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No job is a simple job. Hospitality industry has gained drastic boom and has even contributed in creating immense employment opportunities. Given a role of front desk officer is not only critical but even crucial to a point because they are the first people the clients, tourists or customers get to interact first and foremost. Being appointed a task where I have to retain pharmaceutical clients I need to firmly incorporate my skills which includes ability to multitask, manage time, perform well under pressure and not only that but the ability to keep communicate well should help me retain my clients.

1) Suite Plan and items found


A suite as defined [1] is more like a standard room but with additional services or features or even includes furniture. A suite stands out in a hotel due to its supreme spacing and luxuries provided. The structure I would more likely to follow will be simple yet modernized as one inspired by salzburgerhof.

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Main components of the Suite include the following:

Suite structure will include the following [2,3]

a) Main Entrance

Main Entrance would be easily accessible by using card keys. Easy sliding door that could get an easy access to Powder room for a quick change or freshen up and a closet or a luggage lounge on the right to drop all your belongings.

b) Powder Room

Powder room is included within the entrance because my clients are group of people belonging from pharmaceutical sector and their obvious concern lies with hygiene and comfort. Therefore, placing powder room with W.C and a sink is sufficient for a quick freshen up.

c) Closet/ Luggage room

Closet or luggage room to drop items right away should be easily accessible after a client makes an entrance. Carrying luggage to drop items in bedroom all the way is the idea that I have dropped out. People wants easy access to everything.

d) Lounge for relaxation

A smart LED along with cozy lights, comfortable couch, refrigerator on rolls and easy access to patio provides meaning to a ME time. Clients are interested in relaxation and therefore a furniture to suite the stature of the client would be placed.

e) Master Bedroom

Bedrooms would typically depict style that would be cozy and bright. Keeping in mind that customers are moving in September, season of autumn should allow relaxation and unwind on the comfortable beds with warm soft duvets. Clean sheets, Water bottles and an easy access to direct dial telephone and free Wi-Fi for all rooms would be provided.

f) Connected Bathroom

A luxury style bathroom, with a bathing tub, bathing robes, slippers and hotel bath products to enjoy from.  Any unnecessary electronic devices other than the ones provided by Hotel i.e. unnecessary plugs, open switches within the bathroom are not allowed. We need to keep the safety of our customers as our priority.

g) Patio/ Balcony or terrace can be accessed from sliding doors from Lounge and Bedroom

A patio was decided along with the suite was to give the clients an opportunity to explore the scenic beauty of Cyprus. Keeping them close to nature and enjoying an espresso should be a bonus to keep the clients happy.

In room services in a Suite

Our services will not be different from any of luxury hotels [3]

• Stylish bathroom

• Hairdryer, electric shaver

• Essential toiletries

• Bathrobes, slippers, beach towels

• Satellite LCD TV

• Balcony/terrace

• Independent air-conditioning & heating

• Direct-dial phones

• Kettle (water boiler) and tea/ coffee making facilities

• Free of charge full Wi-Fi coverage in all hotel areas and guest rooms

• Complimentary private car park with valet parking

• Towel change

• In-room breakfast service

• Dry Cleaning / Laundry / Pressing

• Clothes iron and ironing board

2) ST Room and items found

Standard room as defined [4], depicts the cheapest, most convenient and easy accessible rooms in a hotel that can be selected on customer’s choice whether they want a standard room for an individual single bed room or a room with a double bed.

I have selected dual bedrooms keeping in mind that pharmaceutical company will definitely look forward to rooms that is one, closer to one another and two where they can stay in groups.

Therefore, keeping in with the definition and looking forward to convenience of my clients I would most likely to recommend them rooms with double beds, enough spaces to comfortably walkthrough, a coffee table where they can work or chat conveniently and a large capacitated bathroom with a luggage room after the main entrance.

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Main components of the standard ST room include the following:

The structure of the standard ST room will include the following [6]:

a) Main Entrance

Room for a group of people to stay should allow easy accessible key cards open doors that slides openly and allows group members to easily enter.

b) Bathroom

A spacious bathroom for a quick freshen up opens up to the right of the main entrance. With all basic items, Hairdryer, Scale, Bathroom phone, Rainforest shower and separate bathtub, connected W.C etc.

c) Luggage room

Luggage room will depict simply a closed closet where clients can drop their handy items, luggage, suitcases. This room will be accessible on the left of the entrance room.

d) Bedroom

A double bedroom evenly spaced out for a group of 4 people can be easily accommodated. Bedroom will consist of free WI-FI, dial up phone, coffee table, refrigerator on roll, free water bottles and an LED. Color theme and furniture item would be of pastel tone and will give a tone of simplicity, friendly and a sense of peace.

In room services in a Standard ST room

• Essential toiletries

• Bathrobes, slippers, beach towels

• Satellite LCD TV

• Independent air-conditioning & heating

• Direct-dial phones

• 24-hour room service

• Smoke detector

• Iron/ ironing board

• Daily house keeping

3) Group Booking Process

Booking process:

As defined in [7], and stated by author of this report Alex Bainbridge

“A booking process determines how the user navigates through a series of sequential phases in an online hotel reservation.”

