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The Strategic Problem Formulation (SPF) theory suggests that organizations often face complex,

ill-structured strategic problems, such as problems related to business strategies. Such problems produce an initial symptom or a web of symptoms (such as the unreliable results of HR planning and the almost-difficult-to-apply process). Organizations can find solutions to such problems in order to be successful in today's business environment. However, the most important and troubling task, when formulating solutions, is to find and define the problem itself. The SPF theory enables a better understanding of the problems and their causes so that researchers and practitioners can move effectively in search of solutions. SPF theory does a better understanding of the problems and their causes so that researchersand practitioners can move effectively in search of solutions. SPF theory engage a lot of different variables that could be unobservable. It also has a high degree of connectivity among the factors of the problem in a way that a change in any of the variables will affect the status of other variables. There is a dynamic component resulting in a change of the pattern of interactions over time.

(Saad, 2013)




The company's rapid growth is supported by the establishment of a successful fast-track

leadership program, which is designed to find and develop future leaders of the business.

The program includes leadership-development courses and individual mentoring from a

member of the senior-management team.

Flight Centre has an established leadership pathway which is open to everyone and

combines courses run by the firm's in-house training centre with project-based assessments

to help people to enhance their business acumen and leadership skills.

Flight Centre's Global Sales Academy works in conjunction with brands to develop further

skills in the workforce. The Global Sales Academy is run by experienced sales-people who

mentor and coach consultants to help them to reach their full potential.

 ‘‘We invest heavily in our people – from offering leadership training to sending top

performers to global conferences in locations such as Las Vegas, Singapore or Cancun,''

said Chris Galanty. ‘‘It is not unusual for our consultants to become auditors and area leaders

or to turn into executive general managers.''

All staff have a three-week induction program that takes place at company headquarters in

New Malden, Surrey. The course is designed to sharpen sales skills, enhance knowledge of

worldwide travel and introduce new consultants to the systems they will use to source and

book travel for their clients.

As the company promotes from within, travel consultants have the opportunity to move into

marketing, product, recruitment, information technology or one of the many other divisions in

the company. Once they have made this move, they are may receive external training in

these areas as well as on-the-job learning.

Conversely, if equality in an underlying assumption in a culture, the impact

of equality in the workforce will not be a motivating factor to increasing job satisfaction.

Therefore, it is expected that:

Perception of equal opportunities in the workplace will have a stronger

relationship with job satisfaction in high power distance cultures than in low

power distance cultures

One important direction for future research is to replicate these results with country level

values for the cultural dimensions. Future research also needs to examine how the social

changes in Asian countries, such as China and India, are changing the value systems

within the culture and how these changes in values directly relate to work. As the social

fabric of the Asian countries change, we as researchers have a unique opportunity to

study the relationship between cultural values and work values and how changes in

culture possibly lead to a change in work values. Another interesting direction for future

research would be to investigate achievement needs as they relate to organizational

rewards across different cultures. This study has shown that while achievement and

reward are an important determinant in job satisfaction, cultural differences exists in the

types of rewards which are important to employees.



Since, performance management was an opportunity to identify weakness to be overcome, strengths to be further developed for both individual's and organisation's benefit. The management's emphasis during present period had moved away from control to developing potential. It moved from reactive mode to a proactive.

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