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Prezzo Stevenage and Other Exceptional Restaurants from the Prezzo Chain

Prezzo Restaurants have made a mark in the United Kingdom as specialists in Italian cuisine. The food is simply exquisite, made with fresh and vibrant seasonal produce. Prezzo restaurants offer a splendid menu featuring authentic Italian cuisine for its customers. Executive Chef Paul Lewis brings a perfect combination of flavor, texture, color and aromas to every dish making your meal extraordinary. The restaurant chain has more than 200 branches in the United Kingdom. Prezzo Restaurants have pledged to be environment friendly and are members of the Sustainable Restaurants Association (SRA). For their outstanding culinary service and hospitality, Prezzo Restaurants have won several accolades and possess a strong customer base.

 Every Prezzo Restaurant guarantees exquisite food, wonderful ambiance and excellent hospitality. They bring you the original flavors of Italy, the land of extravagant cheeses, vibrant vegetables and elegant wines. Each dish has a lot of intricate detailing going on in it, not to mention the arduous task which goes behind serving you dishes which look and taste absolutely divine. The dishes are inspired by the beautiful ingredients available in the season. Each dish celebrates the ingredient in every possible way, enhancing its flavor but taking care never to overpower it. Every dish at Prezzo stands testimony to the fact that their chefs have mastered this subtle balance. The ambiance is also a major factor which complements the meal and elevates the whole experience to another level. Prezzo restaurants get this combination perfectly right. Many of the restaurants are housed in old buildings and carry the charm from a different era. The décor and interiors offer a pleasing experience, letting you unwind with great food and lovely ambience. Customers can download the free Prezzo App to locate Prezzo restaurants, book a table, scan the menu and know the latest offers. The Pay by App option lets you pay for the food with a 10% reduction on the bill. Prezzo restaurants also offer free Wi-Fi at all their branches so that you can enjoy your lovely meal and still stay connected with the rest of the world.

Prezzo menu offers an overwhelming array of dishes to choose from. The flavors are diverse- fresh, crispy, creamy, crunchy, zingy and a lot more. Every morsel is guaranteed to delight you and excite your taste buds. You can begin the meal with intros like Garlic bread or Marinated olives before diving into starters. For starters, you could choose an Italian sharing board comprising of a collection of five starters- Italian hummus, crab bites, calamari, mozzarella in carrozza and charcuterie, with some inevitable grilled flatbread to accompany it.  There are also baked mushrooms, Antipasto, pulled pork pizzette, king prawns and many more mouthwatering delicacies to give you a magnificent start before delving into the main course. The quintessential Italian food, Pizza is available in four options to choose from- Classic, Light, V.I.Pizza and Executive Pizza. Classic Pizzas are baked in traditional ovens but are also available with a gluten free base. Light pizza is for those who want to relish the goodness of a pizza without being daunted by the large calorie count. It is a flatbread pizza with a mixed salad, a delightful option for those who are health conscious. While the V.I.Pizza is the unrivalled pizza when it comes to size and flavor, Executive pizzas are specially prepared by the Executive chef and served on the base of V.I.Pizza. There are wide choices of delicious toppings to satisfy every customer. Ranging from the classic rosemary and mozzarella to the indulgent pulled pork, you get to savor the best flavors. Besides these, there are calzones, exquisite pastas, creamy risottos, al forno, secondi, fresh salads and side dishes to delight you. Every meal can be complimented well with the wide assortment of drinks available, including cocktails, wines, beers and soft drinks. For dessert, you can indulge in the heavenly Banoffee Tiramisu, Honeycomb smash cheesecake or the impeccable panna cotta.  Children have the facility of selecting dishes from a special menu made for them.  Prezzo also features various vegetarian, lactose free and gluten free options in their menu.

Prezzo Stevenage

Stevenage has two exceptional Prezzo restaurants to cater to the demands of Italian food lovers- Prezzo Stevenage in Old Town and Prezzo Stevenage Leisure Park. Both these spots are within a mile distance from each other and offer the finest Italian food to its customers. It is of no wonder that both of them are a popular destination for Italian food aficionados.

Prezzo Stevenage Old town is located in the High Street and is at a well connected spot which is easy to reach. The restaurant building is sprawled over two floors. The interiors are chic and contemporary with the furniture and ornate wall panels creating the perfect mood. The private dining area extends a wonderful space for your celebrations, with a capacity to accommodate up to 30 guests. The lovely garden forms the backdrop for the Al fresco dining spot at the Prezzo Stevenage Old town. Try out Prezzo’s signature Pizzas, rich traditional Lasagna or the succulent roasted pork belly. Spice it up with the right choice of drinks and side dishes before finishing off with a mouthwatering dessert.

Set in the Stevenage Leisure Park, this Prezzo restaurant is modern in look and offers a cozy setting to let you relax over a wonderful Italian meal served hot and fresh. There is also an outdoor seating area with a charming garden for an Al fresco experience. You can visit the lively bar at Prezzo Stevenage Leisure Park to grab a few drinks in a comfortable surrounding. Enjoy classic stone baked pizzas, fresh pastas and crispy calzones in a relaxing atmosphere. The exciting menu offers diverse options to explore your Italian food cravings. Just like any other restaurant in the Prezzo chain, there’s no question about the quality of food here. You can also go healthy with the low calorie options. With many leisure spots just around the corner, the restaurant is set in an amazing location which is ideal for a weekend visit. The staff are welcoming and the prices reasonable, all the more reasons to stop by this legendary Italian restaurant.

Prezzo Hornchurch

Prezzo Hornchurch is situated in the High street and close to the Tube station. It is located in a lovely old building which used to house the Kings Head pub. You can dive into the authentic Italian cuisine while enjoying the pleasing atmosphere created by the old-world charm of the background. Prezzo Hornchurch provides you the opportunity to celebrate your special occasions in its private upstairs dining space where up to 30 guests can enjoy the lovely experience. A beautiful outdoor seating area is an added charm to the restaurant. Savor the perfectly cooked calzones or the creamy Sphagetti Bolognese made fresh using the best seasonal ingredients. Team it up with the lively Prosecco or the renowned Gavi for a wonderful experience. Let your meal leave a lasting impression by choosing any of the exquisite desserts- cheesecakes, panna cotta or tiramisu, whatever your choice is get ready to be blown away. Visit Prezzo Hornchurch for an outstanding dining experience.

Prezzo Torquay

Prezzo Torquay is located in an old Lloyds Bank building and many of the building’s features have still been retained offering a quaint charm to the ambiance. The long pillars and the embellished ceiling offer a splendid setting to your dining experience. The restaurant is set in the centre of Torquay, a beautiful location where the customers can get a wonderful view of the harbor while enjoying a meal. There is also a spacious outdoor seating area if you prefer that. Prezzo Torquay is a disabled friendly restaurant and provides step free access to customers. It has a lively crowd in the evenings so booking a table in advance is highly recommended. Food is high standard, fresh and delicious. Coupled with efficient service and unique atmosphere, it creates a memorable dining experience guaranteed to make you return for more. So make sure you visit this restaurant when you are in Torquay.

Prezzo Restaurants are renowned for the outstanding fine dining experience they offer. Each of the impeccably crafted dishes gives you the true essence of Italian cuisine when you dive into it. Replete with sublime ambience and excellent hospitality, these restaurants have carved a niche for themselves in the food industry of the United Kingdom.

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