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Qualification: B.E. MECHANICAL

University: Western Sydney University

Course: Master of Engineering (Major in Mechanical)


I have completed my schooling from Indo American School, Hyderabad, India. I secured overall marks of 78.6% in (SSC) Board Of Secondary Education, Telangana in my 10th standard. My keen interest towards Physics and Mathematics made me to choose MPC (Math, Physics, Chemistry) as my core subjects in my intermediate. I secured 76.1% in my Board of Intermediate at Narayana Junior College, Hyderabad, India. I took up Mechanical Engineering in Deccan College of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad, India which is affiliated to the prestigious OSMANIA UNIVERSITY based in Hyderabad. I have secured 63.2% (First Division) aggregate in my Bachelor of Engineering. During my final year of bachelor’s degree, my major project was carried out in DEFENCE RESEARCH AND DEVOLEPMENT LABORATORY (DRDL) on “Study of a CNC Turning Centre and Realization of Aerospace Hardware Using Integrated CAD/CAM System”. This project has given me knowledge about CNC machines and their working. As a project member I was aware about my responsibilities this helped me to gain practical knowledge and do my work sincerely with limited resources. During this time span I learnt method of programming which is used operate machines. By using Solid works we modeled Aerospace component, later we fabricated the component by using different machining process and methods. I successfully completed my project on time, with the guidance of DOE Scientist. In addition to this, with increasing role of computers in every field of engineering, I underwent on learning software’s of mechanical related activities which include software’s like AutoCAD, Solid Works, PRO E which helped me to learn various design aspects.

In India most of the institution offer education which is marginally dominated towards theoretical method. University which can offer me masters degree which is recognized worldwide. I have selected Australia to pursue my masters in one the reputed and best university in its class. after researching Australian universities, I was able to finalize Western Sydney which offers me a wide range of programs accredited by ENGINEERS AUSTRALIA to pursue my masters. It provides the core subjects such as Professional skills for Technology Management, Research Methods, and Surface Engineering.


I have a family of Twelve Members including me. My father Mr. Mohd Abrar Shareef is self-employed. My mother Mrs. Zainab Jabeen is a home tutor and house wife . I have got 8 brothers and 1 sister. All my brothers are pursuing their education and my Sister recently joined kinder garden.


Indian studies are also recognized worldwide by continuing studies in India I would only have knowledge about Indian culture and methods. By studying in other countries I would be exposed to international culture, their educational methods and its implementation. Australia has firmly established world’s most popular education destination for International students. There are about 1100 institution found across the country. These institution promises best education in their class. Australia has 7 top universities which are ranked globally. Australian universities are regulated by Australian government; their education system is directed towards high standard of quality education. Australia has excellent living condition and tolerant multicultural society. Knowing about universities and their rank position, I feel it is the right destination for me

to pursue my post- graduation. And regardless of what you are studying or how long you are

studying for, Australia’s law promotes quality education and protection for international



The Master of Engineering (Mechanical) is concerned with the theoretical knowledge and

Practical skills related to professional management, communication, research methods and

Principles in engineering discipline. This course will help me to integrate my bachelor’s knowledge and allow me to acquire advanced skills and also it will provide me the practical skills needed to assess the effectiveness of today’s technological world. I will gain Specialized skills and will become capable to lead and apply these technical and Management skills to design, procurement and maintenance of engineering projects. This course provides graduates with knowledge and skills allowing them to seek professional Work at higher level in the field of manufacturing, designing, and as a pathway for Research and further learning. The Master of Engineering program will have below subjects which will help me in getting overall and specialized study in my area of interest.

Course Curriculum:

The course Master of Engineering is offering by UWS University. To successfully complete this Master’s I have to complete total 16 courses. In these total 16 courses I have 8 Core courses, 5 Specialized and 3 credit point electives. I have to complete 8 core in these


1. Specialized Software Applications

2. Master Project 1

3. Master Project 2

4. Sustainable Systems

5. Research Preparation in Post Graduate Studies

6. Professional Practice and Communication

7. Advanced Engineering Project 1

8. Advanced Engineering Project 2


1. Mechanical System Design

2. Advanced Robotics

3. Advanced Dynamic Systems

4. Mechatronic System Design

5. Advanced Thermal and Fluid Engineering

6. Advanced Computer Aided Engineering

7. Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics

8. Advanced Numerical Methods in Engineering


Western Sydney has an international reputation for quality research that connects science and

technology with business and community. It was established in 1813 as female orphan school. Western Sydney runs Six campuses i.e. Campuses in Banks town, Campbell town, Hawkesbury, Parramatta, and Penrith which is the hub of teaching, research and development activities. Located in one of the city’s most attractive urban location, the campus offers a desirable student lifestyle and a state-of-art learning environment. Western Sydney has a flexible and forward-thinking understanding of international government, education and business priorities. Western Sydney University facilities include a range of personal, academics and career support services for the Western Sydney community. Western Sydney University was named one of the world’s top 500 universities by the Times Education University World Rankings 2015-2016. Western Sydney University was also ranked the of the world’s top 400 Universities by the prestigious 2016 Academic Ranking of the World Universities (ARWA Higher).


There is a great demand for graduates in Mechanical Engineers in India. I can work as a Field Engineer, manufacturing technology consultant, design and application trainer, system manager, project leader, mechanical sales executive. India has got lot of multi-national companies and especially Hyderabad has wide spread base of top mechanical companies such as Hindustan Motors Limited, TATA Motors Limited, Hindustan Aeronautical Limited etc.


After completion of my course I would like to avail my post study work options in order to get the international exposure and also to hold my skill set and immediately after that I will come back to India to contribute my skills by working in reputed organization listed in above point and will expect an annual salary of around INR 8 to 10 lakhs . And in India there are many manufacturing firms and after acquiring degree from such a reputed university, I will definitely have practical knowledge also with theoretical knowledge. So, I am confident of getting a job as a mechanical engineer in a reputed manufacturing firm after the successful completion of my Master’s program.


• As per the 500 Visa Terms & Conditions, every student needs to have a minimum of 80% or above attendance.

• Student can do their part time job 40 hours for 15 days.

• Need to maintain health insurance up to visa length period

• Student need to inform Residential address and communication details to University and DIBP after reaching Australia. If there is any changes in Residential Address student need to inform to the University and DIBP with 7 days.

• We need to have minimum 50% of Pass grade of the study program

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