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Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Limited is a joint venture between Japan\'s Honda Motor Company Limited and Atlas Group of Companies, Pakistan.

The company was formed on November 4, 1992 and a joint venture agreement on August 5, 1993. The opening ceremony was held on 17 April 1993 and in a record time of 11 months, it signed the construction was completed and construction machinery. The first car came from the assembly line on May 26, 1994. The official opening was made by the then President of Pakistan, Sardar Farooq Ahmad Khan Leghari, Mr. Kawamoto, President of Honda Motor Company Limited Japan was also present for grace \'occasion. The company is listed on the bags in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

On 14 July 1994, car stocks began six concessionaires in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Since then, the dealer network has expanded and now the company has Twenty One 3S (sales, service and spare parts), eighteen 2S (service and spare parts) and five 1S (spare parts) of the authorized dealer network in Main cities Pakistan.

Since the launch of production in 1994, the company has produced and sold more than 200,000 cars until July 12, 2012.

All dealers are built according to the standards defined by Honda World.

The proportion of local parts complying with government policy. Local suppliers are continually sponsored to develop parts at local level. The quality of local parts has been carefully checked to meet rigorous international standards.

We always strive to provide exceptional service to our valued customers. In addition to providing regular customer service, the company also carries out regular service campaigns to facilitate customer service. This gave our customers confidence in our cars, clearly evident from increasing sales volumes.

It is the constant effort of Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited to reach Customer Satisfaction No. 1. Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited is committed to meeting customer expectations, and providing a good relationship.

Currently, we are offering Honda Accord, Honda CR-V, Honda CR-Z, Honda HR-V, Honda Civic (four models), Honda City Aspire (four models) and Honda City (four models) in wide range of colors with advanced technological features.

Company Profile

Vision Statement

Striving to be a company that society wants to exist by sharing joys with people throughout the world creating products that maximize the joy of customers, with speed, affordability and low CO2.

Company Registration number 0028815

National Tax Number 0829237-0

Factory / Head Office

43 km, Multan Road, Manga Mandi, Lahore. Ph: (042) 35384671-80, Fax: (042) 35384691-92 E-mail: [email protected]

Registered Office

1-Mcleod Road, Lahore, Ph: (042) 37225015-17, Fax: (042) 37233518

Regional Offices

1. Lahore Office

1-XX, Phase III, DHA Ph: (042) 35694851-3 Fax: (042) 35694854

2. Karachi Office

C-16, KDA Scheme No. 1, Karsaaz Road.

Board of Directors

Mr. Yusuf H. Shirazi Chairman Mr. Toichi Ishiyama President/CEO

Mr. Aamir H. Shirazi Mr. Kenichi Matsuo

Mr. Shigeru Yamazaki Mr. Kazuhisa Hirota

Mr. M. Naeem Khan Mr. Nadeem Arshad Elahi

Mr. Yasutaka Uda

Audit Committee

Mr. Aamir H. Shirazi Chairman

Mr. Yasutaka Uda

Mr. Kazuhisa Hirota

Mr. M. Naeem Khan

Mr. Nadeem Arshad Elahi

Mr. Hamood-ur-Rahman Secretary

Company Secretary

Mr. Maqsood-Ur-Rehman Rehmani

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Ahmed Umair Wajid

Head of Internal Audit

Mr. Hamood-ur-Rahman

Symbol of Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited in Stock Exchanges


Company listed on

Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited


M/s A.F. Ferguson & Company Chartered Accountants

Share Registrar

M/s Hameed Majeed Associates, HM House, 7-Bank Square,

Lahore. Tel: 042-37235081-82

Shares Information

• No. of shareholders are 4981.

• Total number of shares held are 142,80,0000.

• General Meeting of Shareholders was held in July 19, 2016.

• Per share price is 778.20 in Pakistani Rupees.

• Symbol of Honda share is HCAR.

