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Product leadership, Oculus integrates the ultimate technology in its products, ensuring innovation in order to provide the best virtual reality experience for the user, its components with high technology allows the user do not require much space in their room to use, unlike simulators, that needs big of spaces and great infrastructure to work.

Apart from require a minimum installation space, the Oculus VR only requires a computer with Usb ports, an intel i3-6100 processor or better, 8 GB of memory RAM, Windows 7 operating system and GTX 960 or AMD RX 470 graphics card.

As Palmer  Luckey said 'The magic that sets the Rift apart is immersive stereoscopic 3d rendering, a massive field of view, and ultra-low latency head tracking.' that means the user has the feeling of being immersed in the game and not just watching a screen, without the need for large game infrastructure and without costly simulation devices.

SWOT Analysis


Economically supported by Facebook:

Since the Facebook''s acquisition, the company has become the company has strengthened economically as it is supported by Facebook, Oculus also plays an important role in the future of Facebook and virtual reality and communication technologies Facebook also plans to use Oculus technology in order to connect people, also in other areas such as education, communication and virtual tourism. Due to this acquisition Oculus VR expands its horizon to other unexplored areas where it has the financial support of Facebook which allows the company to develop better devices and new technologies.


The inclusion of new technology in headset devices such as OLED displays and cameras with sensors, and improvements in reducing latency, make the Oculus Rift has a great performance which aims to extend the gaming experiences for users.


The Oculus Rift integrates electronic parts manufactured by reputable manufacturers in the electronic supply industry, Oculus VR cares about choosing the best suppliers in the industry, selecting only suppliers with the highest quality standards, therefore its high-tech components are reliable and Oculus can offer the best device built with the best components on the market.


Oculus has been largely recognized for its high performance, before the entry of Oculus to market, virtual reality devices were very limited and low performance, which made the industry of virtual reality was not attractive to customers, problems like motion blur, high latency and very low resolution graphics, added to the high prices drives away the user from virtual reality devices. Oculus has changed these perceptions, its high performance allows the user to live unique gaming experiences, different from established by other devices before Oculus VR.


Need wires to plug in and work in an age of wireless devices

In the current era, it is strange that electronic devices integrated cables for connection, as device manufacturers and technology are developing wireless devices. Also the wires limits free movement and this is important in a device where the primary element for controlling the game is the body movement.

Not enough game content compared with Xbox and Play Station.

El Oculus Rift tiene un cat''logo en su p''gina web, pero en comparaci''n con otros dispositivos de juego como Xbox 360 y PlayStation 4 el Oculus Rift no tiene un extenso contenido del juego para Oculus VR.

Need for additional devices such as a computer to work:

The Oculus Rift requires other devices with high performance for proper use, this makes the customer often cannot purchase the product because a computer with high performance you need in order to run the Oculus Rift.


New market possibilities

Virtual reality opens infinite number of opportunities in the market, because it can be used by all people, Example of this are the mobile phone devices that initially were intended for those individuals who belonged to social classes who could pay for the high price of these devices, then opened to all kinds of individuals including those with lower incomes.

Unexplored and unexploited markets/Blue oceans markets.

The Oculus Rift apart from being a platform for virtual reality games, can be adapted and used as a powerful educational tool because it can be used to give and take classes without leaving home, just put on the headset and connect with instructors or students in different parts of the world, this would facilitate access to education in places where the education system is poor as happens in Colombia or just to get contact with instructors located in different countries.

Another area in which could use the Oculus Rift is in the military area, as armies could train soldiers through simulated virtual combat scenarios, in which wars are simulated, this offers many advantages, because in virtual reality  there is no need to use real ammunition, also the soldiers integrity is preserved.

Armies also could plan operations and train soldiers according to the conditions of the operation, in this way they could reduce the percentage of failure in the operation.

The Oculus Rift could be used in the area of medicine, patients may have an appointment with the Physician only using the headset device, and this would prevent large displacements because the patient could take the appointment from home.

Physicians also could practice the surgical procedures in virtual reality before performing them in real life with the patient.

There are many blue oceans which are still unexplored, in which the Oculus Rift is the ideal tool to dive and explore!

Colombian Virtual reality market-industry is still unexploited

There are many universities in Colombia that Offer University programs such as: computer engineering, multimedia engineering, and media, among others. Many of the students who finish the university, go to seek employment with low wages, because in Colombia the minimum wage is low compared with other countries, this could be used as an opportunity for virtual reality industry since there are people professionally trained,  willing to work in exchange for not so high wages. Colombia could be place where low-cost software content is developed for the platform of the Oculus Rift.


Smuggling issues

Colombia is a country where unfortunately there are many smuggled goods on the market, because the authorities do not control it effectively. The lack of control by the authorities is mainly because the authorities are permeated by corruption and smuggling networks pay to the authorities to operate illicitly without any punishment. This can be evidenced in places such as the called: "San Andresitos", where smuggled goods are sold openly to the public without any punishment. This situation dramatically impacts the software industry as copyright and intellectual property rights are violated. It is necessary to effectively control smuggling by the authorities to combat the threat generated by smuggling in the software industry and technology.


this threat works similarly to smuggling, counterfeit goods are openly sold to the public in places where the authorities do nothing despite having fully identified these sites, affecting not only the hardware and software industry, as well all types of industries.

