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Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer headquarter. Biggest car company in JAPAN. Toyota being a division of Toyota automatic Loom Works devoted to the production start in 1933. Toyota Motor Corporation founded in August 28, 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda. The main business activities are Motor Vehicle Production and Sale. The company consisted of 348,877 (as March 2016) employees worldwide. Since 2012, Toyota was the first automotive manufacturer to produce over 10 million vehicles per year in the world-wide. Toyota Motor Corporation is the world’s market leader in sales of hybrid electric vehicles.  The capital of the company up to 635 million yen as of March 31,2016. Toyota Motor Corporation also having non-automotive Business (e.g. housing, financial service, biotechnology & agriculture, marine). Toyota Corporation is the best know cars for today, and the company still in the textile and make automatic looms, which are computerize their system and electric sewing machines available for world-wide. (Toyota Global Site,2017)

Toyota Motor Corporation is applying a divisional organization structure. This structure changed in 2013. This is because in the old organization structure, Toyota had a centralized global hierarchy. All the major decisions are made by the companies headquarter in Japan. The individual business unit communication had to go through the headquarter in Japan. However, this structure widely criticized for slow down the response time for the safety issue. After the reorganization structure, Toyota now has the main characteristics that is product-based divisions, geographic divisions and global hierarchy.

For the global hierarchy, individual business units have the decision-making power by the unit heads or regional head. Even so all the units head must report to the firm’s global headquarter in Japan.

Toyota also applying geographic division in their organization structure. The new organization structure has eight regionals (Japan, North America, Europe, East Asia and Oceania, China, Asia and middle East, Caribbean, Latin America and Africa). All the regional head must report to the companies headquarter which in Japan. Through the regional division, the new organization structure enables Toyota to get better the products and their services between the regional market condition (refer to figure 1.1).

The company also apply functional organization. They divide the grouping activities by function performed in the structure chart such as accounting group, R&D group, IT&ITS group, design group, etc. This structure enables their employee to work more efficiency and smoother coordination. (refer to figure 1.1)

2.0. Information Technology

 When 1980s, communication business liberalization on that time, Toyota Motor Corporation started entered to the communication business. Toyota established the information technology (IT) and intelligent transport system (IST) Sale Division (now the Vehicle-Connected Product Business Division) to develop IT business focusing service with mobile phone sales.

2.1. Electronic Business

Toyota Motor Corporation is using the network through the website to provide all information about the company and the current technology and envisioned innovation technology will achieve on the future time by themselves. The Toyota global website provided the vehicle design and the gallery easy the customer to find or have a look with the vehicle. Other than that, there are also provided the company information such as the history of the Toyota, Vision, Toyota traditions, company profile and so on.

Toyota is also applying to social media such as Facebook, Google+ and YouTube to link with worldwide to share their production. Because all of this social media are now common in our human life. The global website also having The Toyota Newsroom with announce the latest company news such as the latest production, event, personnel changes, etc. through the Newsroom.

There are also provide a page that about the company investment information for all investors or people. Inside that also got the top message with the goal of investment that can give more confident to investors. They also provided their financial result every 3 month and the past few year result through the website. There are also having the financial performance compare to last few years and financial highlight such as net revenues, operating income, vehicle sale or sale by region with for the people to understand the company details. There are also have the stock information and ratings.

For some the regional Toyota website also let the customers book a date for the car drive test for experience the. Example like Toyota Malaysia Website are provided all the car price or the car comparison and will help the customers to find the sales & service location though the state.

Toyota Malaysia website also have a special thing with is loan calculator. Through this system, the customer can easily count the monthly installment with just type some the car information.

2.2 Computerized System

Almost of every business are use the computerized system foe their daily task. With the computerized system can make more efficiency compare to the traditional paper work and paper folder. It is also can making contact with the clients, inputting data for report. Now a day the business all are using the desktop, laptop, server etc. Employee also can work anywhere, anytime.

Toyota Motor Corporation is deploying Microsoft software to its employees around the world with a mix of cloud and on-premise software. The car manufacture’s North American operation use cloud-based Microsoft office 365 exclusively while the rest of the operation around the world will harness a combination of cloud-based and on-premise version of Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and Window Server.