EPS / (LPS) (AT)

• Rs. 24.90 as on March 31, 2016

• Rs. 22.15 as on March 31, 2015

• Rs. 7.52 as on March 31, 2014

Price Earnings Ratio (P/E Ratio)

• 10.1 times as on March 31,2016

• 8.3 times as on March 31,2015

• 7.3 times as on March 31,2014

Break up per share

• Rs. 56 as on March 31, 2016

• Rs. 36 as on March 31, 2015

• Rs. 17 as on March 31, 2014

Free Float of Shares of the Company

• Total Paid up Shares - 142,800,000

• Free Float of Shares - 25,166,147 (as on March 31, 2017)

• Free Float of Shares - 25,113,673 (as on March 31, 2016)

• Free Float of Shares - 25,070,563 (as on March 31, 2015)

• Free Float of Shares - 24,971,933 (as on March 31, 2014)

Shareholders\' Feedback / Complaint / Query

Mr. Maqsood-ur-Rehman Rehmani, Vice President Admin & Company Secretary

Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited, 43-Km Multan Road, Manga Mandi,

Lahore. Ph: 042-35384671-80, [email protected]

SECP\'s Investor Complaint Section (Form)


AGM Notice from Account of 2016

AGM Notice from Account of 2015


Lahore Chamber of Commerce and industry (LCCI)

Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA)

Employers Federation of Pakistan (EFP)

Associated Companies

1. Atlas Honda Limited

2. Atlas Battery Limited

3. Atlas Engineering Limited

4. Atlas Auto Parts (Pvt.) Limited

5. Atlas Power Limited

6. Atlas Insurance Limited

7. Atlas Asset Management Limited

8. Shirazi Trading Company (Pvt) Limited

9. Atlas Worldwide General Trading LLC

10. Atlas Venture Limited

11. Honda Atlas Power Products (Pvt) Limited.

12. Atlas Metals (Pvt) Limited.

13. Atlas Foundation

14. Shirazi Capital (Pvt) Limited.

15. Shirazi (Pvt) Limited.

16. Shirazi Investment (Pvt) Limited.

Director’s Profile



Mr. Shirazi is a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) with BA (Hons.) And JD (Diploma in Journalism) at the University of Punjab Role of Honor and AMP Harvard. He served in Pakistan\'s top financial services center for eight years where he wrote 50 reports on how business and taxes have a price. He was an instructor at the Academy of Financial Services Law and Accounting. He is the author of seven books, including \"Aid or Commercial\", assigned by the Writers Guild as Best Book of the Year and remains editorialist, especially in socio-political and economic issues. Mr. Shirazi is President of Atlas Group, which among others has joint ventures with Honda, GS Yuasa and MAN to name a few. Mr Shirazi was President of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry for two terms. He was one of the founding members of the Karachi Stock Exchange, Lahore Stock Exchange and the International Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He was a member of the Council of the Harvard Business School students and is the founding president of the Harvard Club of Pakistan and the Harvard Business School Club in Pakistan. He was a visiting faculty member at the National Defense University, Navy War College, and the National Public Policy School. He has been part of the LUMS Management Board, and GIK FC College (Chartered University) and the Pakistan Institute of Administration. Previously, he also served, among others, the Board of Directors\' Report / Management / Corporate Structure Board Structure and the Audit Report Reports Financial Report of the Announcement Meeting Center of the Foundation Institute of Management Review and Computer Science ( FFIMCS) and the Institute of Space Technology - Space and High Commissariat for Atmospheric Research (SUPARCO). Mr. Shirazi was assigned Sitara-e-Eisaar and Sitara-and-Imtiaz civil awards. Sitara-e-Imtiaz conferred by the Government of Pakistan recognizes people who have \"made a particularly meritorious title or national contribution to Pakistan contribution, significant global, cultural, cultural or other public peace efforts\". The Sitara-e-Eisaar Award is an acknowledgment of CSR activities in Pakistan. Form a distinct prize for extraordinary results as an entrepreneur was assigned by Forman Christian College - Lahore University. The Government of Japan also acknowledged Mr Shirazi\'s contributions to promoting economic relations between the two countries giving the Japanese National Prize.


President & CEO

Mr. Toichi Ishiyama has worked with Honda Motor Co., Japan for the last 24 years. He joined Honda Motor Co. in 1992. He has extensive experience in the fields of business planning and product operations. He worked at the US Honda Motor for two years. He also worked in Asia Honda Motor Company, Thailand for three years and Honda Motor (China) Investment Company for four years. He is President of Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited since 1 April 2015. Also a member of the Honda Atlas Council Limited.



