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1) Maintenance is the action required for retaining or restoring some equipment, machine, or system to the specified operable condition to achieve its maximum useful or working life. It includes corrective maintenance, actions undertaken to detect and rectify a fault so that failed equipment or machinery can be restored to its normal working state, and it also includes preventive maintenance, systematic inspection and prevention of incipient failures, before they can become actual failures.

Competitive advantage is a superiority gained by an organization when it can provide similar services or products as their competitors for a lower price or can charge higher prices by providing superior quality than the competition. Competitive advantage comes from matching core competencies to the opportunities.

In order to make maintenance our competitive advantage we must first make maintenance to be a core competency of the organization. We should then take actions to make have more preventive maintenance than we do corrective maintenance. With preventive maintenance we are then making sure we have less breakdowns of equipment and machinery. Having an organization that has little to no breakdowns means products are constantly and consistently being produced without any stoppages or bottlenecks in the system. Therefore we can use maintenance as a competitive advantage by allowing for more preventive maintenance to take place which will reduce the corrective maintenance.

2. Cmms is a computerized database that has been designed to simplify maintenance. It helps managers in making accurate decisions on labor and cost of material by

' Keeping track of the organization's maintenance operations database.

This is because its role is to simplify the company's maintance procedures.

' Helping maintenance departments to know what needs to maintained and why? It does this by notifying the departments and managers what needs to be traced or focused on, the manner they have to use to approach this situation also the type of data needed for support of this to be focused or traced.

' Give information on what type of maintenance is needed.

It is able to achieve this by giving the order of the type of analysis to be performed and the type of information needed for support to this type of analysis used.

' Prioritizes maintenance duties

It is able to achieve this by classifying and evaluating how labor should be scheduled and also how much it will cost the company on standard rate and how much it needs to pay on overtime.

' Calculate the cost for the required maintenance

It specifies the budget for the overall activity of maintance including the cost of labor, material and inventory.

' Evaluates and assign labor

It specifies who should be working on which department and also specifying the type of work to be performed and the order which the required work should be performed in based on the company's data base.

' Give information on which equipment are needed for this maintenance process and where they can be found.

It allows workers to know which equipment can be found within the company and where also which should be purchased.

' Helps managers know if the machines to be maintained are under warranty and which are insured.

' Cmms has the ability to keep records of employees and their qualifications, it can also schedule employees and calculate their standard and overtime rates, so that when a specific maintenance is needed employers know which employee is suitable for the job, how long is it going and take and how much it will cost the organization.

Cmms role is to help organizations to keep track of their maintenance operations and also helping them to optimize allocation time, cost and labor during maintenance.

Mike Crain states that 'as the maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) software market continues to expand, vendors have developed solutions that focus on specific segments of asset and work management. Systems described as enterprise asset management (EAM), asset life cycle management, asset performance management, asset or enterprise reliability management and condition monitoring are all focused on achieving the same goal; increasing equipment availability and performance, increasing product quality and reducing maintenance expense.'('.. Reference'..check the reference page)


3.Define what is meant by term CMMS

A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is a software package or collection designed to maintain a computer database for an organization's maintenance operations and human resources purposes.

This data is deliberate  to help the effectiveness of maintenance technicians, the quality of management decisions and the validity of the goal that organization aspire to achieve in their efforts to ensure that they are aware.

CMMS software collection are virtually  the same as computer aided facility management packages, which are also called facility management software.

This phrase is also known as Enterprise Asset Management and Computerized Maintenance Management Information System (CMMIS).

In addition, its Hardware-software combination that continuously monitors production equipment to record characteristics such as lubricating oil level, temperature level, and vibration level. CMMS analyzes and applies this data to set maintenance schedules and indicate what components or parts will be required when.

A CMMS tracks the status of maintenance work on assets and the associated costs of work. The system can provide reports for:

*Managing the organization's resources

*Making organizational and personnel decisions

*Preparing facilities key performance indicators to use in evaluating the effectiveness of the current operation


4. computerised maintenance management system is the software that helps lot of companies to make their work to be more effective. The following points are the purposes of computerised maintenance management system

' Computerised maintenance management system is a software that is used to help maintenance workers to do their maintenance work effectively by determining which machines needs maintenance and where to find specific parts for it.

