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his report was appointed to the Office Manager regarding the running and improvements needed to Loch Tay Holiday Park, Aberfeldy.  The parks season is opened during 1st March-10th November yearly, during the months of closure we choose this time to sort any problems the park has been having, a meeting among all staff was held on 5 January 2016 at 10.00 am in the Loch Tay Conference Room.  James McTavish, Owner and Managing Director, has been aware of current conditions and has given £25,000 to bring the business ‘into the 21st Century', with this money we will invest to make it the best.

After further planning and investigation of the project we found 4 main issues that need to be focused on are:

1. New Reception Area

2. Online Booking Form/Booking System

3. Communication Problems

4. Website Design

Work will start on 1 February 2016 and will be complete within a 4-week target timescale as we will be opening on the 1 March 2016.  Training, health and safety procedures and work related regulations will be included for all staff during this time and should attend with short notice.

Costs are as follows:

Builders £9,459.00

Furniture and fixtures £3,985.00+vat

New Booking Online Software £435.00 annual fee + £15.00 per holiday let

Book-it Software Pro Edition £1042.00+vat plus travel and accommodation

Travel-Book-it Representative £113.00 Return ticket

Motorola Communicators £257.00

SMART Board £1333.33+vat

Website Design £749.00

Contingency Fund £3500.00

Issue 1


he reception building is in need of a transformation regarding the furniture being worn and not comfortable, lack of heating system with cables running across floor and the information displays not satisfactory to tourists who rely on this when visiting the area of Aberfeldy and the Loch Tay site.  


Organisation – Our company is not providing the correct workplace facilities with safety issues not being maintained within the premises and work equipment, the floors and traffic routes must be free from obstruction. Possible health issues to staff regarding insufficient workstations and seating must be corrected all Health and Safety Guides must be adhered to or fines could be issued or court.

Customer -  This makes us perceive an unprofessional look, visitors will think we lack skill or knowledge when needed in completing a task or job being asked, being disorganised means a loss of custom and earnings.


Reception – Having been in contact with builders in the area for quotes on the renovation project due to start on 1 February 2016, Dunkeld Builders was the most suitable to take on the job and will commence with work on the start date.  The renovation will take 10 working days with 4 working days as a contingency to delays within the project.

An open space office is being designed to ensure the reception area sends the right first impression of our business to our visitors, the new area has been carefully crafted to be functional professional and stylish.

The reception desk will be a focal point and will have the company logo, 2 small tables will be added with chairs that are able to cluster around for space as a waiting area, spotlights will improve lighting around the whole office and the colour scheme will be light and fresh.  

A smart board will be installed along the back wall of the reception; further information is available in Issue 3.

The furniture will be comfortable, durable and have visual appeal, all members' staff will have an input on picking chairs and desks but have all agreed beforehand that the company is to invest in stain-free and wear-resistant fabric products, low shelving units will be introduced to avoid visible clutter.  The flooring will be a rustic wood effect hardwearing laminate which will have a non-skid resistant surface suitable for all year round wear.

Heating System – The new central heating system will also be replaced with the Dunkeld Builders during the renovation project, the heating system chosen will be Warmup underfloor heating systems which are fast and easy to install and best of all extremely affordable and efficient to run and also come with a lifetime warranty.  This will be delivered from the manufacturer in Basildon, Essex.  The heating system will be done after the first week of work is completed to a satisfactory level with regards to the reception area, the timescale for fitting 2 days.

Tourist Information – This is a very important part of our business it must be up-to-date at all times through the season, having been in contact with Aberfeldy Information Centre they have agreed to put Loch Tay Holiday Park on their mailing list, we will then be sent any new information regarding local activates, things to do and all relevant news info from around the area.  This will be made available to our visitors and would also like our staff to have read up on this info so that questions asked the answers will be available. Tourist Information attracts more people to our area, this brings money to improve local services and can also create jobs for the locals.  This will be ongoing throughout season any information from Information Centre will be mailed on asap.

Potential Barriers

Our main concerns will be the weather and the potential of flooding and snow around our main access route.  The delivery for the under flooring heating system will be monitored through our online account with The Underfloor Heating Store, spoke to Jeremy Young, Assistant Manager of company and he will keep in touch with the delivery.