Mr. Aamir H. Shirazi is the Chairman of the Atlas Group. He graduated from Claremont McKenna College, California and completed his OPM at Harvard Business School. He was the limited CEO of Atlas Honda for over eleven years. He has also been appointed as a professional director at the Lahore Stock Exchange Board for two consecutive terms by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. He was Honorary Consul General of Japan, Lahore since 2002. Also in Murree Brewery Council Limited Company and Pakistan Limited Total Park.



Mr. Matsuo has been associated with Honda Motor Company for the past 36 years. He started his career as an engineer at the HM Japan Automobile Assembly and has a large experience Automobile Operations and Business Planning Assemblies. He worked as Honda Cars India Limited\'s technical consultant for four years and Vice President of Honda Malaysia for two years. He is appointed to the Board of Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited w.e.f April 1, 2016 as Director and Vice President of Production.



Kazuhisa Hirota has collaborated with Honda Motor, Japan over the last 29 years. He has extensive experience in the Accounting Finance Department and working with Honda Motor, Japan and several Honda companies and subsidiaries in China and Thailand. He worked as a manager at Honda Automobile (China) and Deputy General Manager of Honda Motor (China) Investment Co., Limited for eight years. Currently working as director of Asian Honda Motors Co., Limited, President of Honda Thailand Leasing Co., Limited and General Manager of Regional Operations, Planning Office, Honda Motor, Japan. Joined Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited is a member of the Council of April 2014.



Mr. Nadeem Arshad Elahi has extensive experience in operations, general management and business development. It is among the co-founders and TRG direct incorporation FTA. He has also been Production Director for more than seven years in Tanveer Textile, involved in the production of finished fabrics in Pakistan. He is also a member of the Executive Committee of the American Business Council in Pakistan. He is currently chairman of the Harvard Business School Club of Pakistan, a member of the OPEN Karachi Chapter Council and a member of the Business Leaders of the Advisory Council of the Karachi Business Administration Institute (IBA). Mr. Nadeem Arshad Elahi holds an MBA at Harvard Business School and B.A in Mathematics and Economics at Brown University.



Mr. Yamazaki has been associated with Honda Motor, Japan for more than 34 years. He has experience in sales, product planning, marketing and diversified business operations. He worked as coordinator of Honda Motor Europe, UK and Honda Nederland, Netherlands. He also worked at American Honda Motor, the United States for six years in a car product design division. He has worked as General Manager of Business Motor Division in Asia Honda, Thailand and Senior Vice President of Marketing and Commercial Division of Honda Auto India Limited for three years. At present, Mr. Yamazaki is working as Overseas Operations Director (Asia and Oceania) in Honda Motor, Japan. Mr. Yamazaki graduated in economics at Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan and a member of the Atlas Council of Honda Cars (Pakistan) Limited on April 1, 2016.



Naeem Khan M. is an amplifier at the Harvard Business School, Boston, USA, a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Pakistan and a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Its association with the Atlas Group extends for over 24 years in various respects. Marketing Exposition has oil, food, investment banking, energy and capital markets.


Mr. Yasutaka Uda has extensive experience in the automotive industry, having worked with Honda companies around the world. In 2007 he took over as senior manager at Honda Motor Company Limited, Japan and later joined Honda South America as a director. Prior to assuming his current responsibilities, he was appointed as director at Honda Moto & Scooter India (Private) Limited. It has a diverse knowledge of Honda products and has work experience in different cultures. He also serves as Vice President - Technical and Member of the Atlas Honda Council Limited since March 2015. He joined the Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited Board since 1 April 2016.

