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Dahlia Vallin

Mrs. Johnson

Pre-Ap 10

2 December 2018

Book Report

Author and source

The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time is a Fictional story by Mark Haddon. Mark Haddon was born in Northampton. He was a graduate of Oxford University in 1981 but then later continued to go to school for English literature at Edinburgh University. He had many jobs but one was that he began to work with people who had mental and physical disabilities. Mark also had a job as an illustrator for magazines which later then inspired him to begin on writing books. Since he worked with many children with Autism he was inspired to write a fictional story on a young boy with Autism. It was never mentioned in the novel but was very clear of it in the story. Mark showed the many different ways his brained has worked and the things he do to show he was in special needs.


The story started with a fifteen year old boy named Christopher lived in Swindon, England. He discovered that his neighbors dog (Wellington) was outside in the front yard lifeless. He later then went to further investigate what had happened and found that there was a garden fork sticking through the dogs back. His neighbor Mrs.shears found out what had happened and called the police. The police arrived and Christopher hit one as a misunderstanding because the police wanted to help him but he doesn't like to be touched what so ever. Later on at school one of his teachers has told him he should write his investigation on who has killed Wellington as a school assignment. His father told him repeatedly to not to investigate and that he shouldn't worry about other people's business but he still continued. As he was investigating he found letters of which were from his mother and he thought his mother had died from a heart attack but was only a lie his father had told him.  His father found him reading the letters and had apologized but not only he told him that he was the one who had killed Wellington. Christopher no longer trusted his father and so at night he left and live with his mother that lived in London. Christopher doesn’t like to be touched or talk to strangers because of stranger danger which made it very difficult for him to get to his mother. He went through a lot of troubles but still managed to find his mother. There was multiple fights with his parents and his mother's boyfriend. She moved back to Swindon and got an apartment with Christopher. His father and him don't speak to each other because he doesn't have his trust yet. His father wanted to make it up to him so he bought him a puppy for him to keep and that would be the way they could gain trust once again.

Major settings

    In this Novel the setting mostly took place at Christopher's home. His home was in Swindon, England. He lived with his father and had a pet rat named Toby. Some parts are also in London where his mother lived but spent the majority of it at Swindon. This took place during 1998.  Christopher spent most his time in his room and at school. At home he had a daily routine which consisted of him doing the same thing everyday just not on the weekends.

Character Analysis

Christopher John Francis Boone is the narrator and protagonist of the novel. This makes him very major in the novel. He's a fifteen year old boy with autism , but i has very great math abilities but struggles to be social with people. Two adjectives that describe Christopher is Smart and Honest. Smart describes him because super smart with math and does higher level math than anyone else and it's a big part of him understanding math and science. Honest describes Christopher as well because throughout the novel he doesn’t tell one lie.

    Christopher’s Father is a single father thats takes care of Christopher. He’s a big part of Christopher's life as he's the only there for him. Two adjectives that would describe Christopher's father is loving and liar. He’s very loving towards Christopher because when he makes a mistake he finds a way to make it up to him and make everything just right. He’s also a liar because he told multiple lies to Christopher throughout the story and things never end well when he does.

Author's Style

This novel is written in a first-person point of view as Christopher is the narrator. The tone is distant because Christopher doesn't like talking to anyone and doesn't like being touched. This makes him very distant and alone but he enjoys to feel that way. He used capitalization to show the importance of them by making them bold. For example “4 red cars in a row made it a Good Day … “(pg.24 paragraph 2) .This showed what exactly kind a day it was going to be for Christopher.  Christopher uses a very different style of writing because it can be complex for one moment then very simple the next moment. A reason why Mark Haddon writes his novel like this because he wants to use the mind of person with autism as he knows how they work since he worked with many autistic children.

    The symbolism that is used was actual illustrations in the novel. He used illustrations to express his ideas and emotions out on a picture. Multiple times he used pictures to help him think what he was going say or solve problems. For example there's a picture on (pg 64). Throughout the novel Christophers becomes more controllable and braver as he began to do more things and grew older.

Significance of Theme(s)

There are multiple themes throughout the novel and a big deal is Fear. In christopher Boone point of view was a very dangerous place for him. Anything unknown to him, he found it dangerous and very uncomfortable to him. If something is out of order he’ll make a big scene until he's comfortable again. Another theme would be becoming independent. He had struggles with with talking and understanding people. It's very difficult for him to go out to places alone and feel comfortable or safe. He’s like every other teenager thinking they can do things on there own but he's just shuts down and goes up into a little ball to hide himself from everything. There are more themes but i found these two the most important.


    I found this book 100 percent reading because i usually don’t find books interesting but once i began reading this book i fell in love it. At first nothing made sense and was written in an unusual style of writing but soon it started making sense on what was going on. I would reread this book 100 percent because i love the idea of it and the storyline is very realistic.

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