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What is statistics?

 Statistics is a field of collecting data and making conclusions from it.  Statistics is one of the most important and widely used branches in math.  It is also used in the real world such as: planning, politics, biology, business, and many more areas of study.  An individual statistic is a conclusion that is made from data that you have seen or researched.  For example, the average person's lifespan is 70.7 years.   

What are the different datas used in statistics?  

There can be qualitative or quantitative data. Qualitative data divides data sets into different sections based on a fixed quality. An example would be that you are with a group of friends. Some qualitative data examples:

Each person's gender

Favorite color

Quantitative data is numerical information so it's about amounts, it could be about:

How tall a person is in feet

How heavy they are in pounds

What is the history of statistics?  

The word statistics came from a Latin word statisticus, which means ‘of state affairs'.  The first time statistics was used goes far back to around when man lived in caves.  They drew on the walls as they collected data such as their food.  Collecting data is as old as humans.  The Babylonians collected data about their crops and merchandise.  Years later the Egyptians and the Chinese did so also.   The Romans were the first to gather data about their population, agriculture, and finances about their empire.  ‘Observations on the London Bills of Mortality' was the first book that showed statistics could be used in science.

In ancient China, it was in the Western Zhou Dynasty, around 3,00 years ago, that statistics was used.  The averages HAS its uses and (was) brought more attention towards it.  

People have different views about statistics though.  Benjamin Disraeli's opinion was he thought statistics is a type of lie because people can lie about information.  Rex Todhunter Stout's opinion was similar to Benjamin's opinion.  Rex Todhunter Stout's opinion was there are two different kinds of statistics.  One you can research and one that you lie about.  

How is statistics used in the real world?  

Many people today use statistics in business.  They use it by planning a production of what someone wants, you could also check the quality of the product far more efficiently with statistic methods. Businesses will use marketing phrases to make their products sell.  For example, 4 out of 5 dentist recommend Dentine.  This phrase involves the use of statistics.  

Another way you could use statistics in the real world is math, of course.  You can could use it for many theories and probability. You could use averages, estimates, and conclusions with statics in math.  For example, finding range, mean, median, mode, and to find range in a graph. (These are some basics things that you've learned before, these things use statistics. But we will still explain what these are.)

First, let's talk about range. To find out what the range is in a set of numbers, you subtract the highest number from the lowest number in that set.

To find the mean add all the numbers you have then divide it with the number of numbers you have.  

To find the median you put the numbers in order from least to greatest then see the number in the middle.  

To find the mode you find the number that occurs most often.

An additional way you can use statistics in the real world is in natural and social science. Chemistry, biology, meteorology, sociology, communication, physics use statistics. For many of these categories many of them involve collecting data, analyzing it, summarizing,  coming up with a hypothesis and figuring out that hypothesis.

In biology they used statistics in biostatistics, biometry, or biometrics. (Biostatistics, biometry, and biometrics mean the same thing, just different terms) Biostatistics mostly has experiments on medicine, agriculture, online pharmacy, and fishery.  They also collect, summarize, and analyze the data received.  Medical biostatistics is something different that mostly deals with health.

Physics uses probability theory plus statistics usually estimates huge populations.

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