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In my paper its going to talk about my company name apple. I'm going to explain how this company became big. Also explain who started it and what's the resent status on it.  

    Apple was invented by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. They build the first apple computer on April 1, 1976 in California Cupertino. On June 29,2007 apple computers released it touch screen device called the iPhone. On 1 April 1976 Apple was founded, making the company 40 years old as of the 1 April 2016 it's a historical breakdown of the company. Right now the biggest sale is the wireless head phones they cost 159$.

   The enemy for apple is Samsung and lg. Apple company has over 115,000. The apple company says that the best way to save battery power in an iPhone is to stop quitting apps. They also have the longest battery life is on an iPhone 6s plus.  The $240 billion lost on Apple makes it the fourth largest market value loss they had against Enron. When the first iPhone came out it made 62.1 billion dollars in the same year.

    Apple id is required to get apps on all apple device.  In 1981 Apple II has become the world's most popular computer, and Apple has grown to a 300-million-dollar corporation, becoming the fastest growing company in American business history. They pay per hour is the least is 15 per hour. The highest payment they pay is about 45$. Best Global Brands report, has been the world\'s most valuable brand for 4 years in a row with a valuation in 2016 of $178 billion.   In 1984, Apple launched the Macintosh, the first personal computer to be sold without an at all Its debut was signified by a $1.5 million television commercial directed by Ridley Scott that aired during the third quarter of Super bowl on January 22, 1984 the commercial is now hailed as a watershed event for Apple\'s success and a masterpiece. Also led to cannibalization of their higher priced machines. To address this, management introduced several new brands, selling largely identical machines at different price points aimed at different markets. These were the high-end Quadra, the mid-range Centrist line, and the ill-fated Perform a series. This led to significant market confusion, as customers did not understand the difference between models.

   Apple also experimented with a number of other unsuccessful consumer targeted products during the 1990s, including digital cameras, portable CD audio players, speakers, video consoles, the world online service, and TV appliances. Enormous resources were also invested in the problem-plagued Newton division based on John Scullery's unrealistic market forecasts. Citation needed Ultimately, none of these products helped and Apple\'s market share and stock prices continued to slide. Apple is one of the biggest company in the world. The second one in place is Samsung.

   On December 16, 2008, Apple announced that 2009 would be the last year the corporation would attend the Mac world Expo, after more than 20 years of attendance, and that senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing Philip Schiller would deliver the 2009 keynote address in lieu of the expected Jobs. The official press release explained that Apple was on trade shows in general, including Macworld Tokyo and the Apple Expo in Paris, France, primarily because the population.

    Samsung is now making TV, dryers, cleaners, but they can't still beat apple. Because Samsung new phones batteries blow up while charging. Apple has 478 retail stores as of March 2016in seventeen countries and an online store available in 39 countries. Each store is designed to suit the needs of the location and regulatory authorities. Apple has received numerous architectural awards for its store designs, particularly its midtown Manhattan location on Fifth Avenue.

    The Apple Store in Regent Street, London, was the first to open in Europe in November 2004, and is the most profitable shop in London with the highest sales per square foot, taking £60,000,000 pa, or £2,000 per square foot. The Regent Street store was surpassed in size by the nearby Apple Store in Co vent Garden, which was surpassed in size by the Grand Central Terminal Apple Store, New York City, in December 2011.

    Of the 43,000 Apple employees in the United States 30,000 work at Apple Stores. Apple Store employees make above average pay for retail employees and are offered money toward college as well as gym memberships, 401k plans, healthcare plans, product discounts, and reduced price on purchase of stock.

   A May 2016 Business Insider article featuring a lengthy interview with a U.K. Apple Store retail worker highlighted significant dissatisfaction and issues for retail workers, including harassment and death threats from customers, an intense internal criticism policy that feels \"like a cult\", a lack of any significant bonus if a worker manages to secure a business contract worth \"hundreds of thousands\", a lack of promotion opportunities, and, despite a \"generous\" discount on any Apple product or Apple stock, are paid so little that many workers are unable to buy products themselves.

    Now Microsoft is catching up to the inventions of apple. Apple and Microsoft have a long way to go. Microsoft also purchased $150 million of nonvoting Apple stock. Apple is bigger than Microsoft. It\'s more valuable, has more financial firepower and has also been growing faster. But Microsoft\'s stock is blowing away Apple's, because for investors last year is ancient history and It's the future that matter Microsoft continued its transformation into a business school tale of caution, while Apple once again raked in enough money to make money look free.


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