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Everest Home Improvement (better known as Everest) is a British double glazing and home improvement company in the Private Sector found in 1965.

Here are some of it's products:

Double and triple glazed windows



… and more.

Everest has manufacturing bases in Sittingbourne, Kent and Treherbert, Wales. They each employ its own product development team, design team, installation team and sales team.

The Everest Ltd Headquarters are located in Cuffley, Hertfordshire, England on Sopers Road, EN6 4SG.

The map on the right shows all the places Everest is (All the red dots).

Everest is a Private limited company (Ltd) with share capital. This means that the liability of the shareholders to creditors of the company is limited to the capital originally invested.

In 2003, there were over 2000 staff employed and over 1000 employees operated as a franchise. Now, there are 1001-5000 employees in the company.

They need to employ people to work with their team, have a Customer Service Advisors and Planning Team, a Marketing Team, a Human Resources Team, Sales, Installers and Surveyors.

Employees need to be able to communicate with customers well and their plans need to be reliable and they need to be well laid out.

Apart from aiming to get a profit, Everest aims to combine the highest quality products with great customer care across the UK. Everest's range of windows, doors and conservatories are the first choice for quality, professionalism and truly exceptional products.

Their objective has stayed the same throughout the years- continuing and expanding their commitment to quality customer service and getting better reviews so that they would get happy customers.


Everest has been continuously successful with its products since it was one of the first companies in the market of double glazing.

In November 2013, the company won the Interactive Media Awards in content, design, functionality, usability and high standards of compliance.

Everest was acquired by private equity firm Better Capital in 2012, for £25 Million!

Everest Windows were awarded Sales Team of the Year runner up and Sales Director of the Year runner up at the British Excellence in Sales & Marketing Awards in March 2015.

They are a founding member of the Glass and Glazing Federation and are also members of FENSA (Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme), The Conservatory Association and REAL (Renewable Energy Assurance Limited), along with a growing list of other memberships and accreditations.


The company hasn't had many failures apart from the fact that some of their advertisements were banned.

In 2008, he Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) banned the Everest Windows television advert for potentially misleading consumers as to the amount of hot water generated by a solar panel. The advert was amended and allowed to be shown in the amended form.

In 2011, the ASA banned an Everest ad for solar panels following claims of misleading consumers regarding potential cost savings.

Everest became became a very fragmented market, with over 3,000 companies, the company grew to become the second biggest in the UK market by sales and turnover with 2.5% of the market (£165m sales) by 2009, later rising to 3%!

During 2013, employing over 2000 staff, the total operating profits for 2012-2013 were over £5.1 Million!

This showed that Everest was financially successful as it was the first  business to introduce double glazed windows and became one of the best manufacturing companies.

Everest makes discounts before and on special events. For example, you could get a product that costs the same as in 1991 if you order before 11th November so that when it's Christmas, you wouldn't be cold.

They also give you voucher codes and offers when you do what they request you to do. For example, getting an extra 10% off when you book your Quote on a particular day. Or upgrading to Ultimate Glass for free etc.

They also have a mobile app so you can redeem your voucher code there.

Everest should continue to aim to provide high quality goods in order for their customers to use. They should also aim to become the biggest UK market in sales and get a greater profit.

Its main objective should still be to keep customers happy and getting better reviews each time. They should increase sales and generate consumer demand by providing a product's availability and uses.

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