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College students have to contemplate the best careers to advance that meet their extrinsic and intrinsic needs for the future. Students are more drawn to the careers that promise a high pay, which is a significant measure of the methods that individuals employ when making the career choices. The influx in courses in business, economics, engineering, law and other well paying professions indicate a pattern in the society where people only aim to gain more from their individual roles (Korkki n.d). However, research has indicated that whilst there are companies where individuals may be given improved salaries or promotions, people prefer the low paying jobs or careers for other roles across the society. It is therefore, essential to ensure that an individual assesses the intrinsic attributes of their career to make an informed choice of the methods and traits that should be made across the different careers. This paper assesses the decision making process and the attributes that make a significant process towards understanding the fundamental attributes across the society. When choosing a career, the decision should not be based solely on salary but on personal fulfillment, social responsibility, as well as benefits that one gains from their careers.

The economic conditions and uncertainty of whether people will get jobs once they finish college is one of the main factors that lead students to go for the well paying careers. Salary holds significance in decision making since it translates to a secure life where the people can get personal fulfillment through their careers. The lack of good economic indicators and structures means that individuals are not in a position to develop the best basis and create a working scope that is essential for change in the society accordingly. However, people should not only be driven by the extrinsic factors but the intrinsic attributes should also be assessed (Kompaso et al 89). The personal fulfillment and the intrinsic aspects that one aims at getting from a career needs to inform the decision making process since monetary value does not always amount to success. Jobs need to be assessed for their level of personal fulfillment and meeting an intrinsic need of serving others or social responsibility and not only being measured on the premise of the amount of salary one gets from a specific role (Harman n.d). Research has found that people are motivated to work through implementing the best processes and models that match their tools, thereby creating a workable structure that is essential for change in the lager societal structure. It is essential to develop the best tools and benefits that match individual intrinsic needs and service to the society that for some people take precedence in comparison to the salary and remuneration received for their roles. There are people who are declining promotional offers with increased salaries for a more fulfilling job that has a lower salary (Korkki n.d). It therefore, makes it critical to adopt the best tools and traits that are integral in working out a proper process that meets the needs and intrinsic values of individual across the society accordingly.

Students in colleges need to be encouraged to pursue courses that are most satisfying to their individual needs and not the ones with the highest paycheck. The paycheck needs to be one of the factors in determining the career but it is not a fundamental attribute since it does not give an indication of the processes and models that are needed in the job market (Abrams n.d). It is pertinent to ensure that there are massive methods and models that are created towards developing a proper basis and tool for measuring and assessing the options and motivators towards meeting the demands and models of personal fulfillment in any career. Happiness and satisfaction in what one does should be the main parameter that an individual uses in deciding the specific career that they want to pursue (Daley 121). People derive greater meaning in careers that match their interests and enhance personal growth and skills across the world accordingly. It is these fundamental attributes that form the precedence and models towards creating a stronger and more fulfilling career process that matches the needs of an individual and those of the larger society. Every individual needs to develop structures that ignites the best in them and creates strong and highly modeled methods towards developing and creating a stronger process for change in their careers (Abrams n.d). Pursuing a career where one has the passion and drive that supports the individual tools and processes means that individuals have a chance to succeed in their careers and get the best from their efforts. One is motivated to succeed when they engage in jobs or future careers that they have the passion and commitment to succeed thereby getting the best from their input.

In conclusion, when deciding on a career that one wants to pursue in the future, the salary should not precedence since the intrinsic values and fulfillment are more critical parameters in ensuring the best. It is therefore, essential to encourage individuals to develop a proper basis and model towards identifying and articulating a career choice that meets all their individual needs.

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