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What attract people to action movies?

Name: Ahmed Sameh


Subject: English Literature

Teacher: Mrs. Samar Mohab

Date: 13 March 2017

Do you think that action movies are a kind of addiction or an epidemic? How do action movies grab audience to their everlasting whirlpool? Action movies is a film, which end up with fighting, someone die or violence. Most of the action movies conclude or end in victory for the hero or death of the hero. There are four reasons that people attract to action movies: gory scenes; as a hero, who defeat his enemies, win in the end of the movie scene. There are three factors, which can make action movies for people to be scared of them, they are tension, relevance and unrealism. Action movies make people feel strong emotions. And suspense in movies to get people attract to the movie.

People are more likely to watch action movies with gory scenes. Scientists examined whether action movies with gory scenes are serious, contemplative, and real motivations for attraction to action portrayals are more than just a smart pleasure. People viewed action movie trailers from different levels of gory, and its rating about action movies, which have gory scenes, are always about 7/10. Earlier studies have indicated that audiences are not attracted to action movies in the same time, but it looks like to be drawn to violence satisfy due to the expect other advantages like thrill and suspense.

Scientists’ findings advise us that sybarite enjoyment is the only part of the novel or story about why we shame ourselves to scenes of blood and aggression of people. Some types of action movies looked to grab audiences’ attention, because they swear to supply reality motivations by offering fantastic awareness in some characteristics  of human state.

  According to Dr. Glenn Walters, there are  three  factors that build  action films appealing are: tension, relevance and unrealism. First, Tension is created through puzzle, suspense, blood, devil, or disturbance. This is so good, due to it is to the point of the elements of horror, the sound effects and technique of making action movie. Second, relevance is make people like to see the action movie. It should be pertinent to most of the viewers. Also, it can take the shape of currency – taking the currency fear of things like passing and unrevealed, it can take on cultural applicability dealing with social issues. It discovers it with the main character  or through a method that rail the antagonists  to their final destiny. Last thing, unrealism is the most numerator conjectural. As we know some of action movies aren’t real, due to the graphics of nature . Haidt, McCauley and Rozin are teachers in a school. They discovered research on horror, presenting to the  students in 1993 a group  of documentary videos… few could make them  to the end, and yet these same students pay to see even worse acts that  carry out on a movie screen. They have done this, to show that when they move to a theater, they know that they are real. But, Movies are checked  from many  camera angles with soundtracks. These factors help to create and identify the mood and the suspense of the movie integrated to create that atmosphere throughout the film. And these factors make action movies target to make people have fear and getting Adrenaline into those bodies. Such process helps the body to overcome physical pain and the mind to relax after extreme tension.

Scientists had studied that our brains have begun to figure out how films can create such as visceral reply in ourselves. According to Washington university psychology Jeff zacks, it becomes clear there are convention processes happening in many areas of the brain that allow us to get clear away in a movie.

As an example, in film Rocky II, where Sylvester Stallone as Rocky was in fight match with Carl Weathers as Apollo Creed. Many times, the camera's rotation orbits just over the boxer's shoulders as punches goes up and strong. Wince echo is the reason of thousands of years of evolution. Our ancient forebear developed reflects to evasion oncoming objects. There are cells in our brain called mirror neurons. They are live when we learn new engine skills. They may help us to relate to our emotions, so that when we see a someone laughing in a movie we are more likely to want to smile like him. Our brains have to stop from taking a movie in a direct way. people with harmful effects are more likely to answer to movies as if they are serious. Children have a same problem, since their situated crust is still getting well and better. That's why kids sometimes answer back to movies or getting out from their seats and keep out of sight during scary scenes, because they are afraid from the movie.

Suspense is a feeling of magic of fun, thrills, mixing with fear, and nervous. There are two methods to make suspense in a movie. One is preparing the scene. Two is filming a suspenseful scene. First, we will talk about preparing the scene. There are four steps for preparing scene. They are to determine the big moment of the scene is building up towards, to figure out what will excite you in the scene, to remember this suspense in any scene, and  to storyboard out the scene. Second, we will talk about filming a suspenseful scene. They consisted into 7 steps. They are set dramatic and moody lighting, Make the most of both the foreground and background, experiment with odd, keep the camera moving, saving the reveal in last scene, mess around the angles, close calls to ratchet up the tension.

Finally, we talked about what get people to be attracted to action movies. We have pointed out what is action movies and what are the reasons of action movies. They are gory scenes, three factors are tension, relevance and unrealism. Action movies make people feel strong emotions. And suspense in movies to get people attract to the movie. Gory scenes are so serious and real for many people and how it is real. How are the three factors attract people to action movies? How are movies make people have strong emotions? And how to make suspense to make people attract to action movies?


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