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We have recently searched about game development and how games are released , and searched  about games types to find out a lot such as action ,Simulation, shooter, Puzzle , strategy  , and platform games  in order to get idea of the right choice for the game as well as to develop ideas for the game play, story, and interactions , so we choose platform games type to work on.

So , our idea behind this project is to design an Android Smartphone3Dgame called "****" with platform type that calls upon you to get a menu and a shopping cart and try to purchase everything listed while avoiding obstacles that are placed along the way with a limited time and budget.

"***" also requires a little patient and timing; otherwise the game could drive you crazy.

 The challenges we will face that we have a limited experience in game development with a experiencelimited user interface design, find the appropriate game engine , choose the suitable platform that audience required ,diversity of games  with lack of creativity ,  make our game more attractive so the user can move to other levels without feeling bored by creating a creative scenario, good game graphics, and audio.

Our goal that we are going to achieve  an interactive 3D platform mobile game with attractive user interface for low-memory devices.

Our game will be developed for adolescents Android users (15-23 year) who prefers to spend their  free time or waiting hours in playing mobile games. We choose mobile games development because mobiles now are more portable than other devices .


We are going to develop a game and since we already chosen the type which is a Platform game and scenario we are going to start developing the game on unity3D and using some external recourses for some needed graphics and sounds for the design , and testing our game.

Platform games like super Mario which's all of us played it  that has a characters like Mario a player can controlled it and can  jump from one little floor ,ledge, stairs or any objects to another and facing a lot of challenges trying  picking up coins and  bonus points , plat former can be in a Horizontal or vertical screen ,this type sometimes could classified in action games also,  so plat form games used to be the one of thefirst and most popular video games genre.

For developing our game we chosen  Unity engine , Unity plays an important part in games developing most games are made with Unity, more players play games made with Unity as noted in unity calculations, and millions of developerscreating and rely on this tool,this has resulted in gamers downloading Unity games  leads to drive thedevelopers' business.

We reviewed several games in the platform genre and related ones:  Donkey Kong , Super Mario, Jetpack joyride, Subway surfers, ,and many others.

"Unity Technologies offers a platform for creating beautiful and engaging 2D, 3D games and apps. A powerful graphics engine and full-featured editor enable you to realize your creative vision fast, and deliver your content to virtually any media or device. You can easily connect to your audiences on PCs, consoles, the web, mobile devices.

More than an engine, Unity helps you achieve ongoing success. It offers everything you need to develop quality content, boost your productivity, and connect with your audience. Tools and resources include the Unity Asset Store, Unity Cloud Build, Unity Analytics, Unity Ads, Unity Every play, and Unity Certification."

System Model

Video games are a growing in the entertainment industry, but they might be bigger than many people think, they are pretty well paid as many states have started to offer economic incentives to hire game makers.

Our game target is to come up with interesting game story and have rules and controls that can be easily understood and we could make these rules increase the difficulty of game play gradually as the player becomes more familiar with the game rules, controls and environment and that's may included in atutorial which is a section at the start of the  game that shows you how to play it common in modern games.

-Continuous challenges that's by making exact goal to every level in the game and each goal must have many ways to accomplish it to be flexible game,

- Uniformity, meansthat the title, theme, sounds , and graphics of the game must give a unified impression.

So, the steps we're going to follow in order to reach our  goal in the project initially are :

Firstly :  

//How we can make it ? Does it needs Diagrams ?

Completed Tasks

To make our work organized we decided to divide our project into tasks :

Task1:  We searched what's game development, we found some aspects of game development and planning out every aspect of the game before even begin coding such (Design, Engineering, Art, Quality assurance, Production, Audio) so game development not as game design or game playing. We found some limitation in collecting these data in a specific way.

Task2 : We had to choose the right editor for game development process

such as (Flash player, Unreal Ed , Unitiy3D, CryTek) so we had a lot of limitations because some of these editors make a certain type of games, not all of them a have a (good graphics rendering,lighting,physics,particle system, sound engine..) also some of them needs to write them from scratch, as a computer science student we need an easy to learn environment and not complicated and we are going to learn something new so we need a good documentation and community so we can find resources on the web to help us to build many platforms.

So we choose Unity3D  it supports all of these things in addition to iterative development.

After that we learned 2 games on Unity3D (Roll a Ball and Space Shooter)

 Task3 : Select the idea and game genre, to select the idea we played a lot of games on our mobiles just to have some ideas , how games can be played , reading how they developed and get visual and sound background. All of this to understand game logicAfter that we tried to make our creative idea and decide it's type (entertainment platform).

Task 3.1:Writing excited scenario by write down all the details and think about everything  we want in our game  which could consists of (Obstacles, Power Ups .. )

In this task it takes a lot of time from us, to make it new with creative ideas without forgetting the entertainment part and studying if we can develop it in Unity3D or not.


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