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Be elective choose the right subjects

At the end of grade9 every learner is required to choose subjects which they will do from grade10 till the end of their high school days which is grade12 it is essential to choose carefully. Learners should choose the right mixture of subjects, if not they cannot get an entrance to certain universities or find themselves in a situation whereby they cannot do certain courses which they love. So when making this important decision 'subject choice', learners should be made aware when considering their Options. Different courses are carted in different institution a degree can be completed in a University, a diploma in FET colleges or a training in SETA. They also need to be told of such issues because most of the learners at grade 9 they are not aware of this issue. For every course or career there are specific requirements of subjects as well as specific marks, On top of that there is a minimum requirement to enter each institutions which might differ in universities or FET colleges. For every qualification whether it's a degree, diploma, or certificate studies students should choose appropriate subjects keeping their career options open because they might decide to change their plans. The first step for an entrance into higher institution is choosing right subjects. Entry requirements for higher education are different and they are determined by levels which ones gets in matric, they will determine which career will suit one best. Higher institutions measure the level of achievement by the point rating system it doesn't matter how each institution use this system the best thing which a learner can do is to pass all their subjects in higher grades. When u apply early at any higher institution they look at your grade 11 subjects marks. Selection of your grade 10 marks should have a link with the career path which one intends to take in future. Every field of study or course has its own entry requirements, this means you should achieve a certain percentage on a specific subjects. For example careers such as engineering they will look at your Mathematics and science marks. It is important for one to attain good results on every subjects. One must know their self-qualities and abilities when choosing their career this will help them succeed on their goals.

Tertiary education and what they offer

1. FET Colleges ' cater for learners who want to pursue vocational or artisan trades, catering for those who want to be plumbers, motor mechanics or electricians. Learners who have passed Grade 12 thus register for a National Certificate. Programmes consist of 18 months theoretic studies at colleges and 18 months applicable practical application in work places.On completion the learner will have an N6 Diploma. (Note that learners who have passed Grade 9, 10 or 11 can register for a 3 year NCV programme. 2. Universities ' Universities offer 3 year degrees as well as further degrees at Honours, Masters and Doctoral levels. These are academic institutions that offer study opportunities in fields that include Arts, Commerce, Science, Engineering, Law and Medicine. A few universities also offer vocational diplomas but few of them. 3. Universities of Technology these institutions offer vocational certificates, national diplomas and degrees in technology and related fields e.g. a Diploma in Electrical Engineering. 4. Private Universities and Colleges - these include institutions like Birnam & Damelin. Check the registration status and credentials of an institution before

Registering. Privately owned universities and colleges do not qualify for state or government subsidies and you may not be able to access financial aid through the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) if you choose to study through them. 5. Learner ships - these are work based learning programmes that lead to a nation- ally recognised qualification that directly relate to a non-artisan trade occupation such as a motor mechanic. Learner ships are administered by Sector Education and Training Authorities. Visit the Department of Labour's website to get the list of all the SETA's. 6. Employment ' With a matric or an NCV level 4 certificate it is possible to get an entry-level job, although this may be difficult.   If you want to explore this option you need to have well-written curriculum vitae, a motivation letter and you need to sharpen your interview skills.

You can also visit websites of various companies and institutions as they often have a vacancies tab which lists jobs that they may have open for the public Grade9 is the foundation of your career path. NQF and Career Advice Service was launched by South African Qualifications Authority with the Departments of Higher Education and Training and Basic Education in 2011 January and it has a website, help line for career advices, material for guidance and it works with SABC it has a radio programme which is broadcast in all the regional radio stations using 9 official languages. Learners should not find choosing their own career path difficult they should know what they like and what they like to do ad which career will suit them better. The most difficult situation will be starting new friend, teachers the environment change. But this cannot only be difficult but exciting as well after spending years studying it is a form of a reward. Basic education system it is here to rescuer every learners by giving them the all the options.

Significance of Grade11 results

When he was doing grade11 he always thought about the significant of grade11 results for life after school. Students always think that grade 12 important but nothing could be further from the truth. These times you stand slight chance of getting a good job or starting a sustainable business if you don't have a tertiary education. The message that Lehlohonolo holds is that you need to make sure your grade 11 results stand above that of your peers if you want to get funding. When applying for any bursary from a company or government agency, factor in that many bursary applications and institution of higher education programmes close early, way before your mid-year grade 12 reports are issued by high schools. Your grade 11 results determine whether you will get into medical school or any other degree programme that runs selection tests. This is because these programmes close mainly in May every year. Work towards obtaining 65% and above for all your subjects. At this point in time numbers mostly serve as reliable needles of your effort. It is for this reason that when a board of judges chooses on who deserves to get the bursary, they are first going to look at your overall grade 11 academic marks. An average of at least 65% should see you through.

Universities: Where to study in South Africa

There are 21 universities in South Africa, all are sponsored by the government but are self-sufficient and account to their own councils. . The Tshwane University of Technology It deals with Masters and doctoral programmes in addition to degrees, certificates and diplomas. It is positioned in Pretoria and also deals with programmes in engineering, science, information and communication sciences and economics and finance, all of which include mathematics, science and technology. University of Johannesburg has four campuses ' the Auckland Park King- sway campus, Auckland Park Bunting Road campus, Doornfontein campus and Soweto campus. All campuses are positioned in Gauteng and separately offer different courses. University of Pretoria The University's Gordon Institute of Business Science, well-known in Johan- Newburg in 2000, has already got an international reputation, its faculty of veterinary science at Onderstepoort is the only one of its kind in South Africa. University of South Africa It offers distance education programmes, both academic and technical, to students across the country, the region and the world. Within Unisa is the College of Science, Engineering Technologies, the School of Engineering with three departments and the School of Computing. Degrees ranging from BSc to Doctoral degree level are offered through an open distance learning model. University of the Witwatersrand Wits is a leading South African university and one of the best in Africa. Based in Johannesburg, it is one of the country's leading research institutions and offers degrees in the faculties of engineering and the built environment, humanities, health sciences, science and commerce. Vaal University of Technology Offers Applied and Computer Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Human Sciences and Management Sciences. Although there are other colleges in the province that offer maths, science and technology curriculums, these six have government subsidization which makes it easier for school leaving learners to enter these institutions because of the lower fees compared to private institutions. It has around 17 000 students spread across its main campus in Vanderbijlpark in Gauteng Province.

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