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1. Introduction

The purpose of this report is to investigate if female business travellers have a different set of requirements to men. It mainly focuses on female workers as there has been a rapid growth of them in the tourism industry. This led to many tourism organisations being diverse in order to target a wide range of markets.

The procedures for collecting the essential information in this report are by analysing reliable sources. Textbooks, journal articles and reputable websites that are related to the issue of women travelling for business purposes are researched for this report.

It is proven that there is a difference in preference for males and females causing tourism organisations to improve their services to fit the needs of many travellers. Some accommodations have specific services for women, their schedules for business purposes have to be flexible, safety trainings courses are created for them and travel managers are doing more for female workers.

2. Accommodation

Business travel requires a hotel to stay and one of the main priority of female business travellers is security because over half of women travelling for business have reported feeling vulnerable when staying at a hotel (Atherton, 2018).

The managing director of corporate events company Taylor Lynn Corporation in Manchester even states that the safety of hotels is a real concern for many women. She explains her preferences when she travels and goes to hotels, “Personally, I never book a ground-floor room, and I do like valet parking, especially if you're arriving at 11 pm and the car park is miles away. Sending a female member of staff with room service is also important because there's nothing worse than having to deal with some young guy in your room when you're in a bathrobe having just got out of the shower.” These are one of the reasons why there is an increase of many female-friendly services in hotels such as the Premier Inn and the Macdonald Hotel.

2.1 Premier Inn

Premier Inn improved the safety of their hotels with the advice from a charitable organisation, Suzy Lamplugh Trust. Suzy Lamplugh Trust raises awareness around personal safety and after being associated with the hotel, it caused an impact on the security measures of all Premier Inn.

The hotel produced a guide to keep travellers safe when booking accommodation. This is seen in their frequently asked questions section of their website. It states the important actions that travellers should do before travelling in order to be safe such as booking accommodation and planning the journey in advance, asking for a replacement if there are any concerns with the room location or reporting their room door to get checked if it is ajar or seem damaged. Staying Safe Away from Home leaflet are also included in all bedrooms.

Other implemented security measures are the cards with room details to prevent them from being overheard in the reception or the restaurant. Female travellers are given rooms that are not on the ground floor or at the end of corridors and all bedroom doors are fitted with either a deadlock or chain.

2.2 Macdonald Hotel

In 2007, when Macdonald Hotel in Manchester first opened, the third floor was specifically designed for women. It contains 47 bedrooms which can only be accessed by restricted keycards and each room included nail-care kits, bathrobes, hair dryers, straighteners and even a complimentary cocktail. Female travellers can also request to have their car valet park their car for them or request to be met at the station.

The previous general manager of Macdonald Hotel, Michael Shepherd, explains that the women were mostly concerned with general security in the hotel such as uniformed security in the lobby, having a closed-circuit television on all floors and suitable room allocations so they do not have to walk down long corridors to get to the lifts.

From looking at these examples of hotel security, it is clear that personal safety is a  constant concern for female travellers and it has influenced the hospitality industry.

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