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Electronic commerce or being known as e-commerce is referring to those business transactions that conducted on the internet without the barriers of distance or time (What is Ecommerce). Due to the expansion of the technologies, benefit from it, e-commerce had also developed very fast. It does not limit to the traditional form of business which is business to consumer (B2C), but also involved in Business to Business (B2B), Consumer to Business (C2B), and Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C).

B2B is a type of business transaction that involved business and business, there are voluntary exchange of products or services among them (Jones, 2014). Business to business marketing exists when there are demands from the consumers. In order to conduct their business, the businesses required purchasing the raw materials from the supplies or selling their finished goods to others retailers, thus the B2B marketing had occurs.

Amazon as a biggest online shopping platform aimed to build up a place where people can find and discover everything they want, needs a lot of support in order to conduct the businesses. Their dozens of product lines actually build up by the dozens of B2B marketing strategy. Amazon had become a biggest platform for those businesses to reach new customers and develop their businesses. There are a lot of businesses who do sell their raw materials at Amazon which enable others to purchase and process for their own businesses. Besides playing the role of e-procurement, Amazon also plays an important role in helping others companies to reach other businesses through their company website.

They had launched AmazonSupply as gateways for those businesses to launch their businesses at Amazon which also enable them easy get the cheaper prices. In order to attract businesses, Amazon also provide discount for those businesses who had an account at AmazonSupply and it will also being provided that the discounts in shipping (O'Connnor, 2015). For example, the publishers for the book are selling their books to the Amazon to sell on their websites.

It do have the similarities for the B2B e-commerce with the C2B e-commerce at the Amazon, only in C2B, the one who provides the raw materials for other business are those consumers. Unlike the traditional ways which the businesses to name the prices, for C2B, the consumers are the one who had the right to name the prices for their products or contribute their data (Arline, 2015). It had become one of the platforms for the consumers to promote the creative to the public start from businesses. This form of businesses had become the forerunner for the future businesses worlds.

Under C2B marketing, the consumers are allowing uploading their products to the Amazon website and named their prices for their products. Although there are not allowable for the business to bid, but it do allow the consumer to set their own prices

Furthermore, C2C also one of the types of e-commerce services that available in the net which also allow the consumers to set their own prices while the target had switch to consumers instead of selling to the businesses. The websites had play their role as intermediaries for the consumer to reached others who like to sell their creativities (B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B - Types of Websites for Business).  The consumers can sell their second hand products on the Amazon products by setting the prices by them.

For the services as B2B2C, it not only involving for 2 parties but it had involved both business and also consumers. One business had act as the distributor, the other business had become the intermediateries and to aim to reach the end user, consumers. For example, the publishers had sold their books to Amazon and Amazon had sold them online. The offline bookstores bough the books on the Amazon website for selling in their retails shop in order to reach the end consumers. This is the model of B2B2C.

The one that most common ecommerce services being practicing by the businesses is the B2C. It suits any types of businesses which involving the business and the consumers. This kind if web service is very famous on both offline and online companies. The list of catalogues had been provided on the Amazon website and the consumers are able to choose what they want to buy. The consumers had to go to the Amazon website to read through the products they want and placed their order on the net with the Amazon account. They had to register as the member first before they start to purchase in the website. When they had picked up the products that needed, they had to fill in the relevant information to get the order. Once the transaction had been verified, Amazon will start to pack and delivery the products to the consumers. Normally as different from B2B is that B2C always involved in little amount only compared to B2B.

Purchasing in Amazon, the consumers can had their own preferences on the payment methods. They can use their own credit or debit cards for the transactions and the consumers can add in their favorite’s payment to their accounts which can enable them to save more time when processing the payments. At Amazon, there is a lot of credit and debit cards are accessible, such as Visa, Delta, Visa Electron, MasterCard, EuroCard, American Express and also UK based Maestro and Solo cards (Help & Customer Service , 2015). Users that paid with UK debit and others credit cards had to fill in their card details when they place they order for the process. After that, they are able to found further instructions for them to complete the transactions.

Besides payments using credit and debit cards, the users are also allow to shop at Amazon with the rewards payment methods by using points earn from their credit cards’ previous transactions (Help & Customer Service , 2015). Those credit cards that involved in this program are Rewards Visa Card, American Express Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards, Citi Thank You Rewards and also cash back Bonus from Discover. It is very flexible as the user can choose the amount of point that want to use to pay for their order and there are not minimum amount of point that had been limited. IT also very convenient and easy to be use as the bank’s Rewards program had been linked to the Amazon account to fasten and easier the process of payments.

Besides that, Amazon had also launched Amazon Payments which enable the user to make secure payment at not only Amazon but also others third parties that accept the Amazon Payments (amazon payments, 2015). Differ from the payment using credit or debit cards that require processing fees, using Amazon had not other additional charges. The entire user with account will automatically sign up for the Amazon Payments. With the existing setup, the users are allow to process it easily and more faster.

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