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The country is located in the Alps of Central Europe. Liechtenstein is Europes fourth smallest country, the country is not bigger than the District of Columbia. It is a landlocked nation, stuck between both Austria and Switzerland. Because of the countries unique location Liechtenstein’s yearly average temperature usually ranges from 24 degrees Fahrenheit to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Liechtenstein’s land area is 62 square miles. It is also one of two countries in the world that is landlocked by all landlocked countries.

Political & Historical

The country was originally named after the Liechtenstein family that lived within a castle named the Castle of Liechtenstein. For a long time the country was tied in with the German Confederation, until the disbanding of the confederation in 1868. Liechtenstein was created by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI, in 1719. During both of the World Wars both Liechtenstein and Switzerland remained neutral. In the year 1938, Liechtenstein had obtained their first monarch, and ever since they have been governed by a constitutional monarchy. A constitutional monarchy is when a monarch shares power with an organized government following the rules of a constitution. People have the power to abolish the monarchy and the monarch power is that similar to a president. Although, Switzerland has decided to represent Liechtenstein politically and still does today. The parliament of Liechtenstein is voted on by the people of the country, using a popular vote system. Liechtenstein is also a state not a nation-state.


Most people in the country speak Germany or Deutch, which is German in German. This is due to the fact that most of their population descended from germanic tribes from the area. Other countries people from Liechtenstein are from Switzerland, Austrian, and Italian. The country is considered to be oriented to the Roman Catholic faith but is also known for its freedom of religion. Most if the population lives within urban areas. In 2014, the census of the capital city of Vaduz was around 5,000 inhabitants.


Like I mentioned before the government is a constitutional monarchy. Their parliament consists of 25 people who are elected in to their seats by the people. There are three political parties that are represented in Liechtenstein. The three parties are: the Patriotic Union Party, Progressive citizens party and finally the Free List Party. The parliament has power that is very similar to our government system in the United States.


The big surprise Liechtenstein has is that the country actually is one of the richest countries per capita. “The economy has developed since 1940 from agricultural to trade and tourism” (Global Issues in Context Online Collection). More than half of the countries income comes from services and just less than half come from industry. The national currency is the Swiss Frank. The unemployment rate, in 2016, for Liechtenstein was below three percent. A lot of policies concerning the economy is closely in line with the trade policies of the European Union.

Important Developments

In 2011, Liechtenstein passed a law that allowed gay citizens to register as partners. The current battle the gay community if facing in Liechtenstein would be things like: adoption and the ability to use reproductive medical services.

In 2008, the United States was finally given permission by Liechtenstein to access any bank accounts if they are looking into a certain person trying to enter the United States. The reason why this particular thing is so important was because earlier Liechtenstein had very strict Laws on bank secrecy.


Liechtenstein as a country is very small but is thriving. Their economy is doing really well because of tourism and manufacturing. Their population is very vast in diversity and many of their traditions are nice. Their government seems to be very open to new things and their monarch has not oppressed his people. We do not hear much about people wanting to flee or rebel.


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