Chronicle of Events

5 Aug 1992 Joint venture agreement signed with Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Japan

4 Nov 1992 Incorporation of Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited

17 Apr 1993 Ground breaking ceremony held

31 Mar 1994 Completion of Civil Work and installation of Plant & Equipment

1 Apr 1994 Technical Assistance Agreement signed with Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Japan

26 May 1994 First car rolling out ceremony held

13 Jul 1994 Inauguration by President of Pakistan

13 Jul 1994 Visit of Mr. N. Kawamoto, President Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Japan

16 Jul 1994 Commercial production commenced

10 Oct 1994 Public issue of shares

10 Jan 1996 New Civic-96 launched

22 Jan 1997 Honda City launched

1 Oct 1998 Honda Motor Company’s 50th anniversary

28 Jan 1999 Civic VTI Oriel launched First sunroof Car in Pakistan

13 Apr 1999 ISO 9002 certification achieved

20 Jan 2000 Launch of new City model with PGM-Fi technology

22 Mar 2001 Launching of new Honda Civic model

23 Aug 2003 New model of Honda City launched

13 Sep 2003 Rolling out of 50,000th car

15 Sep 2003 ISO 14001 Certification achieved

11 Aug 2005 Launching of CBU model of Honda Accord

21 Dec 2005 Rolling out of 100,000th car

14 Jan 2006 Launching of New Model of Honda City

7 Jul 2006 Visit of Mr. Takeo Fukui, President & CEO Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Japan

29 Jul 2006 New model of Honda Civic launch in 1800cc

31 Dec 2006 Capacity enhancement to 50,000 units per annum achieved

27 Aug 2007 Issue of 100% right shares

20 Jul 2008 Launching of New Model of Honda Accord & CRV

31 Jan 2009 Launch of 3rd Generation Honda City

27 Nov 2010 Inauguration of first 1-S Spare Parts Dealership

1 Mar 2012 Launching of New Model of Honda CRV

12 Apr 2012 Inauguration of New 3S Dealership in Lahore

29 Apr 2012 Rolling out of 100,000th Car of Honda City

2 May 2012 Launch of Honda City Aspire

12 Jul 2012 Rolling out of 200,000th car

18 Sep 2012 Launch of New Honda Civic Model

01 Apr 2013 Inaugurated \"You buy a Honda We plant a Tree\" campaign

17 Apr 2013 Launch of Honda City Aspire 1.5L

15 Jun 2013 Honda introduces the new Accord: Possibly Perfect

25 Aug 2013 Honda Independence Day Golf Cup

31 Oct 2013 Honda Vendor Conference 2013 \"Together\"

10 Dec 2013 Honda celebrates 20th years anniversary

18 Dec 2013 Honda Launches Stylish Sports Hybrid CR-Z in Pakistan  

10 Dec 2013 Visit of Mr. Takanobu Ito President of Honda Motor Co. Ltd. Japan

16 Oct 2014 Launch of Evolved Honda City \"So much more for nothing more\"

11 Jan 2016 Launch of New Honda HRV \"Elegantly Sporty\"

22 July 2016 Launching of All New 10th generation Honda Civic \"Creating New Era\"

21 Oct 2016 Visit of Mr.Takahiro Hachigo President of Honda Motor Co.Ltd Japan

21 April 2017 All new BR-V 7 seater SUV Be the First to Explore

Innovations of Honda

Do not imitate. The mandate of Soichiro Honda echoes in the minds and hearts of everyone at Honda is. Honda is constantly challenging us to look for new initiatives and to remain the forefront of innovation.

As an organization dedicated to the promotion of mobility, we have always focused on the most advanced technologies. Given that our spirit and our commitment to career security for all, our commitment to environmental leadership and advanced potential ASIMO, our mission is to develop advanced technologies that anticipate and meet the needs of people in the future.


Honda started with the bikes, because that was the quickest way to help people move. But as we grew up, we continue to focus on creating new dreams for our customers and leveraging advanced technology to provide new and better mobility for people.

This passion for the progress of mobility has led to the creation of ASIMO, one of the most sophisticated humanoid robots around the world. The ASIMO building was an incredible challenge for Honda engineers. It is the result of years of research in many scientific fields.

ASIMO was created with the sole purpose of helping people. ASIMO has the unique ability to walk forward, back, side step and even climb stairs with human agility. With the ability to navigate and operate in our world, ASIMO can carry out activities to help people, especially those who do not have full mobility. ASIMO will serve as another set of eyes, ears, hands and legs for all kinds of people in need, and provide them with a new sense of independence and mobility in everyday life


 For over two decades, Honda engineers have devoted themselves to building a zero emission car that will help protect the natural environment of our children and future generations. Powered by an electric motor and the use of a fuel cell battery developed by Honda FCX emits CO2, which, according to scientists, is one of the main factors of climate change.

