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Statement of purpose

A desire to extend my knowledge and enthusiasm to solve the energy demand problems faced by the world today motivated me to pursue Masters in Energy Technology and Management. I believe that my educational background has instilled in me the qualities required to meet the rigor of this demanding course, and subsequently, the profession. I bring along with me a strong grasp of fundamentals in Electrical and instrumentation, unique but relevant work experience, along with a desire to learn, a penchant for teamwork and leadership, and a zest for challenges.

My first biggest decision which set the path for my career was choosing Instrumentation and Control Engineering after completing my diploma in electrical engineering. I wanted to know the extent of applications for which my knowledge of electrical engineering could be used and the outcome I would be able to get out of it. A few other insanely inquisitive questions led me to choose to study in the renewable energy technologies, and I still believe that it is the best thing I have ever done.

I also worked on two projects during my engineering programs; the first project was “Railway barrier automatic microcontroller based control system” where I led a team of seven students. We used microcontroller and reed-switch based system module to control and transfer data from small scale train to determine its position and control the barriers coming across its way for public safety. The second project was “Wireless electricity transfer” where I led a team of four students and showcased the possibility of wireless electricity transmission up to 1.4 meters. Both of the projects were appreciated and selected for presentation at state- level project making competition.

Based on my interest towards renewable and clean energy, I opted for Energy Technology and Management for my master’s education at Thapar University, Patiala. I liked the vision of world’s energy demand fulfillment by renewable energy sources, primarily because a nation’s strength lies in the energy development and procurement of its sources.

 I also began increasing my cognizance about fuel cells as a part of renewable and sustainable energy sources by collecting information from the internet and reading research papers which soon turned into a passion for me. Eventually, as it reflected in my studies and minor projects that I carried in my first year of masters. It was noticed by my class teacher Dr.A.Venkatasubramanian who strongly recommended me for one-year project internship at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Mumbai. Subsequently, I got an opportunity to carry out one-year research internship program in Dr. Amit Sinha’s Solid Oxide Fuel Cell research group, BARC.  BARC is one of the leading research & development organization in India; only a very few highly motivated and dedicated M.Tech students get a chance to carry out internship project there.   While conducting research on fuel cell material development and testing, I stumbled on the importance of providing an Innovative solution to satisfy the needs of the world it faces today.

I found that just like any other system on the planet, the energy conversion device like fuel cell has its factors that affect its efficiency and performance. Each one of the factors plays a vital role and if worked upon, can have a significant effect. I hence worked on studying the effect of cathode polarization resistance and its optimization by carrying out different material synthesis routes to be used as cathode materials along with one novel cathode material. Working on my research project, it gave me valuable insights into how even a small variation in the preparation can have a profound impact on the fuel cell performance which closely commensurates my research interests and, hence would help me achieve my career goals.

Shortly, I see myself working in a leading research lab of a university where I would get the exposure towards the latest technology related to my research work done in masters and an opportunity to solve some of the biggest challenges of the energy research sector. I seriously consider pursuing a Doctoral Program (Ph.D.) to further my knowledge in this field.

Furthermore, I am particularly interested in XXXXXXX work of yours and believe that XXXXXXX will be vital in the years to come. Also, the current and latest work done by you at St. Andrew’s is aligned with my interests and current training level, making it an ideal choice for me. I will be more than honored if I can earn a spot in your research group as a Ph.D. student. The well-reputed course, experienced faculty, and world-class facilities are an added advantage. I would fully utilize the resources that the JTSI group at Energy and materials, St.andrews provides, as I am particularly interested in the field of development of new energy materials. The laboratories carrying the tools and equipment provided for student research on the fuel cells and its optimization and testing is exactly the kind of opportunity I am looking for, as I could totally see myself working in the labs day and night. I also believe that my experience coupled with a thorough enthusiasm for research would make me a candidate for a Research Assistantship at your institution.

Given my experience in research work at BARC and an unquenchable thirst for research at  SOFC’s, a research assistantship position at your group would certainly further my interest and skills, ahead of my future career objectives.

I sincerely hope that I qualify all the requirements for admission into your Graduate Program and that the admissions committee favorably receives my application.

Thanks & Regards,

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