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Staff behavior

The behavior of employees (staff) should improve at the Hotel’s restaurant. The staff is prevailing with conflict, and polarization among teams. The bad atmosphere express by poor services to guests and bad moods of employees are a reflection of the hotel’s culture. There must be create a culture that provides superior service and a challenging work environment. Since Georges hotel becomes a multi-unit chant this became more and more important and ethical behavior must be a primary organizational value at every organizational level.


People are more motivated to work for companies with a good reputation. This reputation could be from a customer-point-of-view, i.e. a friendly culture, maintaining healthy  mutual relationships with their customers and good customer services, as well of the aspects of employees, such as good communication within the organization, collective insurance benefits, pay levels in line with the market, etc. The Human Resource department should be looking for opportunities to maintain good and gain a better reputation. This could be done in providing support for the staff, in all ways possible, and  manage problems that occur inside the organization.


Currently nepotism is used for staffing the hotel, but this results in attendance problems, and employees have little accountability for performance. Processes should be based on honestly assess an employee’s work and provide feedback with a focus on growth and accomplishment. Not on  family members who are often given each other a preferential treatment.

Lack of clear code of conduct

There is no clear code of conduct, for instance a dress code. This is important to maintain an appropriate looking staff. A code of conduct is important because it establish a uniform way of appropriate workplace behavior. In the hospitality industry guests expected that they will be treated with respect. Employees should also treat their colleagues with the same respect given to hotel guests.  A clear code of conduct should include example of inappropriate and appropriate behavior, and penalties for infractions.


Staff training could be used to create more uniformity within the group of employees. Right now there are differences visible between the employees who’ve been working at the restaurant for a longer time and those who’ve been working for a shorter time. The training should include pointing out the perceived problems, and how to fix it. Also should the training include a formal protocol on treat guests and how to be the perfect waiter in a restaurant. This will improve all employees’ skills and could close the gap between the two groups, reducing hostility.

Career opportunities

Many employees’ career choices depends on the future opportunities their new organization has. To reduce the nepotism a system has to be introduced which can ensure mobility within the organization and handles transfers to other functions. These new systems will provide employees an overview of career path- and mobility opportunities.


Probably the most important reward for delivered work is salary. Not every organization uses the same reward system so salaries may differ from one another, even if the same kind and amount of work is delivered. It can be the other aspects of the organization that makes it more attractive than others. However, employees still demand a realistic and equitable amount of salary. The Georges Hotel should use a reliable reward system to be competitive with other hotels. Analyzing reward systems from competitors should give an advantage when creating this system.

Performance management

Employees should get feedback on their work and behavior. This feedback can be used for growth and development in the organization. Feedback can be given by systematically holding appraisals. Important note is that the employee should have the opportunity to talk about issues.

Open communication

To keep employees informed about ongoing plans and situations in the organizations, a system have to be introduced which provide will this information. Also employees should always have the opportunity to highlight problems or issues they are dealing with. All managers must be responsible to ensure employees have these opportunities.


Systems have to be introduced so employees are respected for their work and dedication to the organization. Respect could be given in the form of rituals and/or symbols. This will visualize the shown respect.


Ethics are very important for an organization. By the right use of ethics, there is less notion of separation between employees and managers. Every person in the organization should be treated equal and with dignity. To accomplish the right use of ethics, managers and also employees should be given training. Providing manuals with rules and ethics will also create a stable environment.  

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