When Honda introduced the first Honda fuel cell vehicle in 1999, the battery of the vehicle battery was very large and bulky. To develop and work to refine our Honda fuel cell stack, Honda has made it much smaller, lighter, more compact and more powerful. Consequently, the design of the vehicle itself has also gone tall and square for stylish and fashionable, with a spacious and comfortable cabin.

Honda took the fleet of fleet of fuel cells and now the public. A limited number of FCX Clarity vehicles will be available to be rented South California feedback in mid-2008. And Honda is already preparing to expand the availability of these incredible vehicles as soon as customers provide fuel options cheaper and cheaper More widely available.


HondaJet is an advanced lightweight commercial airliner that opens new roads, offering a larger cabin and luggage space, better fuel efficiency and a cruise speed of conventional aircraft in its class.

Designed as a completely new aircraft, HondaJet achieves one of the longstanding Honda dreams to promote mobility through personal aviation. HondaJet is the next step in Honda\'s legendary commitment to advanced technology.

HondaJet is transcending standards in lightweight racing. Rethink technology to maximize performance, comfort and quality. Redefining agreements to improve human mobility.


Honda\'s research and development Operations are the heart and soul of our creative efforts to meet the needs of our customers.

Honda\'s research and development Operations are the heart and soul of our creative efforts to meet the needs of our customers.

Honda R & D Centers are responsible for developing a variety of innovative models. Our designers and engineers listen to our customers and distributors in an unprecedented way of creating products for an ever-changing range of needs and interests.

While there is a need for innovation in the areas of environmental protection, performance and safety, Honda and unstoppable active promotes research and development in the foreground.

It will be better for people through better technology and technology through people.

Honda Motor Co

Company Name

Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Head Office

1-1, 2-chome, Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8556, Japan Tel: +81-(0)3-3423-1111


September 24, 1948

President & CEO

Takanobu Ito


¥86 billion (as of March 31, 2007)

Sales (Results of fiscal 2007)

Consolidated: ¥11,087,140 million Unconsolidated: ¥4,030,881 million

Total number of employees

Consolidated: 167,231 (as of March 31, 2007) Unconsolidated: 26,652 (as of March 31, 2007)

Consolidated subsidiaries

405 subsidiaries (as of March 31, 2007)

Chief Products

Motorcycles, automobiles, power products

Corporate Profile

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. operates under the basic principles of \"respect for the individual\" and \"the three satisfactions\" - commonly expressed as the joy of buying, selling happiness and the joy of creation. \"Respect for the Individual\" reflects our will to respect the unique character and ability of every person, relying on each other as an equal partner to do the best in any situation. Based on this, \"The Three Satisfaction\" expresses our conviction and desire that every person working or contacting our society, directly or through products or products, must share a sense of joy through this experience.

In line with these basic principles, since its inception in 1948, Honda has been at the forefront of creating new values and delivering the highest quality products at a reasonable price for customer satisfaction worldwide. In addition, the Company has been doing its business with the commitment to protect the environment and improve security in a mobile company.

The company has grown to become the world\'s largest motorcycle maker and one of the most important automakers. With a global network of 507 subsidiaries and associates evaluated using the equity method, Honda develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of products ranging from small-scale general purpose motorcycles and scooters to sports car specialties to earn the Company a Excellent reputation from customers around the world.

* As of March 31, 2007

Honda Asia & Oceania & Sustainability

Shinji Aoyama,

Chief Officer for Regional Operations (Asia & Oceania) of Honda Motor Co., Ltd., President & CEO of Asian Honda Motor Co., Ltd. and Chairman, Honda Asia & Oceania Environmental Committee

Welcome to Honda Asia and Oceania Sustainability website. This year we have expanded the reach of information on our website so that it now includes not only our environmental activities, but also our activities in the fields of security and philanthropy in Asia and Oceania (A & O).

As far as the environment is concerned, Honda has already taken the initiative and set a target of 50% CO2 reduction by 2050 compared to 2000 levels in order to work towards this goal, we announced our intention above all Make two-thirds of our global hybrid vehicle sales units, hybrid plug-ins and zero emissions by 2030.

