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About Us

Spicy Growth is India's leading Real Estate Company based in New Delhi. Our Real Estate Business promotion is not limited to Delhi-NCR alone, you will also find us in the Northern parts of India including Punjab and Haryana state, Chandigarh, Nainital District of Uttarakhand state, and Dharadoon,

Our company's professional and experienced teams offer clients the direct opportunity to reap the benefits of the real estate business through property promotion. Our experts do property management on behalf clients for their direct benefit. We help clients minimize any losses on their property. Based on this strategy, we can improve and safeguard the profits of the client's property or project.

Our clients can leverage on our wide business network and partners to find a market to sell their property. Our business operations are successfully sustained by our close business Associates. Our property management business goes beyond the Delhi-NCR to other regions such as Haryana Punjab.

Our Managing Director and Founder Mr. Manjeet Singh plays a huge role in the promotion of the business and is also a promoter of the Hindi Political Monthly Magazine along with the Fashion Garments enterprise.

The future of the company is well shaped through the management of business activities by the experts and associate consultants.

The daily management of the company's activities is supported and coordinated through our experts and consultants. This has contributed to maintaining a firm and consistent image within the industry.

As a result, of the leadership and successful stewardship of our chairpersons, we have managed to reach incredible heights in this market. They all contribute immense years of experience and expertise from their own disciplines into the business.

Mr. Manjeet Singh – Founder and Managing Director

Mr. Manjeet Singh is the founder of Spicy Growth and the Chairman of the company. He has managed to integrate multiple companies since then and extend into construction and real estate development. He started the business back in 2005 as a 1st generation entrepreneur and his experience in the real estate spans across two decades. He oversees the main operations of the company and plays a pivotal role in making strategic decisions for the business.

He has a wealth of experience having worked with reputable corporates in the implementation of Marketing and Business Development Strategy for over 15 years.  He has the responsibility of creating a favorable market environment for the company and partnering with reputable building contractors of Northern India for the benefit of the company. The company's fine image and shape are the results of his rich corporate experience. He has participated in the investment business from the year 2003.

Mr.Rajinder Kumar Bhandari Director – Client Management Services

A renowned named name in the Real Estate and Gold business in the south of Delhi.

He occupies a top position in the Management Committee. He handles key management issues and company services.

Mr.Sandip Kumar Chopra Vice President – Business Channel Development

He has a wealth of experience in office and house designing having with worked with a respected interior designer Furniture Company.

He has the responsibility of channeling partners and creation and management of Business Channels on behalf of the company.


We are the premier Real estate investment company in Delhi India. One of the key spotlights of our projects which we offer in this regard is our Exclusive Luxury Cottages. That is not all! Our one other project is the Dehradun project, which remains a top choice for our clients not only because of the structure or interior but also a number of other factors that makes it a magnet to potential property buyers.  

Besides these projects, Spicy Growth also offers raw lands that start from 7LKH for the smallest range. A client is able to come up with a custom design and development to match their requirements. We can help you Buy residential flats in Delhi as well.

We have beautiful looking Modern Villas in Hill Cities in lands.

For those looking for Commercial real estate Services, there are several rental properties undergoing construction.

We have both Large and small investment projects alongside our listed properties. In fact, we have a never-ending list of projects. Our house of investments is both big and professional. It covers all big and small investments.  We have earned a respectable name and fame in the Real Estate investment business which is our key business because of our enviable success.  We work for several reputable building companies in Delhi-NCR as the most professional marketing company.

What sets us apart from other investment companies is that we also have distinct committee of Advisors and legal department.

We have plots ranging from like 120 sq. yard, 240 & 300 sq. yard, Studio Apartment 450 sq. feet, 1BHK

Apartments - 750 sq. feet and Designer Cottages as per client desires are the described form of our available cottages.

We have a complete range of services that you must take advantage of. We are always available if you need to find out more.


Tandi Project

This is a one of a kind opportunity for you to purchase your own piece of prime land for Commercial construction projects in Tandi in the Uttrakhand state of India.

The natural beauty of this hill station is nature's gift and blessing. Its beauty is an ancient and divine legend in itself.

The mid-summer weather temperature ranges between 18 and 20 degrees making it the coolest location.

The beauty and peace of Tandi makes it the ideal place to live and go for holiday. There are several construction projects in Tandi including residential and commercial spaces as well as luxury cottages. It is the perfect location to live in. It is linked to several other cities and market places are close by which makes it a prime location.

Luxury Cottages

The Luxury cottages for sale in Tandi offer pleasure and leisure for our clients which is the main focus of our services to ensure they savor every moment. Enjoy the breathtaking Himalayan views, take some time off and simply do nothing but meditate and spend quality time with your family.

Sattal Road

Sattal is located in the lower Himalayan ranges and it features strikingly beautiful sights and sensations all around. Sattal also referred to as Sat Tal is the place where the 7 fresh water lakes meet close to Bhimtal town in the district of Nainital. The area is a paradise for migratory birds and is surrounded by a thick forest of pine and oak trees. There are over 500 species of local and migratory birds and Sattal is renowned for its unique biodiversity and ecological bounty.

The beauty and charm of Sattal are unmatched for anyone seeking natural, heavenly peace filled with rhythmic voices from birds.

