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1.1. Background Of The Study

The tourism industry is a very vast industry which encompasses a lot of other industries such as agricultural industry, entertainment industry, communication industry etc. the tourism industry which is also known as the non-smoke industry plays a key and crucial role in job creation and helps immensely in contributing to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a country. Tourism is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing sectors of the economy of many destinations [1]. Countries like Bermuda, Hong Kong, Singapore and Northern Mariana Islands successfully exploited the ability to take advantage of favorable climate and location, vastly expanded tourism sector in the Asia Pacific region[2] and exploited their positive climatic and also benefited from their favorable climatic and area points of interest to dispatch tourism based economical advancement respectively.

For North Cyprus, Tourism is the basic priority sector for its economic development. It is one of the main generators of income for North Cyprus. It remains an important source of revenue for Northern Cyprus which includes the one of the most beautiful coastlines and mountain ranges in the Mediterranean. In 2005, the tourism industry contributed $145.6 million (3.3 per cent) to the GDP of North Cyprus and created 9224 jobs which account the 9% of total employment [3]. In 2011, there was a 45% increase in tourist which fell down in 2012 to 15%. This went up again in 2013 by an increase of 30%. From fifty countries, more than a million tourists came into North Cyprus. Net tourism income has the most astounding offer in undetectable record and is utilized generally to compensate trade shortfall.

Casino tourism has also contributed to the economy of North Cyprus after the mid 1990's. Since casinos in Turkey were prohibited, massive investments on casinos were made in North Cyprus by domestic investors and the investors from Turkey. Weekends are high due to the visits from Turkey to the casinos in North Cyprus.

North Cyprus has amazing geographical location, favorable climate, history and natural beauties in the island. To develop this sector, plan include: attracting more tourists from abroad, prolonging average stay periods in tourist foundations, preventing seasonal fluctuations in tourism sector, increasing tourism revenues, increasing internal tourism, accepting mass tourism, implementing effective marketing and recognition activities and events, arranging education programs on tourism and increasing bed capacity.

Transportation is not left out as well. Even though political risk and/or international  non-recognition has negatively affected tourist flows into the countries, objectives on ground are increasing personnel standards, increasing marketing activities in potential countries, encouraging foreign business owners and entrepreneurs into investing in the tourism industry and directing lawful courses of action about tourism sector,, establishing a strong cooperation between domestic tourism foundations and foreign travel agencies and improving tourism incentives, increasing the number of tourists from the less developed countries, accelerating recognition exercises and setting up competitive prices in tourism commercial enterprises, initiating flights to Europe to accomplish direct flights.

In addition, the tourism industry does not only contribute in job creation within the tourism sector but also creates jobs in the other domestic industries, such as transport, agriculture manufacturing and some other services sectors. Therefore, promoting the development of North Cyprus tourism market will create more opportunities for the country's economic growth.

It is very important to explore both international and domestic tourism markets and to make considerable efforts in exceeding the tourists' expectations to attract their return as this would help in developing the tourism industry. For the level to be actualized, the industry needs to take into careful consideration of the tourists needs to serve the better and respond satisfactorily to their demands as to attract their returns.

1.2. Purpose Of The Study And The Research Questions

The purpose of this study is to acquire international visitors' feedbacks on North Cyprus as a tourism destination by examining the link between their perception and expectation during their visit. The collected information in this study will help in evaluating the on-ground situation of tourism in North Cyprus and thereafter figure out how it correlates to tourists' satisfaction.

Listed below the questions of this research study;

1. What did the tourists expect from North Cyprus as a tourism destination?

2. What are their both positive and/negative perceptions of North Cyprus during their visit?

3. What is their satisfaction or dissatisfaction level with North Cyprus tourism industry?

4. How can these levels be improved upon?

1.3. Aim Of The Study

The thesis' aim is to examine the level of international tourists' satisfaction in North Cyprus and thereafter proposals will be made to help in the improvement of the tourism industry in North Cyprus.

At the end of this study relevant suggestions will be made for the improvement of the tourism sector and report will also serve as reference for further future studies on this topic.

1.4. Study Outline

There are seven main segments in carrying out this research study these are; research questions identification, literature review, data investigation and collection, data analysis and results, proposed suggestions and finally conclusion.

This study made use of quantitative research method in answering the research questions so as to get complete insight on the issues of the study and also to help make available enough information for future studies on this topic.

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