As part of the global operations of six Honda regions, we have adopted approaches to reduce CO2 emissions in this A & O region in line with those adopted by our global operations in all commercial, motorcycle, automobile and product operations power. For example, for fiscal year 2016 (ending March 31, 2016), we have introduced a series of ecologically responsible products in the region. In the motorcycle industry, we launched the new NAVI model exclusively in India, the second largest Honda motorcycle market. The model is powered by a 110 cc \"Honda Eco Technology\" engine that achieves primary fuel efficiency in its class. In the automotive sector, we introduced a small 1.5 liter VTEC turbocharger for the first time in the region in the next generation of Civic. Despite its lower engine displacement, the 1.5 VTEC TURBO civic achieves the same level of driving performance as a 2.4L aspirated, while its fuel efficiency is equivalent to a 1.5-liter engine, even with a boost system. In the production area, Honda has started operating a new car plant in Thailand and a new motorbike plant in India, incorporating highly efficient ecologically responsible production technologies to reduce CO2 emissions.

Security, our dream is to make a mobile company without collisions where everyone can safely enjoy freedom and freedom of movement. To achieve this, we are working to actively improve the security and development of security technology for cars and motorcycles. As for the safety technologies for motorcycles, we expand the use of Combined Brake System (CBS) system for all automated transmission models (AT) traded in the region, and we are developing an anti-lock braking system to be applied in small motorcycles as well. For auto active safety, we introduced the Honda Sensing Assistive Technologies for the Honda\'s most advanced driver to support safe and comfortable driving, such as Accord and Pilot models. With regard to passive security technologies for protection in the event of collision unavoidable, we have reached the 5 star rating for adult occupant proofing (AOP) rating for new cars in South East Asia (ASEAN NCAP ) For models including City, Civic, CRV, HR-V, Jazz, and the recent BR-V introduction.

From the founder of the company, Honda has sought to contribute to the company and its customers through the creation of quality products and technologies while living in harmony with the communities in which we operate. The address remains the same in this region where we engage in various social activities in areas such as education, the environment and traffic safety, in order to share the joy with people around us. We strive to support initiatives that reflect local conditions in our business activities in the region. For security, actively promote educational programs for motorcycles and cars and train security training to provide useful skills for our customers and people living in local communities. So far, more than 3 million motorists and riders have already participated in this kind of training throughout the region. As for social activities for local communities, an example has been the Honda\'s massive efforts in Vithalapur, India, where most Honda scooters in the world are. Honda contributed nearly 60 million Indian rupees to communities to support their business for economic progress, social enrichment and infrastructure development and environmental conservation.

At Honda, we continue to create a new value that exceeds our customers\' expectations, combining the dreams of customers and Honda. Guided by dreams, we will continue to move forward to offer new products.

Pattern of Shareholding

Investor Relationship Information

Stakeholder Engagement

To be “a company that society wants to exist,” Honda must appropriately and accurately convey to society the

sort of value that we seek to offer. Together with this, we must put into practice a communication cycle by

which we engage in dialogs with diverse stakeholders to grasp and understand the demands and expectations

placed on the company, work these into concrete measures and finally listen to stakeholders’ evaluations of our

activities. Especially in recent years, the growing scale and globalization of companies, along with the rapid

proliferation of IT, have heightened the degree of the impact of companies on society and of society on

companies, in a process that continues to accelerate. While companies can connect an emphasis on dialog with

stakeholders to the expansion of business opportunities and the creation of fans, wrong responses can lead to

major risks to reputation. With this awareness in mind, Honda engages in dialogs with stakeholders through a

variety of opportunities, with our sales departments and Customer Relations Center acting as points of contact

for customers, our purchasing departments doing so for suppliers, and our human recourse division establishing

local community relations.


