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Technology forms is the basic requirement of the demands of the times and became the technological advances included in all fields, regardless of their shape or type we now live in the age of technology and technical development and cognitive, cultural, it is necessary to keep up with this development and offer to others creativity and highlight their ability to innovate was the education share of the bumper and large in the development and progress, and perhaps the most important contemporary teaching skills skill to use and employment of computer-interest subjects and teaching in terms of renewal and change and get out of the repetitive routine that is often overshadowed by the performance of teaching in the classroom.

Computer is the product of contemporary scientific and technical progress, and is at the same time one of the pillars that drive this progress; making him recently the focus of educators and those interested in the educational process and learning.

The use of computers in education where they can contribute to the computer through which to achieve some of the objectives and support the curriculum and methods have evolved here must be based on educational institutions keep pace with this progress through the provision of expertise and disciplines in order to make this a true learning and healthy and lead the desired purpose .

Educational uses of computer

Use the computer in the field of education for several reasons, including being given the opportunity for students to learn according to the active nature to learn about prevailing in the community in the present technology and look to the future, as well as the computer contributes to the immense its capabilities in the development of educational administration and private registration and class schedules, examinations, and other findings.

And also that the computer contributes to the improvement of educational processes themselves through programming and the development of educational materials provided systems.

And numerous studies to increase academic achievement when learning with the help of computers, and has shown that learning on the way commensurate with the other methods, and it improves the education of students with low experience and slowness in learning, as studies have shown that the reduction of learning computer time compared in time spent on roads , that the computer helps students to discovery for themselves and enjoy the education and the lack of negative what he was doing student interaction and activity and participation, and it helps in the coordination between hand and eye and works on individual learning and encourages innovative thinking and has divided the functions of the computer in education into two

1. ( CMI ) The use of computers in educational administration

2. ( CAI ) to use the computer as an assistant in the teaching process

Computer advantages

1. The ability to store and retrieve vast amount of information

  2. The ability to flex the display of information

3. The high-speed in the conduct of operations in mathematics

4. provide many opportunities and choices in front of the learner

5. The ability to manage and control many accessories

6. The ability to interact with the user

Computer systems provided

1-dialogue systems

It is organized based on strategic guidance, such as private teacher, based on the provision of information through the exchange of dialogue between the student and the Computer The program raises the question and the student answers and Computer corrects the correct answers and has provided a way Carbonell in 1970 very English and dubbed individual teaching strategies

2-style solution to the problem

I miss this way of Piaget's theory and artificial intelligence research and presented Papert 1973 and relies on the computer considered as a mediator to display the program that the student involving requirement a high degree of skill, and often provides the language of the logo and the computer provides the student sets a precedent to avoid error and involved student attempts writing software can use this method, starting from the age of 12 years .

3-mathematical models

This method is an attempt to use statistical processing and mathematical theories in the process of learning style The application of this method depends on the exciting and paired with the response to the collapse of the responses show the way Building model should be the extent of our knowledge and our expectation for student information private and his style of learning and the expected responses of acts before the construction of the form and then select the desired language vocabulary learned and categorized and determine the number of words to be learned in every

4. computer as an assistant in the learning

Use the computer as an assistant in the education relied on to provide some training and exercises that require different standard functions available to answer questions set out, as well as for The pupil himself questions the main goal is to create a skill the student through continuous training on new examples of exercises resolved and thus up to the mastery of learning, are education in some way, and the computer to provide master education programs and of the most important plans presented in the field of helper computers in education as follows :

. Linking the computer to your TV

. Teaching project run automatically

. simulation

. Linear and branching programming

The most important software used in the field of education

1) program (MS-WIN- WORD)

This program is one of the most software used for word processing in educational institutions and can be a teacher to use this software in all educational disciplines, due importance of the program because it works to give the following skills: (printing _ texts _ the ability to creative thinking in writing Development Coordination) and other skills that will benefit them in practical life

2) program (MS-EXCEL)

Is used in the tabular data is used in the education of statistical and technical sessions, and the mechanical characters and commercial materials and can be on the way graphics action

3) Program (MS-ACCESS)

Used for databases, files, and prepare and organize the information and retrieval and extraction

4) Program (AUTO CAD)

Used in the work of engineering drawing and mapping, and this program facilitates complex with different dimensions graphics production and earns learner skill projection, engineering drawings in stereo from the inside.

 5) program (3D-STUDIO)

Used to make animated graphics in the event of engineering drawing and architectural work for multiple designs and innovative display .

 6) program (CORAL DRAW)

It used for freehand drawing as it allows the learner to change the shape and dimensions, size and colors. And it is used to serve the art of decorative interior decorating and fashion design .

Why use computers in education?

The basic functions of the computer education

 1. design of advanced educational programs to achieve educational and behavioral goals

2.  save time and reduce effort on the teacher and the learner

3. The multiplicity of sources of knowledge of the multiplicity of programs that can be provided by the device and one to a student or several students for education in a manner conclusion

4.  Ability to unspecified amounts of knowledge, storage, and retrieval speed while ensuring the accuracy of the material at hand

5.  learning process and the existence of a racist right and wrong ((reinforcing)) in front of the learner's a good technique for self-assessment

6. variety of methods to provide information and evaluation

7. suitability of each program to a certain group of students and educational material

8. Organization of the process of thinking and creative organizer of the learner

9. individualize the learning process - through self-learning .

The reasons for the use of computers in teaching

Computer is an electronic machine operates according to a set of certain instructions have the ability to receive information and stored and processed and used through a set of commands

1. The use of computer technology as a learning styles serve the objectives of strengthening the self-education which helps the teacher to take into account individual differences, and thus lead to improving the quality of learning and education

2. The role of computer teaching aids in providing transparent images, movies and sound recordings

3. The ability to achieve their educational goals for skills such as skills for learning and utilizing the computer and problem-solving skills

4. raises attract the attention of students is an interesting way the student graduated from routine conservation and indoctrination to work

5. relieves the teacher what his effort and time in the educational business routine which helps the teacher to invest his time and effort in planning attitudes and experiences of learning contribute to pupils figures in the intellectual and social aspects of development

6. programs that meet students' needs and relatively easy preparation

7. Presentation of scientific material and determine the weak points of the students and the possibility of putting the curative activities that are consistent and need students

8. reduce learning time and increase achievement

9. Install and bring scientific concepts to the learner .

Problems of computer use in education problems

1. Lack of human resources

2. The lack of material resources

3. teachers negative trends towards the use of technology

So it is necessary to develop methods of computer use in education and the development of new methods could contribute through which computer in achieving and supporting some of the goals of the curriculum .


 Assistant to the computer in education is the most presence system so far, and despite all the efforts that have been made and the huge budgets that spent what programs to the full development of education in the first steps is also apparent that the helper computer in education based on the integration of other teaching aids .

And multiple areas of computer use in the educational process, where it can be used as a target or an educational assistant in the educational process or as an assistant in the Department of Education and we raised here as an assistant in computer education .

The helper computer programs in education, although it began in the sixties, there are no specialized courses that can be relied upon to deploy large-scale programs so we can begin to enter the computer in the administrative aspects computer current situation can contribute effectively in educational management and development, such as monitoring systems and set up tables and statistics and exams and the graph monitoring the progress of the organization and to predict the needs of the future and be the starting point and a starting point for the introduction of computers in education.

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