Toyota also apply to the accounting software to input their financial data to calculate the gain or loss of the company. It is also help on the necessary tax reports. They also using computer for invoicing, payroll, managing expanses to ensure the financial data is accurate as well.

They are also store the company data through computer or server with can store millions of files. Computerized storage is save space and more efficiency for their business.

Toyota also able the use the computerized system on the research. It is easy foe them to design the production such as engines, vehicles design etc. It is also able for them to discovering what customer really want and to research the data.

For the marketing part, Toyota create the company website, company ads and complete marketing campaign through the computerized system. Other than that, they also created like car/car price comparison to the customer through the network. They also used their own server to manage the website and connect remotely to a third-party business.

Toyota Motor Corporation also access e-mail, instant messaging, custom customer system through the computerized. Computerized allow automate support during off hours and direct call to the related department with a virtual operator for the customers.

2.3 Communication Technologies

Communication is a necessary for business development to be a successful company. Communication are the information flow among the customers, employees, partners, etc. So that the company will use the technology to speed up the communication. The company will use various communication which include e-mail, mobile phone, internet and so on.

For Toyota Motor Corporation are applying the internet as one of the communication technology. Toyota Malaysia website are provided a page with can let customers to drop a message online on certain type of service if they have any question to ask about Toyota.

Toyota are using e-mail for their daily business activities for communication because e-mail is still the most effective method among the employees or customers.

They also applying video conferencing technology to hold the meeting among the people related to their company. With this technology can help the company to save the travel ticket money by increasing their product quality or research new product. It is easy for the employees or mangers can having the meeting anywhere, anytime.

Some of region Toyota website used the communication technology which provide the customers a channel to contact or voice out their opinion base on the company. For example, Toyota website include the page which ‘ABOUT US’ or ‘Feedback’ to let customer suggest or improve the product.

Toyota Motor Corporation also used an intranet strategy. With this kind of technology can faster up to date with company announcement or news. It is also helped to reduce the important document go missing. Intranet have also managing data such as policies, corporate documents, logo or other resource.

Toyota Malaysia create a mobile app with for customer to download and used it. Inside the mobile app, there are having service appointment which let customer can easy appoint the time for going to the car service and other functions.

Human Resource Management

Toyota has defined the required qualifications of “professional workers” 1 for office and engineering positions, who are able to perform day-to-day activities and expand their skills in technical positions. Company-wide training is conducted based on worker qualifications, as well as specialized training for individual divisions, language training, and special knowledge and skill training.

Main goal of the Toyota Way in Human Resources Management is the realization of management that shows respect for people, that is, to enable all employees to exercise their abilities to think, be creative, and make good use of their strengths to their its maximum possible by providing them with a opportunities to achieve social contribution and self-actualization through their work. For this goal to be achieved, “a relationship of mutual trust and mutual responsibility between work and management” is essential, in which the company gives the highest priority to ensuring stable employment for its employees and strives to improve work conditions, while all employees run their duties and responsibilities for the success of the company.

3.1) Safe and Comfortable Working Place

Each year Toyota hold a discussion on how to build a nice and cozy working environment in which employees can trust the company like how to build a structure that promotes constant and voluntary improvement, how to develop human resources and how to work on bringing up teamwork. The content of those discussions is used for each organization to make policy of the following year to execute the policy to realize Personnel and work harder with Toyota Way consistently.

The head of Toyota Motor Company Eiji Toyoda once said, “Safety of our workers is the gate to our goal’’ because ensuring employee safety and health is one of Toyota’s most important business activities and has a universal and timeless value. Toyota is striving to create a dynamic working environment that is effective to the mental and physical well-being of its employees.

3.2) Principle of Toyota Human Resource.

In order to support growth, it is important to strive toward creating human cooperation and make their worker experience beneficial to improve their company day per day. To strengthen the globalization business with the various of cultures and customs that remain, all workers must share the same values to carry out a strategy such as Ever Better Cars and Customer First. To safeguard this, Toyota develops human resources for supportable growth by execute an educational program with the Toyota Way globally, which is based on “ON THE JOB TRANING(OJT)” that is decisive for the development and passing down the culture of perfect.