• City

• City Aspire

• Civic 1.8L

• Civic VTEC Turbo

• CR-V

• HR-V

• Accord


Manual Transmission 1,523,000 /-

Prosmatec Transmission 1,664,000 /-

City Aspire

Manual Transmission 1.3L 1,653,000

Manual Transmission 1.5L 1,673,000

Prosmatec Transmission 1.3L 1,795,000

Prosmatec Transmission 1.5L 1,815,000

Civic 1.8L

1.8L i-VTEC 2,349,000

1.8L i-VTEC Oriel 2,499,000

Civic VTEC Turbo

1.5 VTEC TURBO 2,999,000


CR-V 2.4 Litre 8,200,000


1.5-CVT Transmission 3,619,000


Accord 2.4 Vti L 11,250,000


i-VTEC 2,229,000

i-VTEC S 2,329,000

Company Philosophy

1. Dynamic Production and Marketing Products for customer satisfaction.

2. Create an ideal environment for the job Product and Personnel Development.

3. Provide an adequate return for shareholders and content Corporate civic duties.

Policy Management

1. Respect for all - man has precedence over the car.

2. Man is the key to controlling, for example, machines, methods and materials.

3. Follow the 3S spirit, that is, small, smart, and speed.

4. Create 3A \"Hands on Approach\", that is, be true for lunch, look at the real point and face the real situation.

5. Being a good corporate citizen; Take a responsible role in the community.

Behavior Principle

1. Security: There can be production without security.

2. Quality: To achieve full customer satisfaction by focusing on intelligent teamwork, meeting all legal and regulatory requirements, and constantly improving our strategies and goals.

3. Productivity: With security and quality, each of us will strive to excel performance across all areas of our business, ie production planning, quality control, purchasing, sales and marketing, sales, finance, Import, purchasing and logistics. , IA and the Human Resources and Administration Division.

Human Resources & Succession Plan

Human resources policy is to recruit young, active, energetic members and activities to meet the needs of current and future workforce and provide its partners.

Maximum opportunities for internal mobility through training and personal development so that they can assume higher positions.

DHR has a succession plan for each key / post to ensure operational continuity in the corresponding division and temporarily occupy a vacant / permanent area.

Quality Policy

Honda Atlas Cars United States (Pakistan) Limited, we strive to provide high quality Honda machines for maximum customer satisfaction achieved by focusing on:

• The Smart Work team

• Observe all applicable law and regulatory requirements

• continuously improve our strategies and goals

Environmental Policy

Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited, being a responsible member of the company, considers safeguarding the global environment as a fundamental concern.

Our environmental philosophy is firmly based on the following principles:

1. Recognize the impact of our activities, products and Environmental services;

2. Formulate objectives and targets for the prevention of pollution, mitigation of environmental impacts and resource conservation where technically feasible;

3. Acting in compliance with legal requirements and other requirements with a commitment to preserve the global environment;

4. Creating awareness and understanding of environmental issues among our partners;

5. Commitment to the continuous improvement of environmental performance and review the environmental management system to ensure suitability, adequacy and effectiveness;

6. To keep the public and other stakeholders interested in our environmental performance, if deemed necessary.

Health, Security & Environment

Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited carries out its activities in a responsible way to ensure the health, safety and environmental protection aspects of their

Partners and the Society. We implement and maintain programs that provide a guarantee that the company will be responsible for:

1. Comply with all applicable government and internal health, safety and environmental requirements;

2. design services and operations in order to avoid the risk to human health, safety and the environment;

3. Examine and communicate to the persons potentially affected the risks of operations known to the relevant information regarding the health and environmental protection.

Principles of Operation

1. Always keep inside

2. Never make excuses

3. Teamwork

Automobilistic Industry

The automotive industry continued to show strong growth over the year under favorable economic conditions, increasing car financing, launching new models and steering Apna Scheme Rozgar. Total production increased by 35.3% and produced a total of 184,324 units for twelve months March 2016 against 161,191 units in the corresponding period last year. Industry sales grew by 33.5%, in line with production and 182,996 units were sold during the period. This marks the highest production and annual sales of saloon cars since 2006!

Industry has grown steadily over the last seven quarters From July ~ September 2014, where it maintained a quarterly average growth of 31.5%. during Over the last twelve months, the 800cc segment grew by 50.3% due mainly to the funding of the government of \'Apna Rozgar Scheme\' creating demand for more than 40,000 units.

The other two segments 1300cc and 1000cc and above increased by 25.8% and 27.7% respectively.

New Automatic Policy

In March 2016 a new auto insurance policy with a number of benefits to new entrants and closed units after waiting for three years was announced. It was expected to have ensured equal conditions to compete with the production of new operators for the same reasons already existing.

