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Steve Irwin was an animal enthusiast that helped many animals from being shot or dying.  He did many good things but 3 main accomplishments were the T.V. show '''the Crocodile Hunter''', his huge passion for animals, and his zoo.  He was a legend for animal lovers today and he still is.  

The T.V. show, '''The Crocodile Hunter''', that premiered on April 5, 1997, on Animal Planet was a pleasure to watch for animal lovers.  The show starred Steve and Terri Irwin, and sometimes their kids, going on adventures showing the magic of nature.  They went all over the world rescuing animals and showing the beauty of them.  People still are fascinated today from is T.V. show, including me.  He won many awards for the awe-inspiring show.  The T.V. show was awarded the ASTRA, Award for Most Outstanding General Entertainment program.   

He created another show like, '''Croc Files''', where he shows off the massive crocodiles in his zoo.  The show also included the rehabilitation of animals and releasing them back into the wilderness.  The invasive species, goats, dogs, and rats, can harm or '''kick out''' the native wildlife.  If they are injured Steve goes and takes care of them.  When they are ready and healthy they realize them back into the wild.  He also created more shows like '''New Breed Vets''' where '''he explores the new frontier of veterinary medicine'''.   He was also in the movies Happy Feet, Dr. Doolittle 2, and he also starred in his own movie called The Crocodile Hunter Collision Course.   In 2007 his daughter, Bindi Sue Irwin, started a T.V. show called '''Bindi the Jungle Girl'''.  Little kids loved it, including me''' again, and was a major hit.

At a very young age, Steve was always interested in animals.  He grew up on a small wildlife reserve that his parents bought called '''Beerwah Reptile and Fauna Park'''.  He helped his parents at a young age care for animals.  He went out with his dad, a world-renowned herpetologist, to catch problem crocs, crocodiles that are causing a problem to the local people.  The catch and release is a delicate process where you need to find the problem croc then get a top jaw rope.  When they have the crocodile under control they bring it far away from human civilization and let it free.  The importance of this is that the crocodiles don'''t get shot and don'''t harm humans.  Steve Irwin was a daredevil and a crazy lunatic.  Amazingly, he caught his first venomous snake, Common Brown, when he was just six years old.  In school, he would look around for lizards and show them to his classmates.  When he grew up a little bit more he went out into the swamps of Australia catching problem crocodiles with his dog, Suey.

His passion for animals was so big that when his parents retired the '''zoo''' was passed on to him and his two sisters.  With the increasing amount of animals and the decreasing amount of space left they decided to change the name to '''Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park''', and they also bought four more acres of land.  The park was opened to help the Salt Water Crocodiles, the native to the swamps of Australia.  In 1990 it was a huge hit for tourist and local people.  '''The area was mainly used to house adult saltwater crocodiles that had been captured and relocated into the wild'''.  In October Steve met his soon-to-be wife, Terri.  The zoo kept growing and they changed it to the famous Australia Zoo.  Steve and Terri put all of their money into a T.V. show to hopefully get extra money for the zoo.  The show, the Crocodile Hunter, was soon to be a big hit.  Because of the money, the zoo kept expanding.  

The zoo was such a big deal that it won the Australian Tourism Award for 2003-2004.  After that, the Australian Animal Hospital was built next to the zoo, it was used for the health and rehabilitation of animals.  The zoo was a major tourist attraction for many years and still is, but while filming Steve was stung in the heart by a stingray.

What is a legacy?  Anything handed down from the past, as an ancestor or a predecessor (  Steve Irwin was an amazing man and many people tried to hold on to his legacy but few suggested.  The Irwin family is one of the few people who is passing down my legacy.  Wes, Steve'''s best friend, is carrying the legacy of the amazing Australia Zoo.  The Irwin family keeps his legacy up and running.  Wes Mannion is in charge of the Australia Zoo.  Steve Irwin was a big part of a lot of people's lives.  He is a legend in the animal community, and role model for those who love animals as much as him.

Steve Irwin has a day named after him.  It is on November 15, on the website it says '''Celebrating each year on November 15, Steve Irwin Day is an annual international event honoring the life and legacy of the one and only Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin!'''  He also had a newly found turtle named after him, Irwin'''s Turtle (Elseya Irwini).  Bindi is continuing his legacy of animal conservation.  She has grown up to embrace her father'''s ideas and continue his way of life.

Steve Irwin was an animal enthusiast that help many people dig up their love of animals and saved many animals.  He had a wonderful life and he did what he loved.  He had many T.V. shows starring him and was included in movies.  One of his biggest accomplished is his zoo, he turned it into a go-to tourist attraction.  His family and his best friend pass down his legacy and teach people what he did.

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