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Bobby R. Johnson

4709 Landover Dale Dr.

Raleigh, North Carolina 27616


Email: [email protected]

Career Objective

To contribute to a progressive organization in need of a multi-faceted, success-oriented professional offering extensive sales and management experience


 Challenge-oriented professional with record of success in sales and customer service in a competitive consumer market

 Extensive knowledge in marketing and sales disciplines including merchandising techniques, promotional planning, pricing, scheduling, loss prevention, and ordering.

 Extensive background in being a proven team builder who has shown success in evaluating and building individual skills, providing constructive feedback, and developing employees to peak performance.

 Experienced in recruitment, screening, interviewing, and hiring and recognized for a goal-oriented nature, a positive attitude and a competitive spirit

 Strong mechanical aptitude with excellent organizational and communication skills and ability to resolve conflict, improve moral, provide positive results, and consistently exceed profit goals.  

 Excellent personal initiative, high sense of responsibility and a strong work ethic


2014: Graduated Strayer University-Bachelors in Business Administration

2000: Received certification for completion of an in-depth Departmental Training Program through Harris Teeter.

1996: Graduated from Heritage Christian Academy, Zebulon, North Carolina.


2010-Current: Schwann Food Company

Position: Route Relief Driver


 Maintains product display space and set up new product and promotion displays in retail stores

 Develops appropriate and meaningful relations with customers and maintains them

 Distributes and delivers product to existing retail stores on assigned route

 Provides information related to forecasts for products and the company's promotions for specific customers

 Pre-orders sales for the delivery to customers

 Resolves customer complaints immediately on site

2006-2010   Target, Knightdale, North Carolina

Position: Consumables Team Leader


 Managed Grocery Department and assist in other departments as needed.

 Helped select and hire team members.

 Trained new team members.

 Evaluated performance of business processes and gave appropriate feedback.

 Scheduled responsibilities and delegated them to employees and made follow-ups on the execution of those responsibilities.

 Able to be cross-trained in other departments

 Able to multi-task responsibilities and prioritize tasks

2001-2006: Harris Teeter, Cary, North Carolina


Dairy/Frozen Food Manager

Dairy/Frozen Food Department Trainer


 Managed Dairy and Frozen Food Department including up to 6 employees

 Supervised, scheduled, trained, motivated, developed, and evaluated employees

 Assisted management in recruiting, interviewing, selecting, and identifying employees for hire

1999-2001: Harris Teeter, Raleigh, North Carolina

Position: Grocery Manager


 Managed Grocery Department including up to 10 employees.  

 Supervised, scheduled, trained, motivated, developed, and evaluated employees

 Assisted the management team in the processes of interviewing, recruiting, interviewing, identifying and selecting employees for hire.

 Responsible for operation of entire store in absence of co-manager and manager

 Served in a multi-responsible position with complete sales, customer service, problem resolution, staffing, inventory control, merchandising and general operational responsibilities.  Consistently achieve sales and operational objectives by exercising sound judgment, ethical personal and company conduct, and a spirit of team building among employees.

 Assisted in orchestrating systems and procedures to improve sales growth, operational performance, and overall profitability.  Position required strong merchandising skills, loss prevention, and implementation of management directives within specified time frames.

 Developed strong customer relationships.  Work with customers to address and resolve any issues of concern with customer satisfaction being #1 priority.

 Worked with vendors in ordering merchandise for shelves and display.  Ensured adequate merchandise was maintained and creative merchandise displays were properly implemented according to plan-o-grams.

 Attended weekly departmental meetings.  Participated in constructive feedback between management, customers, vendors, and employees.

 Reconciled bills by verifying products from warehouse.  Used computer to match inventory numbers and merchandise prices.  Reported any discrepancies to Warehouse Management.

 Maintained a high level of quality control through recalls and removal of out-of-date or damaged merchandise.

 Ensured company guidelines were followed, identified potential hazards, and recommended additional training needs at store level.  Built a safe environment through adherence to OSHA guidelines.

 Researched and made follow-ups in matters related to new goods or items unavailable for sale at Harris Teeter.

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