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Human beings and animals have always acted as an indivisible part to each other and have been seeking for a respectable relationship. Nonetheless, some people ignore the detrimental consequences after their selfish initiatives. Animals are struggling to find their own habits. After that, the government has established many nature reserves for wild animals. Although many actions have been taken since then, Chinese authorities are still facing severe problems with managing nature reserves. Several main attributes can explain the cause of the death of various precious animals in nature reserves, which disturbs the whole nature environment.

To begin with, one of the most serious problem is a shortage of rangers who take in charge of supervising the forest and animals within it. The fact is that a majority of the original natural areas were places for both villagers and wild animals to live. Therefore, some of the villagers later became a part of the administration of local forestry with lack of professions. On the other hand, staff members are given inadequate salaries though they are facing extremely dangerous tasks such as cleaning up for a more ideally-ecological system, dealing with fierce and poisonous animals, and patrolling day and night so as to make sure no illegal poachers have any chances and all the animals are living in a quiet and independent environment without any man-made interferences.

It is no denying that China is under a rapid development of construction which brings about tremendous economic prosperity. However, those massive constructions took place in natural zone, destroying habitats and expelling animals from their motherland. What’s worse, to some local government, nature reserves are backup construction site, where they can readily take over for use. The most controversial construction is the Three Gorges Project along the Yangtze River which has undoubtedly resulted in numerous benefits. It established three main dams along the river, using waterflow to generate electricity. However, the rare fish reserve was at the same spot from Chongqing extended farther to the downstream, where once was home and spawning site to paddlefish, the national level protected animal. In order to receive approval from the upper government, the ministry even moved the protection area to another place, shrinking the living space for these large fishes. Although experts and non-government organizations jointly signed disagreement, they still failed to counter against the Chongqing ministry’s determination of the construction. Other nature reserves are also facing the same challenge, where animals lost their ability to scramble for their territory against human beings.

The cruelest reality is despite mandatory laws, illegal hunting seems to be unstoppable and continues to overspread. At the end of last century, a dramatic decrement of the population of Tibetan antelope due to ruthless illegal hunting caught attention from all over the nation. The tragedy is the animals’ wool is both a blessing and a curse. Poachers even aimed their guns at those vulnerable pregnant maternal antelopes which had soft fur that could be traded for higher price in European market. After that, the government established Kekexili Nature Reserve, where the poachers’ gun have been silenced and the population has recovered since then. Unfortunately, poachers went on chipping away incessantly. They are like fanatics who only focus on endless murderer, selling black bear meat and guts, killing wolf only for their teeth, taking down wild leopard cats to treat them as pets.

Another cause stems from that some reserves even encourage tourism, which loses the point of having a secured and pure place for those rare and protected animals. In the Kekexili Nature Reserve, tourists are allowed to drive through the national highway and enjoy this magnificent and mysterious land. Many protection stations along the highway are run by nonprofit and staffed by ordinary people and volunteers from different provinces with a strong sense of responsibility. Their main duties are cleaning up the garbage discarded along the road leading through Kekexili to Tibet. Nevertheless, the question is no one can assure these volunteers could stay forever and persist in making selfless contributions to wild animals.

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