' CMMS is also used to help management to calculate the cost for fixing the machine breakdown and help them to better allocation of resources.

' CMMS can be able to provide status report to give the details or summaries of maintaining the machine before breakdown occurs and schedule and record activities with equipment.

' CMMS helps companies to improve their production and makes it efficient by preventing the breakdown that will results in increase of cost per unit and delay of orders and also communicate its day to day operations.

' This software can be used to tell emergency and preventative maintenance for every part of the machine within the company and it can also track the status of the work to help the organisations control the cost.


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5. highlight the significance of CMMS

CMMS is easily the most important key to success for a maintenance systems manager. Once implemented CMMS systems are quite useful to a vast spectrum of industries. Machinery and equipment needs to be maintained routinely updated, and cared for in order to continue to function correctly and meet the needs of your business and computerized maintenance management needs. If you take care of your tools, you take care of your business.

Failing to update or maintain tools can lead to things like data loss incompatibility or broken parts that take much longer and cost much more to fix then maintenance would have.

Purchasing CMMS should not be a cost to your business, it's an investment. A CMMS can decrease the cost of labor by automating job functions and completing them more accurately and on time. On time maintenance can keep machinery and equipment functioning better and for longer. That mean there will be fewer repair costs because this machinery won't break as often.

Cloud based CMMS. Eagle technology's proteas MMX cloud-based CMMS optimizes all of your maintenance management needs. With this system that is quick and affordable to implement and is customizable to the way you do business. A long with our 100% success guarantee you get a system that:

' Tracks the status of the work, records work requirements and provides in-depth analysis for managing work.

' Ensures optimal use of scarce resources such as manpower, equipment material and funds to maintain both your operations and equipment.

Automatically schedule regular maintenance facility managers can utilize their CMMS systems to cut down on busy work by setting certain maintenance duties to repeat. This is accomplished by setting up preventive maintenance procedures that appear in the system as maintenance requests as their scheduled date approaches.



It is essential for a factory to maintain its equipment frequently to produce a product within an acceptable estimated cost and time. If the equipment in the factory is unreliable in performance, only dysfunctional products as well as results can be attained. How unreliable an equipment's performance is, will determine the degree to which the factory's operations will be. The overall mission of Maintenance Management Systems is to severely reduce the occurrences of unreliable equipment performance, thereby minimizing an undesirable productivity factors.

Most of the companies run the evaluation processes after some specific production time. The best approach is to follow the evaluation report plan that explains where the company has been slacking and where it has been exposed for not providing the standards requirements.

Using the evaluation report plan that entails all procedures that need improvement in the entire company, it can be the best approach to use the CMMS.

The report will entail all the problems that the company is being faced and some of them can include:

1. Ineffective way to generate and track orders.

2. Inability to access historical information on the last time a system was serviced.

3. Spare parts inventories are not well managed and controlled.

4. No organized system to store documents

5. More production idling due to break down

The basic task of Maintenance Management Systems is to develop preventive routines for equipment so that it can run per specified design requirements. This means that Maintenance Management Systems are interested in scrutinizing the status of the equipment to determine whether they are efficient enough or whether replacements of specific parts should be performed.

The CMMS application has been developed primarily to adopt the existing systems to avoid major production variations on daily business operations. However, when a company decides to pursue CMMS system as part of its core business maintenance processes they must expect certain challenges and difficulties that may come with the system. And challenges are as follows:

' CMMS systems can be too costly for the organization especially when the organization decides to insource the system, because they need to purchase the software along with necessary equipment first and it requires experienced external companies to do the installation processes. Another disadvantage can be that after the system has been successfully installed, existing workers needs to be fully trained on how the system works which will be too costly to the organization because budget for employee training needs to be set in place. Subsequently, insourcing the system will be beneficial for the organization in the future.

' Outsourced contract maintenance is becoming an increasingly prevalent method for companies to maintain their equipment and facilities in numerous industries. Therefore, If the organization decides to outsource the system it will find it less costly to implement it within the company. Although, the challenge might be to entrust outsourced company to take care of their whole operations.

