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Bobby Jones was a golfer who was both humble and inspiring to many across the golfing world and abroad. He was an extremely successful golfer and has won various tournaments including countless majors. Although known for his golfing skills, he also had a very successful academic career. Jones earned “a degree in mechanical engineering from Georgia Tech, taking another degree in English literature from Harvard, and finally pursuing a law degree at Emory University. In the middle of his second year of law school, he sat for the Georgia State Bar exam to find out how difficult it was; passing easily, he left law school to join his father's law firm”(Baughman). His golf career was brought to a halt when he had begun to suffer multiple injuries. Bobby Jones was an inspirational figure due to both his legacy in golf and excellence in academics which eventually led to his death.

Bobby Jones learned how to golf at the age of five years old. He was a prodigy from the very beginning as, “His only golf lessons came from watching and copying the East Lake club professional, Stewart Maiden” (Baughman). Jones won his first tournament at the age of six and never looked back. His amateur golfing career began between 1923 and 1930 in when he triumphed in “five U.S. amateur titles, four U.S. Opens, three British Opens, and one British amateur title” (Jones). His academic standing and excellence in golf is what made him a very popular and inspirational figure. As well as being one of the greatest golfers of all time, he actually made the game more popular, and encouraged more people to play it.

    Bobby Jones is well known for completing the Grand Slam. This accomplishment of winning the four most glamorous tournaments in the world is one of the most difficult things to achieve in golf such as earning the triple crown in horse racing. The Grand Slam is when you win all four majors. This includes: The British Amateur, The British Open, the U.S. Open, and the U.S. Amateur. He was also well known for completing his career as an amateur. This means that he did not earn a dime while playing golf. This showed people across the globe that he did not care about the money and truly enjoyed playing the game.

Bobby Jones’s career in golf came to an end in the year 1930. This was very sudden and shocking to everyone because most golfers’ careers last fifteen to twenty years. After retiring, Jones decided to continue impacting golf in different ways. He began to produce “a series of instructional films seen by an estimated twenty-five million people” (Jones). He then went on to create the first complete set of irons golf clubs. Jones was always occupied and even took on a job of writing magazine articles. In 1931, he decided to help design and create “the Augusta National Golf Club at Augusta, Georgia” (Jones). Today, Augusta is one of the most exclusive and prestigious golf courses in the world. It also hosts the Masters, which is one of the four majors in golf. This tournament was the only tournament Jones would play every year until 1948 when he announced he would no longer take part in the tournament.

Although most people know Bobby Jones as the greatest golfer of all time, he also was very successful in academics. From an early age, Bobby always had outstanding grades. He attended Woodbury School as a child and went to a technologically-based high school in Atlanta. After graduating from high school, Bobby “took a degree in mechanical engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1922 and one in English literature at Harvard in 1924” (Jones). Even though his academic record to this point was very impressive, Jones was not satisfied. In 1926, he decided to pursue a law degree at Emory and passed the Georgia bar in 1928. Bobby Jones’s academic life was very impressive and his achievements in golf at the same time is what made him an incredible person.

Bobby Jones’s career in golf was one of the most successful of all time. However, his health was consistently an issue at tournaments. “Although his demeanor before tournament galleries was outwardly calm, inside he was extremely nervous. He would be sick to the point of vomiting on occasion and would lose as much as eighteen pounds during a tournament” (Jones). Even after he retired, Jones’s health began to deteriorate. “In 1948 Jones began to suffer atrophy and pain on his right side. In July 1956 his ailments, unrelieved by two surgical procedures, were diagnosed as syringomyelia, a nervous-system disease” (Baughman). Bobby Jones “died at his home in Atlanta in 1971” (Rose). He left a legacy and was inspiration to all athletes because of his motivation and determination.

In retrospect, Bobby Jones was an inspirational figure due to both his legacy in golf and excellence in academics which eventually led to his death.

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