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29 December 2016

JIM246 6A

Cameirao, M. S., I, S. B., Badia, L. Z., Oller, E. D., & Verschure, P. F. (2007). The Rehabilitation Gaming System: a Virtual Reality Based System for the Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Motor Deficits. Retrieved December 23, 2016, from haredDocuments/presenccia_publications/Publications/app1/09_2007_Cameirao_Virt ualR eha bilitation2007.pdf

Chan, E. A., Chung, J. W., Wong, T. K., Lien, A. S., & Yang, J. Y. (2006). Application of a virtual reality prototype for pain relief of pediatric burn in Taiwan. Retrieved December 28, 2016, from of a virtual reality prototype for pain relief of pediatric burn in Taiwan

Malloy, K. M., & Milling, L. S. (2010). The effectiveness of virtual reality distraction for pain reduction: A systematic review. Retrieved November 29, 2016, from

1.0 Introduction

Virtual Reality (VR) is the most popular tools in the world today. This is the most attractive technology that provides an interesting experience to the users. The population of the VR has rapidly emerged as a most wanted technology that will probably match the innovation of technologies such as multimedia or the others hypermedia in the world todays. Besides, this particular technology can use by any type of people in the worlds, whether children or adult to have an interesting experience. VR is the one of technology that evolving rapidly making it easy to define VR in terms of specific devices that may fall out of favour in a year or more than that. Why this VR is more interesting because it is a computer based technology that provides a visual and the feel of virtual world generated in real time. VR can attract from many sight of interesting thing like psychology, music, kinesiology, engineering, medicine and economic. Students especially more attractive to this particular of technology, because they will hearing about this technology everywhere and people todays is always use their smart phone in daily life and the information about VR will spread rapidly in the world.

For this research is about how VR can give a big impact towards the hospitalized children. Besides, we already know that children respond well to the digital technology and engagement with new media provides them with the most enjoyable and happy moment platform to engage their imagination and their creativity. For the information, hospitalized children are the patients are admitted to the hospital for a reason whether for surgery, emergency or medical treatment and to stabilize an existing condition. It can be the children out of the hospital, but in this research is focusing on the children who stayed in the hospital and as a patient in the hospitals. Why I am just focusing for the hospitalized children is because they deserve to have fun and feel the joy even though they are in the hospital and they are also is a sick people. VR can be in the Education use or in the Health use and it can both for the children. There are some of the children that do not have a chance to continue their study as a usual if they are in the hospital so by this technologies they can also be a part in the class while the lectures or the tutor is not whit them. The most helping technologies which is it is help to reduce a pain for the patients. The children is focusing in playing or using the VR technologies then the doctor can finish their work in a minute without need to force the children to take a medicine or to make any of the medical action towards them.

2.0 Problem Statement.

Choosing hospitalized children as a scope of the user of the VR is because by using a VR technology for them whether it for education or an entertainment is still can give a big impact for them even they stay in the hospital. Besides, there are many of the technologies and artistic creations seek to transport and encourage their audience or the users to a new and engaging them to using the technology and the VR has a steeped up the game in the arena by offering VR headsets for gaming that broaden the range of the experiences human can have regardless of their location, age, cases, abilities or physical challenges. From the article that are related with the VR and being used by me in making this research already state that education with entertainment is more enjoyable besides only an education, so that the children or the users do not feel boring while using the technology and the writer also make a new word by combining these two thing become one words which is 'edutainment' meaning that VR is education and mainly on the merging an education with the entertainment (Sanchez, J, ND). This is why the VR is needed to be provided to the hospitalized children to prevent the lack of information and the education for these children. There are the facilities provided by the hospital for the children who stay in the hospital, but by proving the VR technology it is more creative and innovative if the children can feel the real situation of education or while playing game. Children now days already being exposed by the technology by the media or their family itself, then it is also give a big effects to them. In every place and state in the world is having a same problem which is children is more interesting into a technology such as mobile phone or a computer because these applications or tools can give them an enjoyable moment. This is because the VR is produce to give more experience to the users in using the technologies. By using the VR for the hospitalized children it can prevent the problem for children that cannot attend a class in the school.

