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Client satisfaction is the outcome given by the client on the basis of a company's performance, final product or service. Client satisfaction determines whether their expectations were achieved or not. Delivering high quality service is the key in order to survive today's competitive environment. Client satisfaction has a positive role on an organization's profitability, repeat purchases, brand loyalty, and positive word of mouth (Angelova & Zekiri, 2011).

Freelance Industry

Freelancers are self employed individuals. Freelancers are a hybrid of employees and entrepreneurs. They are employees because they are hired by large companies to work on a specific project for a specific period of time. On the other hand, they are also entrepreneurs because they work for their own risk and reward without any organizational guarantee or support (Born & Witteloostuijn, 2013)

Due to the increased growth of the internet and the spread of globalization, people are now opting for self employment or freelancing.  Freelancing has become very popular among the people due to the independence, opportunities and businesses they provide including zero transport expense and easy to earn good money at home. Freelance marketplaces provide a colorful variety of freelancers and employers from different countries.

Freelancing In Pakistan

The freelance industry is a fast growing popular industry in Pakistan. According to a report from the International Data Group, about 40% of Pakistanis have joined freelancing because of the unemployment issues in Pakistan. Pakistan ranked third in the highest rate users in while Pakistan ranked and fifth in with approximately 250,000 registered users on each site (Raza, 2014). In 2014, Pakistan ranked ninth in the top freelancer countries in Elance-Odesk with a growth rate of 10-25% (Elance-Odesk, 2014). Pakistani freelancers are offering different solutions to local and international clients for different businesses and services.

IT & Programming

There are many fields, professions and industries where freelancing is predominant. Such fields include journalism, publishing, photography, writing, computer programming, graphic designing, website design and development etc.

The “IT & Programming” section is one of the most important fields in the freelancing world. IT & Programming involves the designing and developing of different software systems and applications. It is one of the leading businesses in the world as it provides different software applications for high efficiency, high speed and ease in performing a range of different tasks. Software are generally designed and developed for a specific client, organization or general public. Different desktop based and web based applications and systems are designed and developed for schools, hospitals, supermarkets, organizations of manufacturing industries, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, etc. The popularity of Apple iPads, Android Smartphones and tablets has also increased the popularity of mobile applications industry.

In the Freelance world, freelancer work on different software projects for clients. The IT & Programming sect is one of the popular categories in freelance marketplaces. 37% of the jobs posted in Elance are of IT & Programming while 40% of the Tech skills are in demand globally (Elance, 2013). Freelancing have become very popular among software developers due to the independence, opportunities and business they provide to developers, zero transport expense and easy to earn good money at home. Software firms also have diverted their attention towards these Freelance sources because of the potential market and huge business scope over there. Freelance marketplaces provide a colorful variety of developers and employers from different countries. Developers and software firms can grab projects from different clients from the internet around the globe.

Web development

Different types of IT & Programming projects are posted by the clients on freelance marketplaces. One popular development area is the web development field. Web development projects focus on the design and development of websites and web based applications. Websites and web applications are getting significant for all businesses because they are one of the most powerful marketing tools on the web and help any business to grow. Most people nowadays go online and search products, services and companies before they make an acquisition or even just can learn about your organization and business. The number of websites on the web are increasing at a very fast pace. That is why web development is well-liked among the freelancers since besides developing a website, they also help their clients increasing product knowledge, maintaining communication with online customers, selling products or services, generating leads for the business, and increasing the popularity of your company.

Client Satisfaction in Freelance Work

Client satisfaction is considered the most important metric and measurement standard to measure the quality of your work. High client satisfaction shows that the project has met all objectives and achieved success. Even for a freelancer, it is necessary to satisfy his or her clients in order to increase client following. But, multiple factors or determinants can play important roles in client satisfaction measure. So, it is vital to recognize those factors in order raise client satisfaction of freelance services.

This study will find the factors or determinants affecting client satisfaction regarding web development projects in freelance marketplaces. This study will focus on freelance clients who hire freelancers for the development of web development projects. It will be interesting to find out the major factors influencing our freelance clients regarding their web development projects.

Problem Statement

Freelancing is a new trend in which self employed individuals or freelancers get hired by clients for different projects. The freelance industry is a booming and aspiring field in the world because the industry is worth billions of dollars. Different projects are posted by clients on freelance marketplaces. One of the most popular IT projects posted is of web development projects in which different websites and web applications are developed for the clients. For any freelancer, it is necessary to work towards a successful project. Client satisfaction reflects the quality of the project work and the performance of the freelancer. So, it is important to understand how client satisfaction is affected and what factors affect client satisfaction measure. Such factors can help a freelancer improve his project performance, customer loyalty and success rate. So, in this study, determinants of client satisfaction will be studied in web development projects from freelance marketplaces.

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