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It is a well-known fact that no one likes standing in lines for hours especially when you don’t have anything to occupy yourself with. The worst queues are found in tourist attractions. According to TripAdvisor, people spend 3 to 4 hours in lines during summer to visit the Catabombs in Paris and up to 2,5 hours to ride the London Eye. This is a very big issue as those hours wasted queuing could be spent somewhere else. Why do we keep waiting for hours then? Some people will tell you that they don’t have any choice but to wait as they have already booked their tickets and others will say that it is on their bucket list so they must visit.

Obviously waiting can be very time-consuming and frustrating and NoQtrip brings the solution to every tourist problem.

How does it work?

NoQtrip is a free app using a virtual queue system that enable visitors to join any attraction queue online using their smart devices without having to stand in lines. In that sense, tourists can relax and do something else with their time until they get notified when their turn is coming up. Tickets can also be booked from the app and users can choose to join a queue later if they need more time.

Why it will be successful?

NoQtrip is a great idea as it eliminates uncertainty and enables visitors to reach in time and save time. It will also help reduce the number of people in physical lines, improve visitors overall experience and satisfaction. Long queues are very popular for causing walkouts (Millet, 2015). From a business perspective, revenues will go up and a higher customer retention levels will be maintained.

Why is it different?

Unlike the existing apps listing wait times such as the “Disney App” and “Tourist Under cover”, NoQtrip is a worldwide platform listing all the popular tourist attractions such as historical places, museums and theme parks. So visitors wont have to worry about getting a different app for each destination. Compared to others, this app is also very interactive with users giving them recommendations on nearby attractions with less waiting times and notifying them on their positions in the queue.

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We all get excited when its time to visit places like London, Paris, New York... but when we get there we face the sad reality: the dreading tourist attraction lines. The infographic below illustrates the findings in how long we stand in those lines. Each year, millions of people spend most of their vacation time queuing for at least 2 hours to visit the world's most popular tourist attractions. As a tourist it is very frustrating and time consuming to wait for so long to visit a place.

What if you could join a queue with just one click?

With the NoQtrip App, anyone from local residents to visitors can join any near by attraction's queue in 2 seconds using their smartphones, computers and wearable devices or on site kiosk without ever having to stand in a line. Think about landing in Paris and being able to join the Eiffel Tower's queue from your device while still at the airport. Isn’t it amazing?

Why NoQtrip?

The tourism and hospitality industry is entitled to take on more customers as population keeps growing and more people will be waiting in line. Not everyone can afford or is willing to pay for the priority line or fast pass. Even if you do, you will still need to queue at some point. If you really tired of long overwhelming queues check this video out.

Everything you need to make the most of your holidays

• Accurate notifications and wait times

NoQtrip is using a virtual line system in which real-time position within the queue is provided to users. Once they join a queue, visitors will receive a location based notification when their turn is coming up. Lets say you are 10 min away from the London Eye, therefore you will get notified 15 to 20 minutes before in order to make it on time.  In case you need more time you can move back from the line.

• Plan your visit and save time

If the waiting time is too long, this app will recommend near by attractions with shorter wait times. Visitors will also be able to purchase tickets, browse on site restaurants, and make reservations within the app and access to useful information such as operating hours and directions to find their way around.

• Your favourite attractions in ONE single App

Unlike the other existing apps such as Undercover Tourist and the Disney World App which are designed for listing wait times in Orlando theme parks and Disney rides only, NoQtrip features all the most popular tourist attractions such as museums, historical places and theme parks all over the world which saves you from downloading multiples apps for each places you plan to visit.

A Better way to manage your visitors

• Enhance Customer Experience

No one likes waiting in line! Thanks to NoQtrip, more customers will be served, as the number of visitors in physical lines will significantly go down. In addition to the other features, tourists will also have access to their photos taken during the journey in the app.

• Improve Productivity and Efficiency

A poor customer experience will generally cause losses in business. With NoQtrip tourists are able to leave feedbacks and reviews after each visit, which enable companies to collect valuable data to improve their customer service. Staff will be able to work faster with less crowd frustration to deal with.

• Sustainable Growth

Businesses have been struggling for years to lower wait times by reducing lines to improve customer satisfaction. With the online queue system, walkouts will decrease, as people who were concerned about long lines will be more likely to visit. Consequently, revenues will go up.

What are you waiting for?

If you are fed up standing in lines for hours, and wake up early look no further. No need to wake up early to avoid queues! We have got it all covered for you.


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