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This phase gives a scope description and overview of everything included in this SRS document. Also, the aim for this document is described and a list of abbreviations and definitions is given.

1.1 Purpose

The purpose of this document is to give a detailed description of the requirements for the 'MedicalInfo'  software. It will illustrate the purpose and complete declaration for the

development of system. It will also explain system constraints, interface and interactions with other

external applications. This document is primarily intended to be proposed to a customer for its approval and a reference for developing the first version of the system for the development team.

1.2 Scope

The system includes; comments and ideas from sector experts such as doctors, IT specialists, business development &intelligence managers, attorneys to develop and meet the needs, correct drug data for instance molecules and side effects (RX), well designed cost estimation for the purpose of realization and sustainability. Our main role of the system is not a being a doctor or giving directly medical advice. Firstly, website is designed according to difference of prescription such as red or green. Therefore, all legal issue will be left. Secondly, we will design a system for medical users like doctors, pharmacist or pharmaceutical company workers.

    Scope of the project includes; searching drugs for all user, finding meeting sessions with doctors, suggesting equivalent drugs by doctors, finding pharmacy names and addresses to supply drugs, sharing experience about drugs by writing comments as anonymous.

    This system will show not only drug data but also related articles.

1.4 Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviations


Administrator. He has the authority to add/delete users and comment.


Database_2.A database management system that provides a flexible and efficient database

platform to maintain records of students, teachers, admin and dm.


Unified Modeling Language is a standard language for writing software blueprints. The

UML may be used to visualize, specify, construct and document


Extensible Markup Language is a text based format that let developers describe, deliver

and exchange structured data between a range of applications to client for display and manipulation.


CSS is a language that describes the style of an HTML document.CSS describes how HTML elements should be displayed.


 Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It's a service protocol.


Rational Application Developer is a development tool that helps to design web pages

and also helps to design the diagrams like ER, Database schema diagrams and to generate DDL.

1.4 References

x Object Oriented Modeling and Design with UML-Michael Blaha, James Rambaugh.

x Software Engineering, Seventh Edition, Ian Sommerville.

x IBM Red Books.

x IBM TGMC Sample Synopsis.

x IBM ' .  

x W3school web site.

1.5 Overview

Existing System:

x Registration for users

x Discussion forum


x If users do not have web camera, they cannot use setting appointment section.

x Remote area users and people who doesn't have knowledge of internet cannot use the system

Proposed System:

x Registration for users, doctors and companies.

x Searching drugs for users, doctors and companies.

x Online appointment facility

x Searching pharmacy for users, doctors and companies.

Our Plan:

x Registration for users.

x Online maintenance of health record.

x Online prescription from doctor.

x Uploading video by doctors about ilnesses.

x Online appointment facility.

x Patient reviews and ratings for drugs.


2.1 Product Perspective

The client-server characteristic describes the relationship of cooperating programs in an application. The server component provides a function or service to one or many clients, which initiate requests for such services.

Servers are classified by the services they provide. For example, a web server serves web pages and a file server serves computer files. A shared resource may be any of the server computer's software and electronic components, from programs and data to processors and storage devices. The sharing of resources of a server constitutes a service.

2.2 Product functions

There are several basic functions that the system will do. First of all, the system register the

 users and keep the record of users which are normal users, doctors and companies.The other function of system is to allow users to make comments, rate drugs, upload videos by doctors, provide drug information, set appointment with doctors, watch videos, find pharmacy information, and also doctors' expertise. Also banning users from the system is the responsibility of the admin.

2.3 User characteristics

Service Users

I. Patients

II. Doctors

III. Families of patients

IV. Firms that produce drugs

V. Firms that distribute drugs

  Any person can register to our system. People who want to register our system will need email

and password. Our users are specified by normal users, doctors and companies. Users can access every drugs' information in the systems. Our users can create meeting sessions with doctors. Besides, normal users can write comments about drugs but the system does not allow leave comment doctors and companies. The system provides sharing information between doctors and uploading videos by doctor to increase awareness about illnesses and drugs for users.

2.4 General Constraints

The Internet connection is a constraint for the web application. Since the application fetches data from the database over the Internet, it is crucial that there is an Internet connection for the application to function.

 Both the web portal and the mobile application will be constrained by the capacity of the database. Since the database is shared between both application it may be forced to queue incoming requests and therefor increase the time it takes to fetch data.

2.5 Assumptions and Dependencies

Since the web site will be developed using new software technologies, it is assumed that the clients has better browsers than the Internet Explorer 7.0. Otherwise, they may face some problems about the scripts and visual design of the web site.

The application is also dependent to users' choice of allowing javascript in our web page in order to use it fully functional.


3.1External Interface Requirements

This section provides a detailed description of all inputs into and outputs from the system. It also gives a description of the hardware, software and communication interfaces and provides basic prototypes of the user interface.

3.1.1 User Interface

A first-time user of the web application should see the log-in page when he/she opens the application. If the user has not registered, he/she should be able to do that on the log-in page. Here the user chooses the type of search he/she wants to conduct. Every user should have a profile page where they can edit their e-mail address, phone number and password. Also, the user can set the mobile application to his/her preferred language.





3.2Functional Requirements

3.2.1 < Functional Requirement or Feature #1 >

ID Functional Requirement Category Priority

FR1 User can register the system with username, password, email address, gender and age. Registration

FR2 User can log-in by using username, and password. Registration

FR3 User can log out. Regsiration

FR4 User can change  his/her information. Update

FR5 User can search drugs. Search

FR6 User can make comments about drugs. Comment

FR7 User can delete his/her own comments. Comment

FR8 User can view others' comments. Comment

FR9 User can see whole amount of comments about drugs. Comment

FR10 User can rate drugs. Rate

FR11 User can watch videos that uploaded by doctors. Watch

FR12 User can search pharmacy. Search

FR13 User can create meeting sessions with doctors Create

FR14 Doctor can log-in using username, and password. Registration

FR15 Doctor can log out. Registration

FR16 Doctor can change his/her information Registration

FR17 Doctor can search drugs. Search

FR18 Doctor can upload video about ilnesses. Upload

FR19 Company can log-in using username, and password Registration

FR20 Company can log out. Registration

FR21 Company can change its information Registration

FR22 Company can upload drugs prospectus.


FR23 Company can edit drugs prospectus.


FR24 User admin banning users from the system. Manage

3.2.1 < Functional Requirement or Feature #2 >

ID Non Functional Requirement Category Priority

NFR1 The system shall be worked on all web-browser. Usability

NFR2 The system's interface shall be user-friendly. Usability

NFR3 The system should allow companies update drug prospectus. Modifiability

NFR4 The system shall be created using C#, and Microsoft Visual Studio.

Compliance to Standards

NFR5 The system shall be able to open jpeg or png images Compliance to Standards

NFR6 The system shall have a domain and a host adress. Compliance to Standards

NFR7 The system shall be available for 24 hours per day. Availibilty

NFR8 The system shall allow users to make more than one comments Capacity

NFR9 The system shall limit user's comments within 300 characters. Capacity

NFR10 The system shall accept images that their size is below 10 MB. Capacity

NFR11 The system should keep the information about each user such as password and username in a database Buck Up

NFR12 The system shouldn't permit company and doctor to left comment. Operating

NFR13 The system will not permit users to make inappropriate comments thanks to systems admins which controls the comments section. Operating

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