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Microsaic systems is just like any other structured business organisation. They have a hierarchal structure (as shown above) through which discipline, respect and the company's value proposition are delivered

Microsaic systems motivates its employees by rewarding them in various ways. Its employees enjoy competitive salaries, annual performance bonuses and pension contributions. Team members also benefit from share options. [2]

Sales and Marketing

The company signed a supply agreement with GE Healthcare this year, for the sale of its 4000 MiD unit in combination with GE Healthcare's instruments. GE Healthcare is one of the front players in the global market for scientific instrumentation. The agreement is centred on the development and commercialisation of new instrument for use by research and healthcare professionals. This relationship is aimed at helping both companies work hand in hand towards the launching of the integrated product that is expected to be completed in 2016 [4] .

Product development

Microsaic Systems is constantly developing its products and making them compatible with other secondary products. For example, in September 2015 the company released a statement on its main website saying that “its product range is now compatible with Clarity Chromatography Software, the advanced Chromatography Data Station developed by Data Apex”. [3] This is one way of how the company is upgrading its products without the requirement of them being altered and this also provides the customers with the ability to deploy their purchases on different software platforms.

The Clarity software interface used for acquisition of data, processing and operation for gas and liquid chromatography platforms. With the addition of a control module for Microsaic's 4000 MiD miniaturised mass detector and MiDas compact interface module, Clarity provides a single-point control solution that enables users to increase workflow efficiency by incorporating simple to use mass detection.

The software also provides a variety of tools supporting the Good Importer Practice (GIP) regulations and complies with the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. [3] This is another confirmation that the company complies with law and it is also an assurance to its customers that they are purchasing legitimate products built for purpose.

The company has also proved that they are focused on product development being part of the agreement signed this year with GE healthcare as mentioned under the “sales and marketing” section above.

Market Research

Microsaic systems boasts a large customer target niche in pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and healthcare, government security and defence, energy, utilities, environmental, and food and drink

Since keeping an eye on the market is one of the company's strategies, its market research department which comprises of Numis securities Limited works with the London Stock Exchange's AIM to ensure that the company's annual reports, forecasts and news are delivered on time and comply with government regulations and law. Numis Securities Limited is the company's financial and broker adviser to the company in relation to the placing and admission of share prices. Numis Securities' roles also comply with regulations of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom.


The finance department is responsible for the company's funds allocation and its book keeping requirements. The book keeping entries are as shown in tables 1 to 8.

The most recent annual report released by Microsaic systems on 31/12/2014 indicates that the company has an annual turnover of just over £1.2 million Great British Pounds. This as shown by the blue line on Graph 1 of key financials and the profit and loss account (Table 2) of the company in appendices A and B respectively. The profit and loss account also shows that the turnover values increase year by year between 2010 and 2014. This attracts potential investors and stakeholders and also assures those who already have shares that they have invested their funds in the right business without any doubt.

Table 4 indicates that the company would hardly experience funding crisis since they have more than one financial reserve and this has also increased on a yearly basis.

In 2014, the company entered into a conditional placing agreement with Numis Securities Limited as the company's agent to which it was agreed to use a reasonable promotional offer to attract potential shareholders for the placing of shares at the placing price. The placing price represents a discount of approximately 6.7 per cent to the closing market price of 45 pence on 6 October 2014. This is one of the revenue streams of the company.

The major aim of placing conditional shares was to use the net proceeds as an additional working capital and capital resources to execute its revenue growth plans as mentioned below;

(a) It was aimed at generating volume sales of its miniaturised mass spectrometry system by establishing the company as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partner to highly recognised companies specialising  in scientific instruments like GE and developing its own sales channels to customers. This aim was accomplished as mentioned under the “sales and marketing'' section.

(b) The resulting proceeds were also aimed at accelerating the commercialisation of its products and technologies, customer contracts and further product development, and also to provide a strong financial position from which to support commercial negotiations.  

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