Strengths Weaknesses

' Financially supported by Facebook

' Innovation

' Reliability of its components

' Performance ' Need wires to plug  in and work in an age of wireless devices

' Not enough game content compared with Xbox and Play Station.

' Need for additional devices such as a computer to work.

Opportunities Threats

' New market possibilities

' Unexplored and unexploited markets such as military and medical markets.

' Colombian Virtual reality market-industry is still unexploited. ' Smuggling issues

' In Colombia it is very easy to counterfeit games.

Positioning Statement:

Oculus VR provides to technology and video games enthusiasts from 14-59 with the best immersive experience in virtual reality than any other game developer in the video game industry. We do this by:

1) Constant improvements in our products, and innovation and new technologies integrated in our devices.

2) Partnerships with other companies such as Samsung that allows to us get knowledge and information at the time we work closely developing new products.

Mission Statement:

'To give people the power to experience anything' Mark Zuckerberg.


Make virtual reality affordable and revolutionary, changing the way that people play games. This will be possible due to the high tech parts and innovation involved in the Oculus devices, always focused in providing the best and most natural and realistic Virtual reality experience to the user.

Oculus will be not only a platform for playing games, but also a platform to provide users with many other types of experiences such as:

Connect people in different places; allow the user to be in virtual reality conferences, or visit the doctor just using virtual reality headset.

All of this will be possible in the future due to the acquisition made by Facebook the bigger social network in the world; Zuckerberg acquired Oculus to provide the user not only games, but also other experiences.


Oculus Rift is a Virtual reality glasses that allows users to live more realistic experiences in 3D scenarios, this device allows the user to interact in a more natural and smoothly way because this device has motions sensors working based on head movements and providing a range of 360 degrees, giving the user a different perspective from the desired angle.

This device also integrates 3D screens that bring the user more realistic experiences, bringing entertainment experiences to another level.

The Oculus Rift is designed, developed and manufactured by Oculus VR, a technology company founded in United States by a couple of entrepreneurs:  Palmer Luckey and Brendan Iribe in California, on august of 2012 Oculus VR launched a Kickstarter campaign to collect founds for the development of the virtual reality headset Rift, the campaign was absolutely successful as they could collect 2.4 million from backers.

Oculus VR developed 2 versions before the Oculus Rift.


This version was originally designed for developers; this kit was delivered to the people who supported the campaign in Kickstarter with 300 US dollars. This device integrates a 7-inch screen, which makes it bulkier and heavier than devices previously developed by other brands since these devices integrated a screen of about 5.6 inches. Dev Kit 1 has better performance than his previous competitors due to the technology that this device integrates, technology that allowed this kit had better field of vision than its competition, lower latency and higher resolution pixels, with a resolution of 1280x800 (16:10 aspect ratio). This device also came equipped with motion sensors, HDMI and DVI inputs and USB interface which sends the data to the computer.

The DEV K1 despite having low resolution among other defects in the software and sound, was sold in its entirety, about 65,000 units were successfully sold on February 21, 2014 right through the website of the company.


In the summer of 2014 Oculus began sending the orders of its second production model, the DEV KIT 2 pre-purchase orders were made and accepted in March 2014, just days before the acquisition of the company made by Facebook. This device is equipped with a screen with better image resolution (960x1080 pixels) in each eye, this device comes equipped with an OLED screen which replaces the LCD screen which came equipped with the previous model the DEV KIT 1.The OLED screen has better brightness and resolution but also has more and better focus movement compared to others screens on the market. In addition to these improvements, also was added an external camera equipped with motion sensors, which allows detecting movements unrelated the game and objects around the user.

In March of 2014 the company was sold to the Facebook CEO''s Mark Zuckerberg for the price of 2 billion dollars and stocks. The reason behind this acquisition was as Mark Zuckerberg said: "After games, we're going to make Oculus a platform for many other experiences". He wants to use Oculus not only for gaming purposes but also to connect people and make other different experiences for the users.

In 2015 Oculus VR worked partnered with Samsung in order to develop the Samsung Gear VR, a virtual reality headset for Samsung''s Galaxy smartphones.

Oculus VR has grown from a payroll of 10 employees after the Kickstarter campaign to 75 employees, when Facebook made the acquisition, currently the company has about 400 employees.

Oculus Business Model

Oculus has its research and development department in house which conducts research, design and development processes of the Oculus Rift, the manufacturing process takes place in factories in China and sales of the devices are made online through Oculus VR website where the customer makes the purchase pre-order and payment for $599 Us dollars by credit card. The Delivery process usually takes 2 days within the United States.

Part of Oculus VR income derived from the sale of headsets, but another part of revenues come from a percentage of revenues from sales of game titles on their website. These games are made by developers external the company who share a margin of sales revenues with Oculus.

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