3.3) Principle regarding diversity and inclusion

The company that are tied up with business globally, it is a must to conduct a activities of diverse range of human resource meanwhile raising the skill of every employees. Toyota is Setting up a corporative culture by enlighten human resource that are diverse range of individual. In addition, the value of diversity is difference in other country and area, the Toyota company want to create an environment that able employee to promote self- awareness among other employee and meanwhile respect the value of diversity.

3.4) Principle of creating a delightful workplace

In order to strengthen the human resource sector, Toyota have built and created a safety environment for its employees, so that they can work with more confident, willpower and also delightfully. Toyota do all of this because they know that workers are the pole that stabilize the whole company, without the cooperation of the worker the whole company will become a disaster. Besides, Toyota plan to encourage its employee the loyalty and pride to the company, fellow workers and the work place by strengthen teamwork culture through communication and having a little competition. In conclusion, happy workplace is important toward Toyota it strengthen the bond between each worker, so that every worker can work peacefully and happy and also make the whole company more large and powerful through the whole world.

3.5) Recruiting and Selecting of Toyota.

Most of the Toyota company around the world use a selection process for production team that consist of four stages:

- Personal Interview      -  Aptitude Tests

- Job Simulations - Reference Checks

Only candidates with the highest success rate are selected to proceed to the next. The total time for each candidate are more than twenty hours. It took several weeks, sometimes months for each candidate to complete a selection process. Initially hiring ration was about 10% - for every 100 applicants, only ten received a job offer. The acceptance rate for Skilled Members was about 7%.

3.6) Toyota Retired Payment.

Toyota provide good reward to those who help them in their growth and success. Toyota reward a person or an organization with well balance and good services. Toyota provide a lot of good options that fits a person lifestyle and will help them reach its personal goal at every turn of career.

3.7) Advantage of Human Resource Management

1). Able to train and develop good worker.

Human resource management is one of the most crucial responsibilities towards a company or a department. The managers set up a requirement, so that it can bring in the right people to serve the company. Every employee prepare their work descriptions, so that they are suited in their role in the company. It will also give suitable training and development plans for each employee.

2). Health and safety.

The human resource management play an important role in ensuring health and safety of the workplace. The human resource function will take a step higher to ensure that every worker know the risk of the certain area and activities. Example that there is a machine in the workplace human resource will put up a sign step that can take in case there is some emergencies. This will reduce the probabilities of occurring accidents and help to eliminate any legal action that might be taken against the company.

4.0. Marketing

An effective marketing strategy will help a company to define the overall direction, vision and company goals for the marketing. Marketing should make sure that the product and services always satisfy what customer need and developed long-term relationship with the customer between the company. The propose for the marketing is to identify and communicate the benefit to offering to our target market.

 4.1. Product

Toyota Motor Corporation should develop the motorcycle for the market to competitive with other automobile company with have the motorcycle market. This will help them to become good competitors too if Toyota focus on the development of motorcycle.

 The Toyota bike is a motorcycle that is built for speed, accelerating, handling, braking and cornering on the main road comparing to the other daily used bike. Toyota may apply all the technology that already applied in their vehicle products to develop more powerful bike.

The motorcycle accident case is now very common in our daily life. So, Toyota may research and develop the bike with can reduced the accident case to make our road become more safety.

 For this new product, Toyota can use their vehicle technology which is pre-collision System that can detect the vehicle or passerby with using the camera that design to scan ahead to reduce accident around the road. This system can help the driver to avoid the potential frontal collision. When the system detected, the system will alert the driver and will auto reduced the speed to lower the collision.  

In addition to that, Toyota also can include the technology which is Dynamic Radar Cruise Control to the motorcycle. This system is basically to adjust the speed, help to maintain a preset distance from the car in front that driving at low speed. If the driver drives slow than you, it will automatically slow down the bike.

 Other than that, they can also research and develop the bike with using electricity or solar which can help to protect our environment for reduce the pollution. For the solar motorcycle, they can design which can store more power from solar to increase the drive distant for certain country with have long-term sunshine in a year to active the motorcycle. And the electricity bike design if just for the driver to charge to bike with using electricity. This concept of solar motorcycle may be like this.

Toyota Motor may also design the exterior for this new product become more special compared to other motor that having now to attract the customers for buying this product.

