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sn't matter if you're a B2C or B2B marketer, one of the most crucial function of your team is Lead

Generation. And lead generation is something we all try improve upon every passing day. In the course of

time, Blogging has started playing an instrumental role in bringing leads to the websites, yes we are talking

about B2B Blogging. If your company blog is not generating leads – as in: a lot of leads, you're missing out on

what is may be not only your one of the best opportunities to convert your organic Web traffic into

actionable, measurable sales inquiries, but also it is the best way to actually showcase the  rightful ROI from

investment on social media.

We all well aware that to engage well with the clients we ought to have good content and if that content is

written excellently, then it becomes something that the clients would love to share with other people in their

networks. Though this process, your blazingly written content and your company attains a wide reach and

targets bigger audience. Content Marketing Institute once said that the percentage of people who appreciate

companies that deliver custom content is as high as 62%.  But creation of content is just is the first step, the

next bigger step is to distribute it to right audience to get qualified leads on your table!

Just to make Blogging an easy drive for you, we have jotted some tips and points which you must follow in

order to generate more leads.

1. Make efforts to understand your audience.

As a marketer, you must know your target audience and what stuff they search on internet. This information

is essential for you to solve their problems. You need to know their pain areas and how you or your

company for that sake can help them find a suitable solution to it.

This data can be found on Google Keyword Planner. All you need to do is to plug in the keywords related to

your industry and then observe how people search for service or product. Once you are acquainted with

this information, you can easily plan content that essentially targets these keywords and provide answers to

the questions your prospects are seeking for. Reaching out to more people, who are specifically making

searches in your industry, means reaching more and more leads.

   2.   Create Clickable CTAs

A call-to-action (CTA) is a strong way to derive immense leads from content. There are high chances that

someone somewhere may click a link on some social media platform and end up reading your blog post. But

does that tell that they really interested in your product or service? To assure yourself that your content is

actually getting welcomed, you must insert a CTA that may ask the viewers to sign up for a newsletter or

may be asking them to download an e-book. Both these CTAs ensure you that the viewer is interested in

keeping touch with your company/brand. If your viewers opt to download an ebook, you'll know they are

interested in educating themselves in your area of specialisation, which makes them a great lead to target

with your future content.

    3.   Don't forget to optimize post titles for search.

It's very much plausible that most of your blog traffic will come, not from viewers or visitors meandering

over from the main company website, but through organic search. Therefore, to drive blog traffic, and more

sales leads, the title of each post must be optimized for search, and the language must be able to drive

interest and engagement. Ask yourself: if a person sees only the title of the post, and nothing else, would

he/she be provoked to read that post?

   4. Keywords must be linked back to relevant Web Pages

A blog is an opportunity for you to drive traffic to any web page you want. Linking the keywords within the

blog content to some targeted Web pages or may the landing pages has been proved to be a very impactful

and effective way to drive sales lead. It also increases the SEO rankings of the targeted pages. But you must

be very careful while using this technique. If Google finds that this technique is an attempt to manipulate

links to your website, it can penalize your company quite heavily.

    5.  Offer multiple subscription options.

We totally stand by the point that the best way to convert the organic blog visitors into subscribers is offer

some amazing content. But, what if you don't provide people with required subscription options? In case the

only way to subscribe to your blog is via RSS, or email, then you're surely missing out the game. There

would large subset of leads who might be preferring other channels, else RSS or email. Because of this

reason it is of utmost importance to offer as many subscription options as possible to target a bigger chunk

of visitors. You must offer subscription to your blog via mediums like RSS, Email, LinkedIn,, Facebook,

Twitter etc.

6.  Go for excerpts from a  long-form content as blog posts.

You can go on posting an excerpt from the actual long-form content as a blog post and then you can give

your readers an opportunity to read the complete version by clicking on a “Download” button. Just from a

small excerpt you'll get know what content your audience really welcomes and makes efforts to download

and read the rest of the content you have posted.

   7.  Make the optimum use of the sidebars.Use the sidebar to promote downloadable offers.

It's high time that you should actually dump the standard widgets namely “Tags” and “Categories” and

instead make use of the treasured sidebar to promote downloadable offers. This must be done for the

content that really drives engagement and sales leads. You can go on creating ‘'Download'' buttons for

content like videos, or recorded Webinars that connects with the topics you cover on your blog, and egress

those offers behind landing pages and mini registration forms or so. This way, the readers who appreciate

reading your blog content can have a vehicle at their disposal to request some additional, related content.  

    8.   Promote gated content offers on the blog.

It's written nowhere that every content you post on the blog has be a standalone editorial content. For

example, if you've just published a new ebook, you can go about writing a blog about that content and

simply provide a link to the full version of the ebook in it. Just take care of one thing that their should be

something of value to the readers even if they do not access the full content. And do also remember not to

overdo promotional posts. One such post every month is absolutely enough.

    9.  Try engaging more and more on Social Media

It will not be wrong to say that social media plays a vital role in almost everyone's life today. People all over

the world are connected through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit etc. And blogs, they are not far away in

the list. They are easily shareable and help the potential leads to interact with the company website. Sharing

your company's content on the company's blog and social handles is a decent start, but there's much more

to the game. You must pull up your socks to find out the groups or hashtags that are relevant to your

industry type. You can also research the forums to make it a point that your content is shared there as well.

You may go on targeting people knowledgeable of your industry already. This is a great medium to drive

some really qualified leads to your table.

Imagine, you created an engaging headline. People across the web shall click that link and visit your website.

Post reading the content, they might as well share your content on their personal social handles or they may

publish it to other online forums. Not only this is the costless advertising, but it put your brand in front of

people to whom you otherwise would have never reached.

    10.  Email the all new blog content to your marketing database as Newsletter.

You might think of Email Newsletter as a thing of past, but it is a powerful way to increase the blog traffic,

leverage what you have investment in blog content, and drive more and more sales leads. The key is to

frame up the all new blog posts and email that packaged content in the form of a newsletter along with the

links to the full articles, to your marketing database.

So gear up for writing your blog the right way and there shall be leads flowing on your table.

Do share with us and we'll be happy to read that!!

Know some more tips for blogging the right way?? Tell us in the comments section below....

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