Issue 2


 great worry to Loch Tay Holiday Park is the lack of an online booking facility and the relationship this has when recording the booking within the office, manual bookings are problematic and a cause for concern. Customer contact details are not stored or filed correctly and telephone procedures are not enforced.  


Organisation – With the company only making bookings from customers by telephone or letters we are losing potential business i.e., if the desk is unattended or the mail has not been processed correctly this postpones business.  The contact details of a customer must be kept private and confidential and adhere to Data Protection Act if not followed company would be in breach of the law and could face severe consequences.

Customer –  Not being able to make a booking will be frustrating and will make customers look to other establishments.  If the customer is not booked into the holiday package they wanted this does not look good on us as a company again this is unprofessional and amateurish given this business has been established 50 years ago.  


Online Booking – Our chosen company to help us will be Supercontrol Booking and Management System it is a Scottish based company in Castle Douglas and has been selected to help us secure an affordable booking system that is tailored to the needs of Loch Tay Holiday Park, it will give us marketing tools and business reports to help achieve higher occupancy.  They will regularly ask us about our needs and have an ongoing development programme that ensures our online booking system retains its reputation as a trend-setter and market leader.  

The decided package is SuperControl AGENCY this will help to produce the following:

• Online availability and booking

• Online payments

• Website integration

• Automated admin and billing

• Advanced admin and billing

• Marketing tools

• Business management information

• Hosting and backup

• Data security

• Specialist AGENCY features

For a full and detailed package see Appendix 1.

Having contacted and discussed requirements with Robert Kennedy, Developing Director, a fee of £435.00 annually with an added additional cost of £15.00 per holiday let will be the cost.  An advisor from SuperControl will be out to install the software on the 18 February 2016 this will be connected up in 1 day, a demonstration is also arranged.  Training will be to all office staff from office manager on 19 February 2016 this will be an ongoing learning experience for all.

New Recording Booking System – This is a totally new concept in park management software, it is based around a unique, intuitive Diary screen, the 'Book-A-Pitch' system is completely configurable to our park's requirements. Whether we have a 20 pitch site or a 1000+ pitch site, this is the software for us.  A great deal of attention has been put into creating powerful, yet user friendly features, to help us maximise our profits and improve accuracy and efficiency.  One of the best features of the diary system is its unique and comprehensive filtering system, the diary features drag and drop which allows you to rearrange bookings and maximise the available space without fear of adverse consequences. Never will you or your staff miss charging for an upgraded pitch, as the software will ask you if the charges are to be passed on; and never again will you double book a pitch, because the software simply won't allow it see Appendix 2.

Having been in contact with Instinctive Systems Ltd, Derbyshire, England, they have tailor made a package suitable to us and an installer/advisor will be visiting Loch Tay Holiday Park on 22 February 2016, this is a 2-day onsite service to help and advice to all office staff.  Martin Anderson from the company has agreed to help fulfil our needs of a new recording booking system. Travel for Martin will be train and has agreed to stay in one of our caravans for accommodation.

Customer Details/Telephone Procedures - Staff in the office should know how to operate the company's telephone system, including being able to forward calls, check voicemail and place callers on hold.  As customer data will now become more detailed and through we will need specific database software to manage our customer data, Microsoft Access will be sufficient enough and is on our office packages within our own systems therefore saving time and money, training will be offered during project if needed.  

Main factors to be considered regarding Data Protection Act on Customer Details:

• We must also make sure that what you collect is proportionate and only what you need.

• Any personal information you store on computers or in paper files must only be accessible by people with permission to see it.

• Any data you gather must be accurate, kept up to date and deleted when you no longer need it.

• We should also make sure your staff know they must not discuss information about customers with people who are not allowed to access it.

Possible Barriers

The weather could postpone the travel arrangements of our visitors from SuperControl Booking and Management System and Instinctive Systems Ltd with main access route being vulnerable to flooding and snow.  Training to office staff could be time consuming if the new systems are not easy to understand and use.

Issue 3


ommunication between customers, maintenance staff and office staff is not well managed and it becoming a major concern, simple tasks and jobs that are requested are not being completed due to a lack of communication.  This has started a conflict of disagreements and arguments in front of customers.


Organisation – When communication does not exist amongst staff the actions needing doing simply won't be done, if management does not communicate well with staff this can lead to the discouragement of staff and business not operating to its full potential.