4.2. Price

Price is the critical part of marketing mix. Choosing the right price to support a variety of cost such as operating, research cost or etc.

For the price of the new product may be set as RM 25,000 for a Solar Motorcycle with target for high income earners for enjoy the technology and those environmentalists. The price is suitable because now a day for the solar price is also quite higher and for the product also provided an advanced technology. The price is normal compared to other motorcycle with the feature.

For the Electric Motorcycle price may set as RM 15,000. This is because compare to other competitor the price is just between the range. The even better is the motorcycle included the Toyota Technology to help driver safe and reduce accident. This product is basically target for all the people around the world if he/she interested with this product.

I also suggested that Toyota should provide a maximum 5 years installment to customer which can more attract people to buy the product.

4.3. Place

‘Place’ refer to the channel and location that distributing the product, product information or service. This is how a company to position their product in the market place. The right place that the company distributing the product will determine the company profit.

For the electric motorcycle will target to certain part of advanced region (example in American, Europe, Asia, Oceania and other). This is because these countries have most advanced in technology and the citizen are able to consume in these product for leisure or need. All the place will help the company to hit the target for this new product and gain more profit.

For the Solar Motorcycle will be target and distribute to the countries that 4 seasons are all most sunshine country. Example like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, certain county of China, part of Africa and so on. It will also can distribute to some 4 seasons country for the citizen to buy if they able to consume and use it when autumn or spring which have sun light.

4.4. Promotion

Regardless how good of the company product, without the promote it’s unlikely will make many sales on the product. Promotion is about attracting people to buy or reuse your product. There are many type of promotion techniques to use to create the most cost-effective strategy.

Toyota Motor corporation can promote the motorcycle through the network which are very extensive now a day such as their own company website, Facebook, YouTube and other). Because these social media can easy see by other people while all the people are also can share to other.

Other than that, Toyota can promote the motorcycle through the advertisement. The process can use it in daily newspaper or Toyota short a video for specification of product and play it through the television station that can saw by the people when watching TV show.

In addition to that, Toyota may also promote the product through the company sales department. Company should give some commission to the sales employees if they help the company sales out the product. So that, the employee will try hard to promote the product to the customer for earning more commission if they sale out the motorcycle.

Toyota Motor Corporation can have motor show to let people attend to see the product. With the motor show event, they may have discount or free gift promotion one-time inducement to people for buy their product.

The company may also have a lucky draw event to attach people. This promotion process is to attach people if they bought a motorcycle will having special change example like win a trip ticket, to win certain product from the company, or cash voucher.

Public Relations is also a way to promote the motorcycle product. Through the public relations will apply communication effort directed help the company to promote the product. Public relation builds the good relationship with the public and through two-way information exchange. In the public to establish a good image and reputation in order to understanding, support the cooperation, which is conducive to the promotion of motorcycle.


In conclusion, Toyota Motor Corporation is an amazing company. Toyota is doing well in the market and created that such as advanced product or vehicle to going highest level of successful. Toyota Motor Corporation has been recognized as a automobile manufacturing industry leader in production.

Toyota has done starting from a little company in Japan that invented the automatic loom and slowly overtook auto industry. But it is a successful and to the leading automobile manufacturer power today.

Toyota Motor Corporation also apply a strong organization structure to improve the company daily business and to research good product. This easy and more effective to let their employees clear about what company want to or their own responsible to work out as a group for company to achieve to goal.

Toyota is a good corporation to apply information technology in their business. With the technology let the company become more famous in the world. Other than that, also use the technology for customer service to easy the customer for access to the company information technology which provide the effective service.

Toyota also apply a good human resources management for their company. Toyota provided a good training and recruitment process to improve the employees on company to provide good or service based on certain part. It is also given or provide a reasonable bonus to their employees to motivated the employees to pay hard for company for outstanding achievement.

Today, Toyota consider as the most money making in car manufacturer in the world. This big corporation is knew as producing a high-quality car using a shortest time and less on-hand inventory. Toyota planning to provide reliable vehicle to the customer and make hybrid available oncoming vehicle.

Toyota is being No.1 in the automotive industry in worldwide, and also the top highest selling units of vehicle in the world. They regularly to try hard and keep innovation or developed the product, that for bring them to be the No.1 innovative company in worldwide.

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