Investing in the country, help expand the base of the auto industry and make it more competitive. Pakistan is the only automobile manufacturer that allows import of used cartoon schemes, luggage and car rental residences, whose widespread misuse has caused huge losses to the industry. Therefore, OEMs have been unable to fully utilize their installed capacity in recent years. An absolute banning of used car imports could increase the automotive industry by 20% while saving valuable foreign exchange reserves, creating new job opportunities, developing sales and ancillary industries, and reducing total unit costs through Full use of basic production. Current trends indicate growth opportunities to increase production levels.

Policy mix for new and existing players could not only bring new investors to the automotive industry but also encourage existing OEMs to invest more in expanding Production capability and develop their local infrastructure to enhance competitive advantage.

Contribution to  the Government of Revenue

During the year, the company contributed $ R $ 12,488 million to government revenue in the form of customs duties, sales tax, income tax, and other taxes Collections against Rs 11,758 million in the corresponding period last year, an increase of 6%. In February 2016, the company also won first place as Contributor \'in the Punjab region by the customs authorities, Lahore.

Best Quality Award

His company is a Honda engine production plant, has a strong focus on global quality assurance standards to ensure the best quality products are delivered to their valued customers. The Company has established production controls, standards for each part and process to avoid product quality issues. During the year, the company won the \"Best Global Honda Quality\" Award 2015. The Motorcycle Department Department won the Gold Award in the best quality category. It was a moment of pride for the company, which was winning this award for six consecutive years. The company also received special silver and bronze prizes from the Marcos Assembly Department and the Department of Painting, respectively. Mr. Noriya Kaihara, Quality Manager, Operations Manager and Director of Honda Motor Co., Japan, A guest of honor on occasion. He appreciated the skill, hard work and commitment of the whole team and HACPL hope that this positive spirit will take the company At a higher height in the next few days.

Future prospects

The recent stability of economic production has laid the foundations for a strong and sustainable macroeconomic growth. After the monetary loosening, prospects of favorable inflation And the constant inflow of remittances, the economy is well positioned to achieve greater competitiveness. Low international oil prices offer Opportunities to strengthen currency reserves. However, the decline in other raw materials poses challenges to the already Exports. Consequently, it is imperative to continue the commitment to fiscal consolidation and industrial structural reforms and to continue this impetus. Rapid The implementation of Pakistan\'s China Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects and the improvement of the security situation will encourage investment and will also have a positive effect on national industrial growth. Unfortunately, moderate agricultural outlook may continue to weigh on overall GDP growth. In this regard, the government relief package recently announced it would have supported the gains and potentialities of rural purchasers. The company has shown good results; Every year, surpassing the record profit last year! This year it reached the second highest unit sales and an increase in sales and revenues is geared towards continuing to show strong performance over the next few years. There is confidence that with the new investment and development plans for the foreseeable future, the company will further strengthen its market position and continue to show strong results in line with the trend over the last three years. The company focuses on capitalizing on market growth With its strong and innovative product line, best design, quality and after-sales support for its valued customers.

Changes to the Council

During the year, three Council members completed their mandate and were replaced. Mr. Hisatada Tachi, who has served for more than two years as Vice President (Production) / Director, has been replaced by Mr. Kenichi Matsuo as Vice President (Production) / Director. Mr. Takayoshi Koyama and Mr. Hironobu Yoshimura were removed and replaced by Mr. Yasutaka Uda and Shigeru Yamazaki respectively. The Council appreciates the valuable contribution Outgoing administration and welcomes new members during the meeting.

Sale Results

The company has consolidated its progress so far and has grown 11.2% over the previous year, which saw a total of 25,939 units versus 23,320 units in 2014-

15. Sales grew by 10.7%, including 25,800 units sold in 2015-16 against 23,311 units in the same period last year. The Honda city variant has grown more and more, while total sales units have been the second highest in the company for its 22-year operational units! Honda City\'s sales showed an increase of 30.8% over last year, while Honda Civic fell 25.3% mainly due to the expected change in the entire model. CBU\'s Honda Accord and CRV sales, along with the recently launched HR-V, also recorded an increase over last year.

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