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The Franco-Germans armistice of June 1940 and the vote of powers to Petain defined the relations between the Franco-Germans and French Police for four years.  France was divided into two zones, one under German military occupation and one for the French. Vichy collaboration was the Anti-Semitic policies which the French Vichy government were happy to apply . The policies were a German creation which France made Vichy government less guilty. During 1940 the French Vichy government began a assault on the French Jews.  A law called the Statut des Juifs assigned on the inferior position in French civil law basis of race and society to a segment of French citizens and foreigners living in France. Anyone who was Jewish in the French state were excluded from any high profession. This was passed in the beginning of the Vichy reign which is the main factor in French collaboration was the Anti-Semitism which existed in France beforehand.

Collaboration was a regime which offered anti-communism which they wanted. The Germans against Russia gave an ideological momentum to the which sided with Vichy’s political view and anti-communism became the persecution to a moral crusade . Communist within France was Vichy’s police main duty. The stance towards communists also became an excuse for war crimes which were carried out in occupied zones in France. The Germans pushed the conventions of war by taking a retaliation against innocent civilians, who did not deserve the death, and Vichy, through Pierre, collaborated by shooting by shooting a number of Communist hostages.  This was done by the law making them punishable by death.  Collaboration with the Nazi regime offered the people in France who were against communism a chance to repress it by any possibility.

If any French civilian was not going to work with the Nazis it was a possibility that they would be stripped from their property. An example is Alsace Lorraine had been annexed in to the German Reich  The regions were controlled by Germany very intensely and gave the Nazi’s every form of control.  Even though they had their loyalty towards France they were forced on train are transported to unoccupied zones without their belongings . In a time of war being displaced is challenge for anyone who is put in a situation like this. If the people who would just obey the Nazi regime would give them another reason for collaboration. A key part of the Vichy collaboration can be described as politico-diplomatic.  This was the preparation of the peace treaty with Germany which believed France would hopefully be listed as associated power  At the moment the Armistice was signed Germany with the dominant power in Europe. There was a positive future was being offered to the French in comparison to other nations. Hitler’s wish in Meinkampf to enslave the people of conquered territories in the lebensraum .  French Collaboration with Germany has promised signs as France going to benefit from the tourism and fashion industries but have a big future in aircraft industry  Hitler’s feelings towards France were made very clear to the minister. France rendered Germany certain services in Africa but not important to offer concessions.  

Another cause of Vichy’s France’s collaboration was to let the acts of the Nazi’s carry out if their orders were not obeyed. For example, Jean Moulin who was high ranking civil servant can be shown with this. Nazi and French ideology made the blacks serving in North Africa regiments convent for the atrocities of war  Moulin was convinced that they died from artillery fire which advanced the Germans. He refused to put his name on the real story. He later would be tortured and then he had no other feeling then to attempt suicide.  Moulin survived the suicide and then released by Germans to avoid embarrassment, he then was taken away from his position refusing to comply with the Nazi’s  Not everyone would be as brave as Moulin to have this courage of convection before, they were going to collaborate in order to stay alove and preserve their social standing.

In conclusion there were many reasons which made France collaborate with Germany in World War II. The collaboration satisfied those in France who held their views of anti-communist or anti-Semitic. Collaboration simply seemed the most promising option in the uncertain time. France had been successful invaded and had fallen under the control of Adolf Hitler. Collaboration was seen as the only way for France to have a bright future both socially and economically if Germany was to stay the dominant power in Europe.

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