The proper use of the computerized maintenance management system will require funds to purchase it and to get a proper adequate training from the experienced trainer. To minimize the cost since the system is expensive, as a group by differentiating the insourcing and the outsourcing of the CMMS system, we have decided that the company should outsource the maintenance workmanship and by doing so, the company will focus on the main core process which is production.

A secondary objective of Maintenance Management Systems is to keep the facilities and factory spaces in good repair to foster excellent employee morale. With these two objectives in mind, below it's a brief discussion of Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) as one of the systems that have been introduced lately by industrial experts to foster its implementation so to lessen the above-mentioned problems.

1. Ineffective way to generate and track orders

In terms of tracking down parts orders, the CMMS uses the similar system as Master Production Schedule which lets you know what is in the inventory and when it is going to be used. The company will benefit in the better documented information capture.

2. Inability to access historical information on the last time a system was serviced

Now with the help of the CMMS, the report is saved after each serviced job. The report includes the name of the engineer and the contact details. The system will help to estimate when should a specific part or the machine be serviced again in future. The company will also benefit in better information capture and better accountability since the breakdown will be minimized. Therefore, it should be noted that the functionality of CMMS is the ability to collect and store information in an easily researchable form.

3. Spare parts inventories are not well managed and controlled

Because using CMMS will always tell you what is in the inventory and when it is going to be used, then the system will ease the improper management of the spare parts. The company will benefit from less work outage of which there will be less break downs.

4. No organized system to stored documents

The stored documents are archived and then be classified as a historical data and with all been explained about the accessibility of the historical data, the CMMS files a report that will be used in future.

5. more production idling due to break downs

The CMMS will lessen the chances of break downs until it even writes them off. It all starts with studying the reliability of a part and thereafter can write off all the break downs of the machines. The company will benefit from the less break downs and the amount of time technicians spend on direct maintenance work and actual work that causes delays.

And most importantly equipment without maintenance can cause unnecessary emissions which will be violating environmental protocols stipulated by the government. CMMS will ensure that the company operate in accordance with given environmental protocols.





Computerized Maintenance Management System

Propose a model for implementing CMMS program

Forming for Implementation of Computerized Maintenance is one of the jobs of Project team. The following are the steps of implementing a CMMS program in an organization in order to reduce equipment downtime and inventory requirements while improving service intervals and so on. In addition, it increases the effectiveness of scheduling, planning and cost tracking. As well as provide types of information not usually available, for free.

Stage1: System Analysis

' The company must first identify the equipment that needs maintenance Improvement. For instance, if the equipment does not report immediately breakdowns and plan or carry out repairs which leads to the idleness of equipment for a long period of time. Therefore, by introducing CMMs program the company will properly utilize all their resources and will not put people at risk in case of equipment breakdowns.

Stage2: System Assessment.

' There are various maintenance systems within organizations. For example, in the dairy plant they often use a system called FAO. The system requires frequent replacement and need for daily inspection. In terms of servicing the system is very difficult to maintain that results in outsourcing expects, that might critically cost the company. Whereas CMMS program use the advance planned maintenance scheduling and management techniques that leads to a lower levels of equipment breakdown. Properly maintained equipment last for a long period. In addition, this longer life conveys straight into smaller budgets on the purchase of replacement repairs. Hence, CMMS program can assist broadly a company in saving huge funds while eliminating errors that hinder production.

Stage3: Project Planning

' Project team need to select a cross functional team maintenance to ensure the success of implementing CMMS program. The following are the project team members, Maintenance leaders such as system administrator who manages how the program is used and promoters the advantages of the program. Project leaders they collect requirements necessary to ensure that the program is functional, they are also responsible for identifying trends in operations, gain better awareness of maintenance cost and Improve inventory control. IT liaison that identifies improvement opportunities and defines technical requirements. Lastly the users.

Stage4: implementation of CMMS system and change management

' Training of employees is a critical aspect of the implementation of CMMS. Specialist have to provide upfront training to primary team to ensure that the repeatable standards are well established and understood in order for them to educates others within an organization. As a result, the primary team become experts and future Trainers. Another significant aspect is that specialist must break down CMMS program into sections for the reason that the program is broad. Thus, the program can be easily understood since too much of information confuses.



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