Sattal is a universal destination that can be visited all year round which makes it an ideal location. The real beauty of the spectacular environment is evident during monsoon when it is at its picturesque. However, you have to stay warm during winter because temperatures can fall to the point of freeing.

You do have to worry about connectivity because Sattal is well connected by road, air and railway. All the major cities in Uttarakhand State are linked by road and the closest railway is only 33km from Sattal. For those traveling by air, the closest airport is only 61kms from Sattal which is within reach.

Sattal has all the necessary features required to make an ideal holiday and living destination.

Our Products:

Luxury Cottages

Our main product is the luxury cottages which are Residential projects in Sattal Road developed with the requisite facilities and features. We strive our best to fully satisfy the wishes and desires of our clients with the utmost accuracy and neatness. The airy structure and modern architecture of the cottages are based on the desires of our clients. There are lots of Commercial projects Sattal Road has to offer with the availability of Commercial land for sale in Sattal Road.


Visit Dhanachuli and see the spectacular hilly view of this amazing location in Uttrakhand.

Dhanachuli is an amazing location in the Nainital District. The temperature in Dhanachuli during mid-summer ranges between 23 to 28 degrees.  Dhanachuli a village engrossed in the Kumaon region's mysticism is based a few kilometers ahead from Mukteshwar. Visitors are normally fascinated by the striking beauty just from a single glance of the stunning Himalayan. Besides its beauty, at the heart of the old Dhanachuli village there are old some old buildings that it is famous for some are a century old. When the road was built at Dhanachuli the old Dhanachuli was abandoned, however, one of the old temples is still in use today for large prayer meetings.

Dhanachuli is located 2300m above the sea level. It is the perfect location to escape the hustle and bustle of the cities and enjoy a peaceful and cool weather while spending your summer. There are over 200 strange homes in this sleepy village which are far detached from the Kumaon hill stations. The main trade done by the local people was apple plantation.

This is an ideal living place!

Luxury Cottages:

Our clients to get to enjoy a complete prescribed view of the Himalayas from our beautifully architected cottages. The Luxury cottages for sale Dhanachuli are our some of our most lush projects.

The immense Commercial land for sale Dhanachuli has been part of our service.

We also have Residential houses for sale Dhanachuli is the finest place to live.

Nainital District

The Nainital is located in the Uttarakhand state in India. It is an artistic hill station that is gifted with stunning beauty and nature.

It is the dream holiday and living destination. The Spicy Growth Residential projects is a dream come true for those seeking their dream homes and Investment opportunities in Nainital. You will find luxury cottages, Ready to move houses in Nainital, Independent houses for sale in Nainital and freehold land in Nainital.

We provide exquisite villas, Cottages, holiday homes, guest houses among other real estate projects.  The Nainital real estate projects are constructed using a variety of architectural styles depending on the scenic and refreshing locations. The Nainital projects are include both small and big commercial structures such as malls and shopping complexes.

Luxury cottages

We are also selling our huge collection of agricultural lands and commercial spaces for business in Nainital.

If you are thinking of moving to Nainital, there are ready to move houses in Nainital just for you and your family.

Our unique Rental Service which offers our customers the opportunity to earn profit from their vacant place when they are away through renting is unrivaled.


Dehradun Project

Dehradun is a famous place for its abundant natural resources and beauty. It is the region in North India that receives highest records of rainfall. Besides its natural resources and beauty, it has a close proximity to New Delhi is well linked to the Himalayan tourist destination in India such as Nainital, Mussoorie, Auli and the holy cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh as well.

Its proximity to the holiday destinations makes it an ideal place to stay.

Dehradun's eccentric features make it a dream living location for all! Spicy Growth can make that dream to live in Dehradun come true through our residential spaces. In our residential project, Freehold land, Duplex houses for sale in Dehradun and Independent Houses for sale Dehradun meets all the requirements one a property buyer is looking for.

And that is not all! For business there is agriculture land in Dehradun and Commercial land for sale in Dehradun.

Our unique Rental Service which offers our customers the opportunity to earn profit from their vacant place when they are away through renting is unrivaled.

In last few years, Spicy Growth has grown to become the premier real estate investment organization in India. Our top most objective is client satisfaction and we have custom features and services to help our buyers' dreams come true and secure their future. Our central focus is to constantly update our services to our current and future prospects

Ready to Move

If you want to move to a new home, then you will find our ready to move villas, apartments and cottages irresistible.  Located in some of India's most pristine places we help you own your dream home so you can enjoy each and every moment after.

We collaborate with builders in Delhi-NCR region to offer home seekers the opportunity to buy residential flats in Delhi at the most affordable market rates. There are even bulk deals for corporate clients.

The properties range from independent villas, commercial property in Delhi-NCR and apartments. If you are a client who wish to invest in real estate in Delhi Ncr then SpicyGrowth is the right destination for you.

We cover the entire Delhi NCR region in our Ready to Move projects. The following are some of the Ready to move cottages in Delhi-NCR products listed in this category.

.   1. Commercial Cottages

    2. Residential Cottages and Villas.

    3. Offered Price 35 Lacks & 65 Lacs Approx. for 2 BHK.

The categories mentioned above cover an enormous region and one can easily select their preferred spaces. One more specification about these spaces is this that these spaces are from various builders and in different locations with different architecture and buildings. Therefore, you will find a huge collection with wide ranges and categories, we offer unrivaled Real estate services in Delhi

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