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P   Personal Development Plan

According to (Armstrong, 2012) Personal Development Plan sets out the actions people purpose to take to learn and to develop themselves. In my opinion more structured plan of achieving your objectives and goals and improving your skills.

Looking back to last year I have completed several objectives which were set by me at the beginning of 2015. Few of them unfortunately were incompleted so they be transferred to my Personal Development Plan for year 2016. And since this time I know how to use my strength to my advantages and make a detailed plan to improve on my skills I should succeed. So objectives reached this year were:

Improve on my fitness.

At the beginning of last year I decided that I want to be more active and adopt a healthier lifestyle, eat healthier, exercise regularly. Benefits of Physical Fitness has many positive benefits for a person's body. Exercise proven to provide health benefits, increases strength and energy, enhances a person's appearance, which helps with self-esteem and also relieves stress.  I am very happy I have made this change in my life. This activity not only improved on my physical condition, copping with stress, but it also taught me a discipline which is in my opinion one of the keys to success.

Healthy eating.

Naturally my second objective was eat healthy. Eating the right food gives us more energy and increases our productivity. Food has a big impact on our brain it can even has stress hormone. I certainly had benefited from this change that I made in my life. But most importantly my kids and my husband adopted this good habit into their routines which is off-course very beneficial for the health of my whole family.

Improve on my Business/Marketing skills.

Since my husband and I have bought a restaurant back in 2011 I always felt a need for a better knowledge in Business. As both my husband and I are very hard working and he had an experience in hospitality we managed to run a business successfully. However I wanted to take upon myself and be responsible for the Marketing. As Marketing was something I have never done before I made a decision to enrol to University and gain more knowledge in Business overall.  So I was very excited when I got a place in RDI University and looking forward to improve on my abilities. Since I have just started my studies this objective will also be transferred as one of objectives on my PDP for next 12 month.   

Time management.

This objective was actually completed by me last year. I was using my diary usually to write the tasks that should be and by prioritizing my objectives according to their importance I would give each of my tasks a specific timing. However as I took on a new venture and enrolled to University my “Time management” had to be adjusted accordingly. Which is why this objective was transferred to my next year's PDP.

After conducting a SWOT analysis test it exposed following weaknesses:

Time management.

In my opinion there is a big deficiency in time in our modern society. That is something that I find many people struggle with. Especially working mothers and I am being one of them often find myself multitasking and still not having enough done.  However as one of my strength is being organised I could use it to my advantage. By planning my day in advance I will be able to allocate each activity appropriate time. By ticking off the tasks that were completed I would be able to see if they were done within the time frame given. And it will give me a good indication of how much time need to be spent for each activity. By prioritising my objectives according to their importance I will have a clear picture of what needs to be done earlier. By improving my time management skills I will increase my productivity therefor will reach my goal quicker.

Writing skills.

Since English is not my first language I have always found myself struggling with academic writing. I find very difficult sometimes to present my ideas clearly and concisely. I have read a several books on how to improve my writing skills and already have a better idea about the subject, however best way for me would be to write regularly. Then again one of my strength is quick learner and that will help me in the process.  The biggest help with my writing skills will of course will my course. By writing an assignments on different of business topics subjects widen my vocabulary. As another of my strength that I listed in my SWOT analysis is “Love reading” I already prepared several books like “Writing a report” by John Bowden, and “Business research” by J. Collis R. Hussey. This books will explain how to conduct a research before starting on my assignments as well as develop my writing skills. And of-course the feedback I will be receiving from my tutors will help me to work on my weaknesses.

Oral communication skills.

Since ultimately I want to be able to expand a family business verbal communication skills are essential. As a leader it is vital to present my thoughts in precise and concise manner when giving and exchanging, coordinating work tasks or giving directions to my staff. When giving presentations, conducting meetings and interviews it is essential be able to hold the attention of your listeners, to feel confident and sound professional.  Since “Love reading” is one of my strength it will certainly help me on improving my oral skills. By reading a lot of academic books, academic journals I will be able to express my ideas more clearly.  By using my organisational skills I could prepare and deliver a good presentations.

Lack of creative skills.

Creative thinking in my opinion is one of very important elements in business especially in Marketing. Every job in our competitive society requires creativity. Since Creative thinking is a skill and not a talent I believe I can improve on this skill by simply challenging my brain on day to day basis. Creative thinking will help to arise with a plan to improve the sales or simply solve daily challenges at work. As we live in “Era of technology” I always have my phone on me so every time I would have an idea I make sure to add to my “Notes list”. Another way of working on this particular objective is by problem solving and since I am working as an Account manager in retail I will have to come across this every day. And so by coming up with ideas should help me to improve my creative skills.

After completing a Personal Development Plan I identified my objectives, created an action plan and gave myself deadlines. Since all of my activities should be raste your essay

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