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Acetal plastic is a high performance, sustainable and eco- efficient material that used in a large variety of everyday applications for plastic areas. It has a unique combination of properties, offering clarity, durability and safety as well as heat and shatter resistance. Besides, acetal plastic is a high strength, low friction engineering plastic that has excellent wear properties in both wet and dry environments. It easy to machine because acetal makes an outstanding choice for applications that require complex, and tight tolerances. The acetal resins are among the strongest and stiffest of all thermoplastics and are characterized by good fatigue life, low moisture sensitivity, high resistance to solvents and chemicals and good electrical properties. Because of these properties, acetals often compete with nylons for many of the same applications. Acetals may be processed by conventional injection molding and extrusion techniques. The main area of application for acetal is industrial and mechanical products. A quality acetal case can be pretty pricey, but for a very good reason it is one of the strongest materials plant box is made from. High Definition (HD) camera

Figure High Definition (HD) camera used in Plant UV Box

Plant UV Box can monitor everything by using built in HD camera that can automatically create time lapses and let users access a live stream of the plant grow. It automating nearly every step of the growing process like watering, nutrient dosing, and climate control include control temperature and humidity test. With the Timelapse HD camera, the users can watch the plant grow in fast- forward through high quality photos or video. This camera is fully weatherproof and features a 4.0 megapixel camera. Program it to take photos or videos at a set time intervals ranging from every 30 seconds to once a day. The HD camera will automatically create videos and can easily be hooked up to a computer or TV. Additionally, this camera is applicable to many different occasions or events such as changing weather patterns, parties, or construction. HD camera can connects easily to the computer and television. It makes easily to share the movies through email or post online. Streaming live video that can let the user check on the plants at all times. It is also analyse the height and width of the plants. Lithium Ion rechargeable battery

Figure Lithium Ion rechargeable battery used in Plant UV Box

This Craftsman C3 19.2 volt compact Lithium Ion battery delivers constant voltage and serious torque with every charging process. Besides, this compact Lithium Ion battery features a rugged plastic housing that withstands job site abuse, it holds a charge up to 4 times longer than its NiCd counterparts. A solid power source with a super low discharge rate, and tons of power to spare, lock this battery in and get the job done with Craftsman. Craftsman C3 19.2 volt compact lithium ion battery reaches a full charge in 2 hours time or less on the C3 multi- chemistry charger. The battery is in low discharge rate and lightweight design to increase manoeuvrability. It is an intelligent technology which intelligent control circuitry to protect short circuit ensure that the charging a product will not be harm. Lithium Ion battery is supporting the whole current supply to run the circuit inside during the spinning of motor. This Lithium Ion has a fast receiving of electrical supply due to the movement of ions between the chemistry interaction between nanoparticles Lithium Ion and magnetic field produced during the magnetic charging process. During integrating this big volume of Lithium Ion battery with the motor of this Plant UV Box, it could produce a greater of output resulting the battery life with a non- stop operation. This fast charging technology is one of the major advanced features to pursuit our customers. Censoring Monitoring System (CMS)

Censoring Monitoring System (CMS) include automated watering system, nutrient dosing, pH balancing, humidity control, temperature control and UV light censor.

Automated watering system functionally watering control for pre- set or automatic water the plants. This automated watering system has water tank pump for easy water extiaction and filling. The more useful in watering plants automatically without any human interference that is automatic plant irrigation system. We know that people do not pour the water on to the plants in their gardens when they go to vacation or often forget to water plants. As a result, there is a chance to get the plants damaged. When the water wet the soil, probes will again conduct and make the output of 7404 low which will make the first NE555 to low and also drive remaining circuit to low. So, automatically it will switch off the valve.

Automatic nutrient dosing is an important aspect that all commercial growers should consider for their business. The main function of an automatic nutrient dosing and pH balancing is to maintain a consistent EC and pH level in the mixing tank at all times. Proprietary nutrient control injects nutrients according to plant stage and actual plant behaviourWhen using a recirculating system on a commercial scale there is a large surface area inside the greenhouse covered by crop foliage. The crop continually strips out nutrients and water from the recirculating solution in response to environmental conditions.

Additionally, for Censoring Monitoring System (CMS) nutrient dosing and pH balancing is one of the function. Fertilisers are premixed at the final feed strength concentration for the crop and stored in a tank or reservoir until used. This is the simplest, safest and potentially most accurate way to achieve the final dilution strength. Since the mixing process is completely separated from distribution, the dilute solution can be removed from the tank at practically any flow rate without ever affecting the concentration accuracy. As an added bonus, the volume of ready- made feed solution acts as a safety reserve in case you run out of chemicals or have problems with your primary water supply. Dilute tank batches can be prepared by hand or the process can be fully automated.

 The climate controlling system functionally for humidity and temperature control which is to control the climate based on a virtual temperature which is a user-defined ratio between a number of sensor units and/or a plant temperature sensor. Measuring the plant temperature results in healthier crops, since it allows growers to avoid accelerated leaf aging caused by excess plant temperatures. As a result, if there was a risk of the plant temperature rising above the pre-set limit, both the air vents and fogging system were implemented sooner. Under this strategy, the screen was also used more frequently. More and more growers are now generating heat according to their needs. This has the drawback that the plant temperature is not taken into account. If the plant temperature rises as a result of sunlight, but the surrounding temperature remains the same, a minimum pipe temperature will be applied, while this is not necessary for the plants.

 UV light is a type of electromagnetic radiation that comes from natural sunlight. It is ideal spectrum for all phases of plant growth. For ideal spectrum has include the blue- enhanced spectrum to promote improved the morphology and quality of plant. This UV light has the censor of automated off and on the UV light. The censor off and on is based on the weather and time. UV light activates a plant’s natural defence mechanisms, producing a sort of “sun screen” to protect plant from the damaging light. Some plants can produce as much as 15 different defence proteins with exposure to UV light. The presence of these proteins can enhance plant’s smell, colour, taste and resistance to disease. Plants grown indoors without exposure to UV light can lack these enhanced benefits. Additionally, UV light can also speed up the germination process for starting seeds when grown indoors. As growers transplant seedlings to more intense light sources, UV light strengthens the plants, better preparing them for high intensity light. Instead, powerful NASA technology build from the group up to grow the high quality plants.

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