Based on these three articles, there are the several problems can be find. Then based on the first article which from 'the rehabilitation gaming system: a virtual reality based system for the evaluation and rehabilitation of motor deficits' state the problem about their system. In this article the writer itself is discussing about the system that being made by the hospital for the patient to recover from any problem of trauma or the children is have a problem in an accidents. They are provided the VR system named Rehabilitation Gaming System or easy to called RGS system. This system is based the motion capture system gaming technologies that can attract the hospitalized children especially to keep maintain their medical review in the hospital. It is an entertainment to the children that they can play a game while the doctor check up on their health in the hospital itself. There are problems such as while using the RGS system they need cover the level of the deficits of the patients itself. It is mean that, the level of the used of the RGS system is based on the type of the diseases of the patients or about the financial of the patients. Because they do not provide the same level of used of the RGS system to all patients that attend in the hospital. In my own opinion, this is not an issue because as a creator they still need to provide the same use of the RGS system to all their patients in the hospital. Besides, this system is useful and amazing gaming system but there some of the problem of the hospital that actually not an issues because they just need to provide the same level of the used of the system to all the patients, because even they do not sick like others patients they still can play the same game through the system and they deserve to have that because they are a patient that admit in the hospital. To avoid any problem from the patients that can complain anything about the hospital or the system they need to change the procedures of the use of RGS system.

Then, from the second article which is title 'Application of a virtual reality prototype for pain relief of pediatric burn in Taiwan'. In this article is about the staff in the hospital or a doctor is doing the undressing tape or cement on the patients that have burn in their body. VR gaming is providing for the children in this hospital to help them to reduce any pain while undressing their tape or something. But there still have a problem in maintaining the VR gaming in the hospital to the hospitalized patients, which about the time management in using the VR gaming while the doctors taking of the tape of their burn part of the body. The management of the hospital have to clearly manage the time in using the VR gaming while the undressing session is happen on. In the article mention about the real situation happen when the children is nonstop crying because the doctor id trying to take off his tape on his body, then the  doctors applied the VR goggles to his face and start the gaming and his stop crying and do not feel any pain while taking of the tape. But the game is not having a suitable time management, because the children will continue to crying because of the doctors already take off the goggle on his head and tell the operation is settled. The hospital itself, should take an action to prevent this kind of problem. There are the advantages of the using the VR gaming towards these children but they maybe can give more time to the children playing the VR gaming to keep reduce their pain of the burn and any of the healthy problem that they have while they in the hospital. Drastic action need to take to prevent this problem. I understand if the procedures of the hospital is already being set up about the timing of the use of the VR gaming, but they have to remind them self that the hospitalized children is special that they need to been treated well so they do not feel any fear and live in a pain in every single day.

About the third article is title 'the effectiveness of virtual reality distraction for pain reduction: A systematic review' by Kevin M. Malloy and Leonard S. Milling. These two writers is concern about the hospitalized children and they is exploring about how the game can be used to support the hospital experience for children with severe diseases. Then, it also state that the used of VR is the most effective way to reduce any of pain in the patient's body and it is the most valuable distraction thing that the patients need to feel and can help them to reduce the pain Malloy, K, V( 2010). In this article there are also have a problem with the research that they just make, which is the problem is related about the failed of to complete pre and post data for all dependents and to perform appropriate statistical analyses. There might be some misunderstanding while finishing the statistic of the research that they have made up. The writers itself actually can prevent this problem by giving an advice to the hospital about the problem of taking a wrong result of the statistic of the use of the  VR technologies in the hospital for the children especially.

3.0 Objectives

By these article, there are many information can be focus as the objectives of the articles. Every each of the articles has a same main point which is help the hospitalized children to reduce the pain in their body. Then, the main points of the articles are to prevent the pain for the children. On all three articles mention the same thing which is using the VR they can reduce the pain for the patients. From the first article, the author is keep mention that children with the burn cases cannot stand too long while the doctor is making a medical on their pain or the burn part of the body, because they are children Oller, E, D(ND). By using the RGS system they can prevent the problem and make the children feel calm while the operation is happen on them.

Besides, for the second article is also state about the VR can control the pain of the patients. It is mean that, the children do not feel any pain while the doctors is cleaning their pain and changing the bandage of the burn pain in their body. This is really helpful because the doctors also can finish their work in a minute without having any problem. In the last article which the article about the reduce pain while using the VR is completely good and can maintain the use of the VR in the hospital. They are also provide many of gaming that they children can choose and there also the several of the music and the video can be played when the doctors checks their condition and reduce the pain the feel.

4.0 Literature review

Technology is conquering the world with many of the new and modern technology is providing by the creator to make people can do daily routine in a better ways. So do the hospital, the used the technologies to attract the sickness people to choose and attend in their hospital by providing the new technology to the patients. VR in the one of the technology in the hospital that can help them in managing the patients especially the hospitalized children that cannot be control by the doctors and nurses sometimes. Everyone in the worlds is being controlled by the technologies. Everything they do is related to the technology and as a human being we are a part of technology todays.  

