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5 Self-serving Tips on How to Become a Successful Freelancer

Are you a skilled and self-motivated individual having love of freedom? Do you find 9-5 job routines tedious? Do you think self-employed and freelancer are the things of you? Then you are on the right way but let me tell you that freelancing is a challenging career-path as much as it looks stimulating. There is nothing like here you announce yourself as a freelancer and there you are being hired. There are so many things to keep in mind from managing yourself as your own boss to building your business network and profiles on freelancing websites. Despite odd and scarce things of freelancing:

First, what you have to remember is, “You never can have a self-cooked plate. You have to go out of your comfort zone to earn good.”

Here, I am going to share five self-serving tips that are ready to lend you a hand to become a successful freelancer. You will definitely have a strong groundwork apt. to your working position, once are done with this freelancer tutorial guide.

1. Make a business plan

The first thing to do is to make your business plan on a notebook. Although you have all the required information in your mind, noting down it will offer many developments and certainly the more work. This way you will not only be prompted to ponder over probable challenges and crucial matters afore they happen, however, it can be stress-free for you to acquire the necessary aid from possible business associates or financiers when you have a worthy business plan to display them. Your initial few weeks and months can be challenging, and demanding. Take some time at the starting of every workweek, or the last some minutes of the preceding week to plan the forthcoming week. Then it will be at ease for you to plan how to expend your time to reach the targets you have approaching. The more fragmentary tasks you have, the more imperative this is to plan.

2. Build a Network:

Your job will go easier with the more contacts, references and experiences when you go to freelance. Finding work and building a network are dual flanks of the same coin. If you are a new freelancer, note down that every connection matters, even on the count of your repute and living. This step should be repeated annually, at least, even when you have become a successful freelancer. Because it is very important to have yourself fresh in the minds of people and be go-to-source for them when they look for an expert in your work field. It is not ever that late to start approaching publics and increasing your business network. If you have already a portfolio, then you will excel faster.

3. Be a brand:

When you are marketing your work and services, you are in fact marketing yourself. Therefore, your personality counts even you derive through web or off web, are reflection of your ability, professionalism and success. In this digital era having your own logo, freelancer profile and website can matter a lot. It does not only make you sound professional but it is an opening to new clienteles as well. Many contactors access freelancing websites like, to hire professionals for their projects, if they cannot find you on web they will never come to know about you.

If you have your own website and freelancer profile then it is very essential to update it as per trends. There is a chance if new customers come across your website and find its content outdated or dull, that may be the only reason for them to select someone else as a substitute. Remember to also deal your clients with esteem, be polite and look respectable.

4. Do your research and pay attention to competition:

Absorb as much info as you can regard to industry and trends. Whether it is social media hunting, reading blogs or just usually building a network, look closely what others are doing. By the end of the day, you have to choose what is significant for you, also look at what your competition is doing. Remember there is competition at all times. You can easily differentiate yourself from your competition by having active and authorized freelancer account, on freelancing websites for your digital existence. Be in the exact place at the exact time. Delivering work in time is best than whatever your competitors are doing.

5. Use Social Media as your contact manager:

Once you have built your network, you must make it sure that you stay in touch with them. It is important to managing and maintaining your network that you build with so hard work.  This is where social media work for you. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ all have become the reasonable platforms for experts. Utilize them in good manners as you can. If you syndicate a powerful digital brand while communicating people personally, you will mark yourself: as easy to find and remember.

Just remember not to be discouraged if you are not being liked or followed instantly. What you want is to be acknowledged as a professional and skilled in your line in a domain where communication of business is digital. Just be all over it because here is the quality gain over quantity all the time.


• Stay focused

• Stay targeted

• Talk to every new connection in friendly manner

However, do not depend just on social media to drive your network or freelancing websites to clients. You must get out meeting people and authorizing that you are genuine and worth investing in.


I hope that above tips will give you a bump-start in your freelancing career. No doubt freelancing is exciting, the same time it is laborious. We can say getting freelance work is not that tough. The thing is necessary is industriousness and dedication towards your work.

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