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Sean Alston Xu

HRT 390-02

Professor Kwok

Amazon is an American electronic business website where you can obtain goods that are sold by numerous companies that are partnered up with Amazon. Almost anyone who has bought anything online would know about Amazon because they either heard it from a friend or saw something about it online, but that just shows how well Amazon is doing with their advertising. You can purchase almost anything from Amazon such as furniture, electronics, groceries, or accessories. Jeff Bezos established Amazon in Seattle, Washington on July 5th, 1994. Amazon currently owns Whole Foods Market, Zappos, RING, and many more Amazon subsidiaries. The way that Amazon advertises itself is by letting its customers know how fast they can receive their products if they subscribe to Amazon Prime. Amazon devotes more resources to advertising than Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, and Home Depot shared.

Recently, Amazon surpassed its personal record and flattened predictor evaluations. In their first quarter performance they accumulated $1.9 billion of operating revenue and also featured a 43 percent in income development. Amazon’s advertising business is helping the company push its growth into being a “multi-billion program” and how almost more than half of the United States has used Amazon to purchase a product online. Amazon has grown massively by establishing many warehouses all over the world., each with many employees that make sure our products we ordered are precise and operational. Amazon receives about 60 percent of its revenue from North America. Amazon works with social media which helps advertise itself on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter. Many users will be able to see the product that they last viewed on the site and it’ll remind them about it and bring them back to the website. Amazon has expended $157.7 million to be featured on Google search ads. Amazon has become an e-commerce giant

Amazon has just increased their Amazon Prime subscription to $119 from $99.  Amazon’s reason for this is because that they are implementing more items to have two-day shipping, which is a plus for the company as well for its customers. About 4 years ago, Amazon only had about 20 million items that were available for two-day shipping, but as of 2018, they increased it to over 100 million products. Recently, Amazon has conducted research and gathered data to present that its members of Amazon Prime has exceeded over 100 million supporters internationally. Amazon wants to advertise and market itself as a distinguished seller. Amazon’s main goal is to make online shopping as handy and simple for the customer. The process is very basic, all you need to do is go on or download the Amazon app, simply type in what you’re looking for, click add to card, and pay for it. As soon you pay for it, the company will start preparing the order for you.

From a personal view, Amazon has provided great customer service and that alone hooks me in being a customer of theirs. I’ve been a member with Amazon Prime since 2010, I’ve bought over 1000+ products from their website and will continue to do so because they care about their customers. If I ever had a problem with an item I would call up Amazon and they would either refund me back my money and allowed me to keep the item or they would help facilitate the refund process. They advertise themselves by helping the process of buying online products go through easier. Amazon has started to build upon their own brand by creating Amazon Basics, which sells products created by Amazon. You could purchase batteries, furniture, household products, etc.

What will Amazon do when a new market arises for shopping and people are no longer interested in online shopping? What are some ways that Amazon can do to help advertise itself to the people who aren’t used to online shopping?

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Sean Alston Xu is currently a student at California Polytechnic University of Pomona, majoring in Hospitality Management. Sean currently works at the Poly Fresh in the BSC on campus as a cashier and stocker. Sean is actively involved on campus as the Vice President of the Alpha class of Sigma Delta Alpha. After getting his degree, Sean hopes to obtain his masters at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Sean enjoys traveling to far places and exploring new cultures. Sean hopes to achieve his dreams of becoming a general manager of a successful luxury resort.   

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