discipline : BE

Email : [email protected]

Semester : Semester 8

PPR Details

Time Interval : -

Periodic Progess Report : First PPR

Project A Prepare Model Of Novel Low Cost Chimney


Status : Reviewed (Freeze)

1. What Progress you have made in the Project ?

Our base of the model is done

2. What challenge you have faced ?

How to joint other link in model

3. What support you need ?

I need our project guide and markets workers

4. Which literature you have referred ?

Referred a power plant book in concept of chimney


Comment by Internal Guide :



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