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Is Social Media a positive or negative influence on society? Guoqiang Xiao,(Rambo)

The question as to whether social media influences the society positively or negatively is one that has been an issue of numerous debates across the world. There are those who are of the idea that it is good while others argue that it is bad. Also, some people's perspective is that the effects of social media can be determined by the group of people being talked about. That is; is it about young people or the elderly? Further, social media impacts can be determined from the perspective that a person is viewing something. In other words, is a person analyzing its effects in relation to schools, businesses and homes amongst others? With this in mind, therefore, the purpose of this paper is to write a comprehensive essay on the topic, \"Is Social Media a positive or negative influence on society?\"

In reference to Social Media Today (2016), \"social media isn\'t integrally positive or negative\". This is because it has its good and bad side. Looking on the bright side, social media positively influences the society by increasing job opportunities and offering a platform for businesses to thrive. This is facilitated by the advertisement of job posts and promotion of a business's products and services through social media.  \"According to Tim Maure fee-only firm Vice President, people, especially managers and business owners, should focus more on marketing what they have other than doing unproductive work on the internet\" (Schulaka 19). Reason being, through this, a wide variety of people and market are reached which is a clear indication of positive growth and development. \"The other positive factor is that it reduces communication barrier \"(Ahn 1436). Through this people can share and post important ideas and suggestions on certain issues in the society to many people across the world. Hence, it promotes a situation in which people can air their opinions freely.

It creates friendships because social networks provide us with a platform through which we can connect. This is a great thing because it promotes peace and unity amongst people as they get to connect with individuals from different social backgrounds, gender, race and religion. According to (Shelley 2015), \"It helps in the reduction of loneliness\". The other positive impact of social media is that they facilitate faster spreading of news and information. Research carried out by (ProCon.Org 2016) \"shows that approximately 50 percent individuals first receive breaking news through the social network\". The sites are also the most preferred sources of news. In the case of danger, most people call for help through social media because they believe it is the fastest medium through which they can be rescued.

Today, media significantly impacts on the way individuals especially ladies view themselves. This is according to (Nola 2016) \"in which he says that it has negatively affected youths because they tend to believe what they see on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn\". Hence, most of this girls strive to be like the people they see in these sites in which most of them struggle to be thin since it has already gotten into them that this is the only way to be beautiful. Those who are not thin end up having low self-esteem and even try any possible means through which they can be like their \"role models\"(Ahn 1439). In the quest of searching for beauty and a perfect body, they use substances aimed at achieving this which in turn has adverse effects on their bodies.

\"Social media leads to the development of undesirable behaviors like drug and substance use and indulgence into sexual activities at a young age\" (Greysen et al. 1228). Today, some people post their nude pictures and upload explicit videos of them using drugs. Further, young people have access to pornographic materials. This promotes immoral behaviors in which some become drunkards, bullies, smokers and sexual harassment offenders all as a result of social media. Subsequently, it has been the platform through which people exchange their pictures and videos. In the case of relationships, it may lead to its end. The reason being, as (Shelley 2015) writes, \"when individuals find out that their partners have been doing those above, they feel betrayed and break relationships or even marriages\". Thus, in this, it negatively influences the society. Further, excessive use of social media is time wasting since people spend much of their time in t doing nothing of importance due to addiction.

As seen in (BBC 2013) \"article excessive use of social media negatively affects school performance due to this reason\". \"The reason being, students, spend a lot of their time in social networks either watching video clips, movies, chatting with friends or searching for trending news, fashion and personalities instead of studying\" (Akar et al. 38). As a result of this, their academic performance and that of the society is affected at large due to poor grades. Still on this, it can affect job performance as people spend working hours in social media. As mentioned earlier in regards to breaking news delivery, social media can still influence the society negatively. This is because it promotes the spreading of false information and rumors. \"Finally, social media causes disruption of interpersonal communications\" (Croft 560). It results from the 1990 World Wide Web broad adoption.  

In conclusion, it is apparent that the social media has both positive and negative effects. However, from my point of view, if not well managed, the negative impacts of the sites can outdo its positive impacts. Therefore, it is essential for all people to be responsible while using social media. Also, sites responsible for adult contents should put more strict rules and security to ensure young people do not have access to them.   


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