To prove his concept, he demonstrated this process using a simple example as provided below

 For example, a user may:

1. Enter required city and stay-date

2. Review options from available hotels, rooms, and rates

3. Select a suitable hotel, room, and rate

4. Enter guest and payment details

5. Confirm reservation

Our group booking process will be very transparent and clear. Group booking process will be a form that will be presented online.

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A group booking is made by a single person therefore a form that captures most of the essence should be viewable. [9]

Since we are dealing with a Pharmaceutical client, therefore this booking will be most likely be made on behalf of the company Owner.

As provided in [10], group reservations include an eye to detail and they are handled very differently from individual reservation. Individual reservations are easier to handle as they are conducted by the reservation department whereas group reservations are based on interests, budgets, no. of rooms etc.

• Given below is the process which we are looking forward to deliver [10]:

1. Representative of the entire group, should make the reservation. To avoid any discrepancy that can be caused later on.

2. Upon the data provided by the group representative, rooms availability will be checked and upon ensuring the data hotel's reservation department will block the requested number of rooms.

3. After the number of the rooms are locked, on behalf of this knowledge obtained our Hotel will give a deadline to our client, in order to receive their final list. That deadline is called Cut-off Date.

4. After receiving the final list from our client, we will update the reservation department. The status of the provided number of rooms' status will be updated from blocked to booked (or reserved) rooms, and release the remaining rooms (if any left) as vacant.

5. After booking is confirmed end to end, from hotel end and from potential client, payment process would be carried out further. After confirmation of payment received by the hotel, clients will be updated.

6. In case if there is a special request made by client end, as per mentioning the facilities required within the room, or service that they are looking forward will be transparently shared with the clients.

7. If our hotel did not receive the final list by the cut-off date, then every right will be provided to the reservation department to cancel the group reservation and release all the initially booked rooms into vacant rooms.

4) Group Check-in and Check-out Process

As demonstrated in [11], Check in is a process of guest registration that usually takes place at the front office reception. Process begins, by a sincere warm welcome to the guest. Your check in decides whether or not you are going to retain this customer for a longer run or not therefore chances of any mistake if happened can leave a bad impression on the hotel itself. Keeping up with the formalities, basics are to be prepared such as the room ready, if booked or checking with the availability of the room etc. and there are various necessary formalities to be done when the guest arrives. When there is a new arrival of the guest at the hotel, the front desk receptionist must follow core procedure to facilitate guests as much as possible. [12, 13]

Since we know that we are not going to entertain individual check in as provided in our case we are looking forward for a group check in. Hence we will follow through the given procedure:

Group Check-in process:

• Noting down the time of arrival of the group members and logging in the time

• Ensuring that the rooms are already booked for the group members

• Identifiable tags to be attached to the baggage and provide room numbers

• Group leader should distribute the registration card to avoid any discrepancy

• Providing welcome drinks to the guest members

• In case if any VIP is visiting such as CEO of the pharmaceutical company they will be received by the Front Office Manager or General Manager

• Our receptionist will update the housekeeping for welcome card and bouquet of flowers and room service for fruits in the VIP room

• If there is any remaining procedure is remaining such as a due payment etc. it can be facilitated in his/ her room

• In the case of airline crews, physically disabled, old guest, etc., the registration card can be completed in advance, necessitating only the guest signature on arrival

Group Check-out process:

As provided in [11], group checkout is a term that is referred when the guests are all settled for leaving. Their stay for the given period of time is coming to an end. This job too is entertained by the front office cashier. Check-out process, is the ending process and it should be carefully tackled because being the front office manager, we have to ensure that clients are leaving with a satisfaction and all payments are settled down.

• Updating the time when the group members are ready to check out

• Making sure that required helping staff is available at the front desk

• Updating and maintain record of the booked rooms at the time of check-out

• Retrieving room keys or registration cards

• Updated bills with all the services utilized are thoroughly mentioned and presented to the group leader

• Ensuring the bill is signed and the amount is settled

• Verifying account balance

• Making sure that the helping staff has removed all the group member’s luggage from the booked rooms to the lobby

• Updating the status of the room

• ensure that the transport facility is available for luggage to load

• Bidding them farewell with sincerity and asking them to fill out an experience stay form in the hotel

5) Conclusion

With the above knowledge provided from different sources and enlisting down ideas that could help us enrich out the vision of our hotel I strongly believe that front officers job is more hectic, as these consistencies are to be provided throughout the year. Being the front office manager, I have used citations from most successful hotels which delivers best client experiences. From selection of the room planning to the processes defined there is a key that is followed throughout and that is keeping it simple and understandable. The processes that are listed in the given assignment ensure simplicity that could be well communicated and make the statements such as hotel procedures, guidelines and entire functionality understandable from a client’s or customers of different sectors perspective.

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