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Early in my childhood, when computers arrived in my native country of India and technological advancement reached its peak, the Internet became more than a luxury—it became a necessity. As half of my close family members had migrated to the UK and USA, we could stay in touch only through computers. From the early years of my childhood to adulthood, my fascination with technology grew.

This interest led me to take up computer programming subjects in high school and later inspired me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. Coming from an engineering background with a focus on computer science, I possess strong technical skills reinforced by four years of work experience at two multinational companies, CEB and Oracle. A technology geek who loves to experiment, I have completed several collaborative international projects and have had a chance to work with stakeholders throughout the world. These projects have not only enhanced my technical knowledge but also taught me critical business skills, which will help me during the MBA program and later in the professional workspace.

During my long tenure at CEB, I was entrusted with various challenging projects. In one such project, I was tasked with overhauling the Leadership Transition Support, a web-based resource center, in a week’s time. The complexity of this project lay in the several layers of code that I had to edit and the required expertise in front-end programming languages. Proficient in these languages, I was given the responsibility of managing this important and complex project. The task and time frame were daunting, and with just two people working on this time-sensitive project, the QA task was also a bit challenging; however, through a well-brainstormed plan, I was able to deliver the project within the stipulated timeframe. The revamped resource centers ultimately succeeded, which my superiors noted; the page views for the 18 member websites had gone up by 40%. The complexity of the project not only increased my problem-solving capabilities but also gave me an opportunity to interact with my counterparts in the various offices to assess the requirements for a successful launch, thereby enhancing my collaboration skills. My work also enhanced my leadership skills, as I was involved in the project from start to finish. Furthermore, it taught me the significance of cross-cultural communication and leveraging it to build strong working relationships. This project helped me hone my business and leadership skills and broadened my knowledge base while improving the user experience on our corporate web sites, a substantial contribution.

An MBA program would be the key to achieving my goals at this juncture in my career, making me aware of and conversant with the challenges various businesses face and helping me learn to make use of technical and management skills to tackle these challenges. Such an educational endeavor at Southampton will complement my core competencies as a digital UI/UX professional and equip me with the skills I need to transition into a managerial role. The school’s approach of cultivating intuition through academic coursework and research assignments will strengthen my fundamentals and enhance my decision-making skills. I also hope to master advanced analytical tools and techniques to foster managerial efficiency.

Upon completing my MBA, I aim to work as a business analyst with a leading IT firm in a diverse city where I can use the skills that I gain during the master’s program to work on challenging projects. After about 10 years in the analytics field, gaining first-hand experience with various analytical tools, I want to start my own firm targeting the domain of web technology. My professional experiences thus far have solidified my interest in this field and have helped me realize its potential in strategic decision making. Starting in UK, I hope to expand my business to India and the Middle East—spanning the two places where I spent my childhood and adulthood. My natural connect with the people of these regions would help me flourish in these markets. Moreover, with an MBA degree from Southampton, I would develop the skills needed to succeed in this field.

With its rich history of accomplishment in research and top level ranking, Southampton Business School would provide me with a platform to interact with students from varied backgrounds, which will give me an insight into understanding different perspectives. The most exciting feature of the MBA program is the week-long residential module, taking place in Netherlands, which will give an opportunity to apply the theoretical concepts learned during the MBA program on a live project. The culture of teamwork in the MBA program would definitely help me hone my team skills. I strongly believe that my analytical, team working, and leadership skills would help me add significant value to Southampton community. I sincerely hope that the admission committee finds my profile well suited to the requirements of the MBA program and accepts me as a member of the university.

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