From the article 'the rehabilitation gaming system : a virtual reality based system for the evaluation and rehabilitation of motor deficits' is the article about producing the article called Rehabilitation Gaming System or in the simple way is RGS. This system was created to prevent the pain of the children when the doctor is checking on their medical problem. There are a several of the gaming that being provide by the system itself. Besides, the RGS is also the methods that allow the integration of our understandings of the rehabilitations with the advanced interactive multimedia technology that can be focused on delivering the individual optimal for the therapy. RGS is the system that is specifically designed for the rehabilitations of stroke that help the children reduce any of pain they are feel it Cameirao, M, S.(ND). Before provide this system directly to the children in the hospital, they already do an experiments of the system towards 6 stroke patients and the result is interesting and the system is now can be used to the others hospitalized children because the system is successful and give an opportunity to the creator to improve the skills in providing this systems.

'Application of a virtual reality prototype for pain relief of pediatric burn in Taiwan' article is also the same points of the article before where the author is focusing in the hospitalized children and about to help them relief about to reduce a pain. The aim of this article is to examine the ability and the effectiveness of VR in reducing pain in wound care procedures for the pediatric burn patients especially in the Taiwan but it is still in the same topic with the others articles before. Wong, T, KS (2010) state that the VR is the visual graphic animation that can easily attract the children to keep focusing to hear and play with it. It can be in a game or the music and the moving video to attract them to keep watching while the doctors and the nurse do their jobs towards them. The operation or the medical checking can be done easily without any problem when the VR is using by the children.

The last article is about 'The effectiveness of virtual reality distraction for pain reduction: a systematic review' of the used of VR in the children in the hospital. There are several of the experiments being done by the writers to gain more information about the VR through the sick children in the hospital. The VR is provided the multi-sensory of information that can helps the users to become fully immersed with the used of the VR system. Children today love gaming much more than anything and they can waste a couple of hours to playing a game. Then, with the VR system they will 100% enjoy the moment of the game while they are in a pain. Besides, the writers themselves also provide the statistic of their research about the gaming through the VR technology. The unique gadget that the children need to put on their head is also an interesting thing the children will use while using this VR. This is because, by using the head mounted display helmet measures the position of the head and they can adjust the visual images according to the situation of the game they are play of and choose.

5.0 Research methodology

The writers are focusing on the hospitalized people. From all three article they are stated the same thing which is the hospitalized people. About the technologies that being provide by them to the patients. There are many of the methodology that being used by the writers. Such they do an experiments first before they give the VR system to be used in the hospital and prepared the statistic of the analysis that they do to make sure all the problem and the point being achieve and be settle when using the VR system. There are methods such as system description and the system subject for the first article. In these two type of the methods, it mention that the explanation if the RGS system that they are using in the hospital. It is about the problem happen while managing the system and the solution is removes the significant response about the valid interactions in our previous and now out dated system of the RGS. They are using the VR and the others part of the body to moving the RGS system. Which are the positions of each of the patches is computed using methods that help to solve occlusions and crossing related problems.

In the second articles is the method that being use is data design, ethical consideration, intervention procedure and a data collection. In these methods they used to gain more information about the VR system and about the hospitalized children itself. They are discussing about the equipment that being in producing the VR to the patients. The equipment was shown that the both patients and the nurse is related. The same nurse was involved in the study had a mean of the experience in working with the burn patients. Not only that, they need to about and how to controlling and the experimental conditions, the children were asked about their level of pain as a measured through the faces scale Brieri, (1990).

The last article is about the writers talking about the effectiveness of the VR in the hospital towards the patients which is the hospitalized children. It is more about the distraction of the VR to the pain that the patients feel in their bodies. All the patients participants underwent baseline and post thermal pain trials and all the participants need to assigned to the high of technology and the low technology through the VR conditions were administered the post thermal pain trial while the experiencing the VR technology.

6.0 Findings

In this level of the discussion is about the result from these three articles. By finishing the research, the writers itself is finishing their articles by keep searching and gain an information from the experiment that conducted by them and get the result from the experiments themselves. Besides, they also get information through the experiment from the doctors and nurses to prevent any problem in managing the VR system towards the patients. By getting the information from the doctors, they can improve the system that being provided and improve the system and the knowledge and also the procedures to become more effective and creative so that can attract more user for the patients especially the children, this is because the main target of the use if the VR system is a hospitalized children.

Other finding is suggest that the VR may be useful in relieving the pain and anticipatory anxiety associated with the pediatric and the doctors about the wound care for burns. Besides, it is also about the children that were recruited for the study because they already on the thirds of the fifth change of dressing and would have developed their fear in feel the pain. These all the worthy because the youngster in the standard care condition received many of the typical psychological interventions for managing the pain associated with dressing changes.

