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When I was in year 8 in Spain there was this subject (Technology) where I had to do practical activities such as building circuits using LEDs, that was the first time I have worked with others having different task and we had to meet the deadline which helped me to develop my knowledge and time management. One day we started a new topic about buildings and showed us a video of the original world trade centre (Twin Towers) then he said ‘if any building would collapse it should collapse straight down therefore It will not affect the nearby buildings. From that day I have been curious how the buildings, bridges and especially the seven wonders of ancient world were built particularly the great pyramid of Giza which until now no one has ever discovered how they were built. Studying Engineering will help me to develop my knowledge of the structures of buildings as well as giving me the opportunity to meet other person with the same interest as me I am especially excited at the prospect discovering out more about engineer which I have been interested in since Year 8. I have decided to study engineer at university has been especially inspired by my teacher in year 8 and will help me to achieve my future goal of having a further knowledge on engineer, get my engineer degree ,work professionally with other engineers and with the ambition to be able to build a building worth of the title of the seven wonders and can be recognized by everyone around the world. While Studying and working part time which involves in a busy hospitality industry allowed me to improve my communication skills and also, I have learnt how to work as a team, the most important I have learnt and gained is building a good relationship with customers and especially with colleague Furthermore every day that I am working I have the responsibility to be the first one and prepare everything on time before the customers starts arriving. These skills will help me when I am in the engineer field especially the punctuality and having good communication with colleagues will make the job done in the deadline also, I have work experience successful transport company which the job allowed me to understand the importance of discipline by following the rules to keep everyone safe and every task must be finished on time. I am especially proud of my ability to be able to adjust instantaneously to any situation. My school experience will help me at university because it has given me the skill to solve engineering problems with calculus which will stand me in excellent place when I am needed to solve an engineering problem. While at college I have enjoyed engineering product design and manufacturing because it has allowed me to experience how the project works in the manufacturing industry. I was particularly proud of my work during the module a specialist engineering project, during which I had to research about a project that I like and curious while enjoying building it and experimenting new options to improve it. I currently play a highly strategic game as I find it challenging and competitive. There are different roles in the game therefore I had to be flexible and be able to adjust with any roles I had to use, taking responsibility for being a shot caller has developed my skills to make the right decision quickly along with immensely coordination, planning, execution with my team and to be able to predict the plan of the opposite team. Attending tournament matches as part of my team has not only allowed me to compete with other teams in UK but also, we become the top 11 which I really value because I have gained the knowledge there is always room to improve. I have striven to learn more about archaeology despite little information being available at college. The reason for my interest in the area is I have been always fascinated how the ancient civilisation manages to create wonderful and strong structures without the using the technology we have today. I hope to continue to expand my knowledge on engineering at university because it provides me with an opportunity to understands the methods used in the ancient structures which I will be able to apply into today’s engineering methods.

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