Customer – When customers receive poor customer service then they are highly unlikely to return which will then affect sales which also affects the business aims and objectives as we will not have reached them.


Customers – On arrival to the park there should be welcome packs ready and waiting to give to customers, these will contain opening and closing times of site amenities i.e. reception, maintenance, security for out-of-hours and emergency contacts, a keyring with the contact numbers will be attached to the key of their accommodation for ease of access.  Leaflets and brochures of local attractions along with any money off vouchers, a local bus timetable will be included.  A feedback form will be produced for the 1st t March 2016 this will allow us to understand how our customers rate us on our performance, our products and services and any tweaking we need to do.

Office – A smart board will be installed in the office for staff as mentioned in Issue 1 to record the ‘To-do-list' of jobs needed around the park the information to be recorded is accommodation number, the time of call, the problem and initials of who spoke to the customer these are key factors and must be recorded and passed on to relevant area.  

The smart board by SMART Technologies is easy to use, has a touchscreen facility and is fully developed for integrating the latest software i.e. Book-A-Pitch which was introduced in Issue 2, Microsoft Office and Adobe player.

As stated in the 5 January 2016 staff meeting the go ahead was given and all agreed to order an 82” Smart Board this can take up to 6 weeks for delivery so have ordered following our meeting estimated delivery 9 February an advisor from SMART Technologies will be in contact 1 week before delivery to arrange installation and demonstration.  More details to follow.

Maintenance – The maintenance staff will now have a 2-way communication system this is in the form of hand-held and portable two-way radio transceiver, commonly known as a walkie talkie. Staff can clip a walkie talkie onto their clothing, they are light weight and easily carried about.  With the staff working outdoors and moving around a lot in their job, these are a benefit to us over mobile phones as they are license free and do not have any associated call charges.  These will be a bonus to us as only one person can talk at a time through the broadcast of group mode which will be set, others will have the ability to listen to messages and jobs needing attending to, meaning if someone is free they can attend to job and let the staff know whether it has been done or any other problems that have arisen.

After research and our meeting, the company has made the decision to purchase 8 Motorola TLKR T80 Extreme walkie talkies 2 systems will be in the office at all times with the other 6 being given to maintenance staff, this box will contain all the equipment needed to use straight away.


• Rugged and all-weather proof

• Ready for adventures in the harshest of environments.

• With a range of up to 10km,

• A tough water resistant design and a rugged carry case with essential accessories

The costs for two sets is £257.00 and free next day delivery these will be purchased from Amazon and will be ordered on 15 February 2016 this will give us plenty of time to familiarise ourselves to work them, this includes all staff.

All Staff - Weekly staff meetings will be held on a Friday at 9.30 am this is a necessary part of operating in a professional environment. It allows for time to network and communicate among staff, share ideas to emphasize teamwork and inform employees and management alike of new developments within the company or among clients.  

Possible Barriers

The staff have a resistance to communication and change this is a problem as communication is key to our company for it to thrive.  Orders may take more time to be delivered and the reception area must be complete by the Dunkeld Builders before SMART Board can be installed.

Issue 4


he company has no business website and relies heavy on repeat customers, with a number of new tourist attractions having opened in the nearby area we are missing out on new business as we are in an excellent location for customers.


Organisation – Loch Tay is losing out on potential business from advertising to a wider audience as millions of people are using the internet, being a local business we have the ability to sell our products and services to a broader market.

Customers – Customers commonly research businesses online before booking or visiting places to stay, if the information is not accessible then bookings will not be generated meaning a loss of sales.


New Website Design – A professional looking website lets customers know our business is serious and dedicated to their needs.  Customers can tell a lot about a company from the design of their website, having a website introduces a business to new customers and retain their business.  Websites can improve business to customer relationships in more ways than just via communication, support and up to date general information. A website can also inform a user of their project's status, account information or balance.

The convenience of a website helps increase productivity, performance and speed. Producing a reliable product or completing a particular service in less time than expected always makes a customer satisfied. It takes months to gain a good customer, but seconds to lose one, and it is hard to lose a satisfied customer.

After discussions with staff at the meeting on 5 January 2016 we have been in contact with Siobhan Preston a freelance web designer from Glasgow and she has offered a complete and cost effective web design, providing a creative and professional look.  The full package from domain registration and hosting services to logo and web design through to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will be included for £749.00.  We have invited


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