7.0 Recommendations

In the worlds nowadays, we already know that technology is controlling the whole world. Everything we do is using a technology, in any fields are using a technology. We also know how powerful the technologies can change the world. Besides, we as a human also need something new to change our daily to become more attractive and productive to achieve what we want in our life. This is what the VR is all about. VR is the one of the technology that can provide a couple of billion experiences and knowledge that user can feel it by their way.

Even though the used of the cost in maintaining and providing this particular technology is expensive, the management of the hospital itself need to think about the impact this technology for the patients. Besides, by providing this VR technologies they are also can help the management of the hospital to gain more of patients to attend and choosing their hospital for medical problem.

8.0 Significance of study

Related to the increasing in using the technology in the daily life and already can be stated as a technology is our routine life todays. Everything we want to know and do is in the 'Internet' and the entire thing is using the smart phone to get information and anything that is related in the life everyday routine. VR is the most powerful application in the whole world today. This VR can give an impact the target of the audience and others of the related job fields.

Knowledge is everything, we gain more information by taking all the knowledge that we can get. By finishing this research I need to search so many of information to gain more knowledge so that I will not get any problem about the VR technology system in the words. VR is the popular gadget todays, then many of people in the world already heard about the VR but there are no many people will keep track by seeking the information about the VR even though they already heard about the VR but their knowledge about VR is not that much if they do not gain more information from many of source that they can use.

The second is organization. The use of the VR in the organization is good, of coz the children in the hospital will get the feel of using this particular of VR system. But, the impact of the organizations is quiet increase from time to time. Like I mention everything that happens in our lives today all began and related technology. This caused many people in the world who are easily influenced by technology. And of course, for the hospital, especially highlighting this system will get a tremendous benefit when using other hospital systems that do not use it. This is an opportunity to enhance the confidence of the hospital patients or users of their organization so that better and developed in the future later.

The third one is society, in the community, VR also play a very important role. This is because the society or the user expects VR to help them during medical examinations performed on them, especially children, as mentioned previously. Children are people or groups who cannot endure the pain like adults. They will continue to bear the pain they cry again when doctors perform additional checks on existing wounds on their bodies. This led to the importance of the use of VR for the children so that they forget for a moment about the pain while watching or using VR in hospital.

9.0 Limitation of study

The main focus of the research is the using of the VR through the hospitalized children. Why I chose this title as my research because I believe that children living in the hospital because of health problems deserve to be happy and able to keep smiling despite their circumstances does not allow them to remain so. There is no limit learning related to this issue. This is because VR is something very widespread and everyone can use VR without a doubt. Technology is something that cannot be separated from human as well as children, especially those in hospital. They can still use this VR. This is also the reason the hospital must provide patient VR to children so they do not feel left out and left behind by the sophistication of the technology that is out of their view at the hospital.

There might be advantages to using the VR in the hospital. This is can reduce the use of nurse while undressing the bandage around the children body. With regard to the nurses' satisfaction with the efficiency of the VR intervention in easing the dressing change procedure, some nurses commented that it caused them more time in terms of preparation, while others said that almost the same amount of time was involved. Nurses also play a role in helping to improve the use of VR in patients in the hospital. The use of VR is increasing day by day and the effect is very rewarding and satisfying.

10.0 Conclusion

As a conclusion, this Virtual Reality can give the biggest impact in the hospitalized children the hospital itself. Besides, by regarding and finishing this research I get more knowledge and information about the VR itself and about the hospitalized children that I never concern about before. This is the most interesting research I being complete to make a research about this topic of the Virtual Reality. The VR system is most powerful applications and system tools that being using today in many of the organizations on only in the hospital and medical fields but in many of fields in the worlds. Because of the attractive value and the enjoyable of the used of it make many of people and user keep using this particular application. By refers to all three articles, I know that how important of the use of VR towards the hospitalized people whether children, adult or the old folks. They really need the VR to help them to reduce their pain while have an operation or others need of medical works towards them. But, I am focusing on the children is because the children cannot stand with the pain, then they need a help such as VR to help them to forget about the pain for a while even though they will feel the pain after the operation is done but it is still helps them and the doctors that handle them in the hospital.

These three articles provide so many of examples and the statistic to mention about the impact and the use of the VR in the hospital. Yes, it is more in gaming not in education but by providing a gaming the children will forget anything that feel before the operation just happen towards them. Children todays is prefer to playing a game than others else of applications in the world. Then, game is the main thing in preventing the pain using the VR system. Not only that, the hospital also provide a system to the patients, this is also can improve the skills of the creator of the system by produce the new things to the hospital and can help many thousands of people when using it. Well the used of the VR is effectiveness for distracting with well establish method of pain management of the patients. There are many advantages of using the VR, such as it can help many of patients in the hospital. Besides it is also helping the works of the doctors and nurse and managing the patients because they love to use the technology and there is nothing to be worried of.


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