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ABSTRACT: In our day-to-day   mobiles are been a major part of human's life. And as far as the current situation it seems to be unable to survive without mobile phones. Due to its features and makes things easier it gets stick to our human life. The only thing that hates about mobile phone is charging. Even the top branded mobile phones can't sustain as much as time we expect. People fed up with the battery when it is down as it was just charged earlier. now this project deals with the wireless  to makes things comfortable  and even easier way, wireless technology of battery charger is used. this would surely help in charging the mobile phone anywhere at any cause. Considering the availability and the importance of the mobile this project is designed to charge it wirelessly. A low noise AC signal is used with the help of an signal generator. At the output end an antenna is used to grab the signal. Final output is measured using voltage doubler.

Keywords: resistor, capacitors, diodes, voltage regulator, copper coils and transformer


 Mobile phones are the top rated current gadget that is been used commonly and very widely almost all over the world. Since it is has all kinds of features and system processing is good it makes way for everything and reduces the human efforts[1]. The facilities from making a call to online purchasing everything is done through mobile. Living in such a world it seems that human beings cannot survive without mobile phones. When computer is invented and worked connected directly to the power supply it seemed to be great. And when laptop was invented with battery connected it is very easier and facilitated for everyone to carry with themselves[2]s. Likewise this project is mainly about wireless battery charger. Wireless technology plays a vital role in this project. So that it helps in carrying wherever the user carries.[3] The wireless battery charger consists of two circuits one for the transmitter circuit and the other for the receiver circuit. Since the block diagram is quite complicated we use two block diagram circuits to explain it even in a easier way to understand[4]. The first circuit that is the transmitter circuit is used to produce the voltage wirelessly.[5] It also consists of an oscillator circuit, dc source, an transmitter coil.[6] Oscillator consists of two n channel circuit. current starts flowing from through the coils of the circuit. A small amount of voltage is produced at the gate terminals of the transistors. One transistor is in on state and the other is in off state. The transistor which is in the off condition produces an certain amount of voltage[7]. In case of determining the output voltage in terms if frequency a formula is applied. The transmitter circuit  is as follows:

The receiver circuit consists of an rectifier coil, circuit accompanied with the regulator[8]. AC current is produced when receiver circuit is placed near the inductor. The rectifier circuit is used to rectify the output of the signal. [9]The signal is produced in the form of output and is connected to the battery.




A resistor is nothing but an elements that produces electrical resistances in a circuit. Resistor is used to reduce the flow of current flowing through it. It also used adjusting transmission lines and adjust signal levels.


A capacitor is used storing the energy in the form of electricity. It consists of electric plates. It can be in the form of either foils or electrolyte.

(c). DIODE:-

It is an two terminal device helps in producing the flow of current through it. A semiconductor diode is most widely used consists of p-n junction. It helps in producing light.


Voltage regulator is used to maintain constant voltage in the circuit.The constant output will be generated by voltage regulator. Which produce output by electromechanical mechanism .this helps the circuit to get constant input.  it is used as a fixed voltage in the circuit.


A copper coil consists of  copper windings that help in the conduction of the circuit. Since copper is a good conductor of electricity it is very widely used in the electrical component circuits. The windings are made up of copper and so the conductance is high in any circuit when copper coil is used.


It is nothing but an electrical device used in transferring the electrical energy. In most of the power applications it is used ti increase or decrease the volt.     


The working principle of this project is based on the principle of  mutual inductance. Inductive coupling is also used in transferring the charges to the receiver end. A DC souce followed with the oscillator is used in the transmitter circuit which transmits the charges to the receiver. In the receiver circuit AC power is induced in the coil and the rectifier helps rectifying the output. The output waveform is connected to the battery source.


' It can be easily taken everywhere.

' Produces an excess amount of charge through this circuit.

' Helps to understand the wireless communication ever better.

' Consumption of power is quite low to 15w

' It is very much useful even without the production of voltage supply.

' It is used without the data cable as the project name indicates.


The wireless communication plays a vital role in the future process of communication. As of now wireless seem to be in a high level as a part of the communication. Since it has enormous advantage everyone tend to use it.

Wireless communication helps in the vast field

Of the circuital designation.

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