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Bill Daly’s essay Marine Parks, explains why he believes marine parks should be closed. By reconstructing and restating Bills argument, I hope to provide a better understanding to his essay. Bill Daly examines three arguments of why cruel marine park institutes should become nonoperational. He uses statements from other researchers to support his claim. According to Daly, marine parks should be closed because they do not provide an accurate view of wildlife, attract unnecessary entertainment through tourism, and provide inadequate animal research. Since wildlife is everywhere, we don’t need Marine Park’s to view dolphins, whales, and seals.

Our society has had many moral discussions on the importance and necessity of maintaining marine parks operational. The first argument Bill addressed in his essay is that many people that live in cities don’t have the luxury of seeing wildlife; therefore a park would provide the public ample opportunities to see and appreciate marine life. Yet, Bill Daly argues this isn’t a good enough reason to have marine parks remain open.  In fact, he agrees with Smith’s claim, that Australian residents would have a better chance of witnessing free authentic wildlife throughout the Australian coast verses in captivity. Therefore, Daly asserts if residents have access to view free and authentic wildlife, such as dolphins, whales, and seals, what need is there to continue to promote costly marine parks.   The arguments used in this paragraph are deductive because they went from general to specific. The premise is Australians have more places to view wildlife in their natural habitats for free then in captivity.

Dr. Allison Lane, suggest marine parks are a necessity for understanding experimental research. Yet, Bill Daly disagrees and supports Jones argument, that marine parks should only be used to understand captive animals. Once an animal is in captivity their personality changes, so we aren’t actually able to obtain valuable information on that particular species. When an animal’s environment is changed they develop different behaviors. These arguments suggest that it’s deductive. Jones and Daly assert when animals are experimented in captivity research findings aren’t accurate.  Therefore when an animal’s environment is changed they develop different behaviors. As a result, captive animals are given specific diets, they have a lower survival rate in captivity, become familiar with human interactions, and are more prone to diseases. These arguments leading up this premise indicate that it’s deductive.  The premise is that captive animals are not wild and therefore should be used in scientific research.

Marine parks also play a major role in attracting and promoting tourism to foreign places. These marine parks attract many foreign tourists by increasing our foreign exchange and allowing national balance of payments. However, surveys taken from oversea tourist indicate that they don’t only come to visit Australia to go to marine parks. Instead, tourists insist they would much rather see animals in their natural environment. Bill Daly implies that we should be promoting our natural environment to tourist, instead of inhuman marine parks. On the other hand, a survey of oversea tourist suggests that they don’t only come visit Australia for their marine parks. It suggests there are multiple reasons why tourists visit. Tourists indicate that if they want to see more native wildlife in an enclosed environment they would just rather stay home. The premise is we should be promoting wildlife living in its natural environment to tourist instead of promoting marine parks. Yet, I find Daly’s argument to be weak because it lacks supporting evidence of how these tourists are being encouraged to visit more natural wildlife locations. This premise is inductive due to its inadequate oversea tourist survey. These survey fails to provide how many tourist where surveyed. For example, when he says tourists spend a lot of money he lack to provide the proof in tourist spending most their money in those facilities. Bill could have also cited fact of to why or how these facilities balance out national balance. Natural living environments allow animals to behave like the wild animals they are.

Bill clarifies how having dolphins and whales in captivity is wrong and unethical. The environment Marine parks provided for these animals are unnatural and unsafe.  He further describes these marine parks as facilities in which animals are forces to live in cruel and unacceptable conditions. He further adds, Marine parks place marine mammals in small swimming pools that are anywhere from natural and are kept apart from other animals by concrete walls. Bill says these animals are prohibited and even discouraged from socializing with one another. They do not have the freedom to communicate with other animals as they would in the ocean. Therefore, making these living conditions unnatural. Bill implies that not only are marine parks inhuman but having these animals out in the natural environment befit humans who travel out in sea. These marine mammals are very intelligent and help people that become in danger out in sea and also help fishermen.

Marine parks continue to be a controversial issue within our society. Whether or not these parks should remain operational continues to be a moral and economical issue that affects everyone in our society. In conclusion, Bill Daly wants all Marine Parks closed.  Or at least encourage for marine parks to stop capturing new animals, so that they aren’t able to continue to keep their parks open. Bill states, “Our society is no longer prepared to tolerate unnecessary cruelty to animals for science and entertainment.” He wants fellow citizens to know if they continue to support marine parks we will all be remembered as cruel and inhuman beings with no compassion to our wildlife. Overall, Bill Daly uses strong arguments throughout his essay Marine Parks to support his belief to why marine parks should be shut down. Even though some of his premise lack in providing information to make his arguments stronger. Marine parks lack in promoting tourist to view wildlife, provide inaccurate scientific research and are inhuman facilities.

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