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Paste your esThese days, flood is major concern in our reality as it is the most regular natural disaster that occur around the world. According to Vinet, F. (2008), flood disaster brings numerous negative and positive outcomes toward society and the environments.The antagonistic outcomes of flooding toward environments and societies are broad and complex. When floods occurred, it bring dreadful effects on people as it disrupts their daily activities and the impacts may yearn for a week or significantly more.

The health impacts of floods are death, injuries,sickness and mental health. In the most recent decade of the twentieth century, floods executed 100,000 people and affected more than 1.4billion individuals around the globe (Jonkman 2005). The floodwater often contained infectious bacteria, oil, human waste, and chemical substance from the industrial and farm. Due to the contamination of water, the water supply and power are disturbed yet the contact of the water and the harvested plant can make the food unsafe to be consumed and hazardous to human health. Furthermore, the floodwater that contains infectious bacteria and contaminated by agricultural and industrial chemical caused a considerable measures of diseases including military fever, pneumonic plague,cholera and dysentery. For example, during floods occured in Bangladesh in 1988, the diarrhae was observed to be most normal ailment and a noteworthy reason for death among the populace influenced by the flood that spread the diseases (Siddique, et. al. 1991). Aside from diseases and infection, some insects and snakes makes their approaches to the flood zone that have possible to cause a huge amount of devastation. Pools of flood provide the mosquitoes a place to breed,as a result it leads to increases in mosquito-borne disease such as dengue and malaria (Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services 2005). After experienced extreme flood, the victims will encountered a situations where their beloved ones lost or injured, and homes damaged or destroyed. Apart from that,the victims returning to their homes have to deals with stressful activities such as cleaning up, making repairs and insurance claims. To sum up, individuals may feel anxiety and have much health impact of floods (Euripides, E. & Virginia, M. 2016).

  Figure 1:Cholera disease treatment Figure 2:snake swims in Mississippi

   -Chennai flood flood

Amid flood, the agriculture, industries, shops and houses are destructed. The victims dependably had an issue about cost to repair the harm base, for example, their home and their work places since they loss their property and crops. Other than that, flooding result a significant damage to most infrastructure likes streets and railroads systems, spans, power, phone, water handling and gas and sewage infrastructure are pulverized. The damage to public infrastructure affects a far greater proportion of the population than those whose homes or businesses are directly inundated by the flood. As flood damage to roads, the rail system and key transport center, such as shipping ports, can impactsly affected on local and national economies. Short-term downturns in local tourism are regularly experienced after a flooding occasion. In a study a worldwide temperature alteration and changes in the likelihood of event of surges in Bangladesh and suggestions, Mirza, M. (2002) found that harm of the flood to people and environment causes pessimistic impacts to numerous parties. He discovered that flood not only disrupt the agriculture and infrastructure, but it strongly harm to the economy in Bangladesh. Additionally, the government deploys firemen, police and other emergency department to help the affected. All these come at an overwhelming cost to people and the government. It usually takes long period of time for affected  infrastructure to be re-built and business to recover. Mirza, M. (2002) discovered that flood issue harm to agriculture and framework, for example, streets, railroads, and water works happened in Bangladesh. Besides public infrastructure, water will likewise enter houses and incorporate destroying of furniture, ruining to the floors and wall. The transportation on the streets get stranded in the flood and they carried away with waters or water goes into the vehicle, which make it cannot be effortlessly repaired. All in all, many parties suffer much economical problem to recover the effect leaves after the disaster.

Figure3- Damage in infrastructure and car caused by

landslide and flood in China.

In spite of the fact, that flood can crush many individuals and environments, it has dependably been a crucial part of nature's restoration procedure, giving some long term constructive outcomes such revives ground water. Floods can distribute large amounts of water and suspended river sediment over vast areas. In many areas, this sediment helps replenish valuable topsoil components to agricultural lands and can keep the elevation of a land mass above sea level. An example of the latter case is the great Mississippi delta.Prior to the Mississippi and related waterways were controlled in levees in southern Louisiana, the streams would as often as possible spill their banks. This procedures made the grounds of the Mississippi delta. This zone is gradually subsiding with time and without the proceeded with replenished of silt from flood, quite a bit of it has dropped to heights underneath normal ocean level. Hence, one could say that not permitting surges is negative for this range. The public has decided instead to make an immeasurable and complex system to keep Mississippi waters from achieving these land. The grounds stay dry however every year they die down additionally, making it at last increasingly hard to keep that way. Some countries like Bangladesh rely on upon ground water and underground water for the water supply. Interestingly,a research study by Banerjee, L. (2007) found that the impact of flood has positive implications on rural wages in Bangladesh for a long time Hence, these flood influence the request and supply conditions in agriculture market. During flood event have higher horticultural wages than non flood moment in Bangladesh. Rainstorm edit season additionally causes the wages high. Plus, Banerjee, L. (2007) added about the wage variances in times of flood. Wage flunctuation clarified the floods events, past wages, productivity and the prices of wages.. He additionally found that higher current wages for the most part cause by the high wage previously.

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