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First, the public sector can be defined as organizations that have been made by the corporation of public. This sector supposed to owned by the central, state or local government, which is also controlled by them. At some point, public sector could become an important role in specific zones of business activity. They are supported by the administration and in some conditions from personal trading surplus or benefit.

In this organization, the aim is as the government frequently provides quality services regardless of whether the individual is able to pay or not. Basically in the position of public sector, they do not intend to make a benefit but for the most part it gives the benefit to the public in general. Another aim is to supply a customer's necessity for example healthcare.

b) Where as, the definition of private sector is that the organizations are being set up and owned by individuals or private companies. This is either the business can be classified as individual known as sole traders, partnerships or shareholders in Private and Public limited companies. There are various types of business that different from each other in the private sector which are known as small retailers for those who owned a business by individual and also large multinational companies.

The aim of private sector is actually builds a business to make money as well as to survive, which those two are important things to do when owning a private company or business. At this point when survival is guaranteed, private organizations may take it to the following level and extent to amplify their benefits. In this way, the business may grow even more and constantly gaining profits where this can be included as a goal of private sector.

One of the differences between the public sector and the private sector is that in public sector, the government is the one who operated and handle all the things that related to a part of the country\'s economy. Where as for the private sector, it is controlled and undertaken by the person who owned the business individually or in partnerships.

In addition, the other difference is in terms of the purpose of the public sector and the private sector. In public sector, where the goal is to provide services to the public but in private sector, the motives of the organizations are to earn profits. According to public sector, the government takes full control over the businesses. In contrast, private sector organizations barely get interfere from the government.

The difference is also based on the environment at the workplace where in the private sector is very aggressive but in the public sector is different as they are not familiar with the situation, because they are not set up to meet business objectives.  

Furthermore, in public sector, the workers have the job security in addition to the advantages that have been given to them such as, allowances, extra income, retirement benefits, pensions and so on which in fact all of that are missing in the private sector.

a) Organizational structure based on the requirement for people to cooperate adequately to accomplish the purpose of organizations. This includes organizing an extensive variety of errands and individuals with an extensive variety of abilities. This structure of the organization will decide how the function is separated and who is in charge of its accomplishment.

The purpose of organizational structure is that it helps every single person know his or her job. To have a productive and legitimately working business, you have to realize that there are individuals to handle every sort of assignment. In the meantime, you need to ensure that individuals aren\'t running up against each other. Producing a structure with obvious defined roles, purposes, extents of power and systems to ensure every individual are cooperating to finish everything the business must do.

This is important to the business as for any developing organization to give direction and clarity on particular human resource issues, for example, administrative power. Small-business proprietors ought to start contemplating a formal structure right on time in the development phase of their business. There three areas of organizational structure, which are communication, control and coordination.

The communication in the organizational structure, it can enhance work process and the productivity in general. By making an attempt to enhance your communication procedures, you can construct a stronger organization that will have backbone in the market. Where as for control, it is the way toward building up and keeping up power over and throughout a company. Lastly, coordination is the synchronization and reconciliation of activities, obligations, and order and control structures to guarantee that the assets of an organization are used most effectively in chasing of the exact goals.

A functional organizational structure is where the organization is isolating into discrete units based on role, for example, bookkeeping, marketing, survey and growth or dispersion.

One of the advantages is in terms of specialization where it suggests an abnormal state of specialization. Every unit works as a sort of self-contained little organization, accused of doing its particular role. Workers commonly begin their professions in a passage level position within the function and create particular information as they climb within the hierarchy.

Another advantage is an efficiency and productivity. A worker who is a specialist in his useful region can perform jobs with an abnormal state of speed and efficiency, which upgrades productivity. Workers who know their employments well can continue with certainty and with lack of doing mistakes.

As for the disadvantage of a functional organizational structure is lack of teamwork. The specific units inside the functional structure regularly perform with an abnormal state of efficiency; they may feel hard to work properly with different units. If a project calls require a few units to cooperate, units may get to be regional and reluctant to participate with each other. Primarily, each unit may act as the best self-interest rather than those of the organization as an entire.

The disadvantage also includes as the functional departments might be diverted by departmental objectives, and concentrate on them as opposed to hierarchical objective.

A matrix organizational structure is a blend of the functional and divisional structures. The previous allot departments inside an organization by the functions performed, while the last partitions them by items, clients or geographical area. Small business proprietors ought to comprehend the advantages and disadvantage of the matrix structure before carry out in their organizations.

The advantage is to increased motivation in which actualizing the matrix organizational structure in a company is that it can direct to an efficient trade of information. The staffs work together and speak with each other much of the time to settle issues. Efficient lines of exchanging information improve productivity and take into account for resolution.

In contrast, a disadvantage is that it can bring about inward unpredictability. Some workers may become confused as to who their immediate administrator is. The double power and communication issues may leads to division among workers and supervisors. Miscommunication and ineffectual managing can bring about workers disappointment and low assurance. Continuous problems may cause a company to experience high worker turnover.

Another disadvantage is that it is costly to keep up. An organization\'s overhead cost ordinarily expands due to the requirement for twofold management. The additional salaries an association must pay can put a strain on its assets. The sharing of workers may bring about undesirable rivalry between supervisors inside an organization. The skill that the workers convey to the table makes them profitable, which causes supervisors to look for their help. The opposition for startle assets may cause hostility inside the working environment and prevent the management

a) Marketing is a fundamental procedure to the achievement of your small business. Marketing includes investigating, bundling and displaying items and services to customers.

One of the main purposes of marketing is to generate your investigation on your target audience. Focus on purchasing patterns and search for items that satisfy a current necessity. For example, attire retailers need to remain on top of the upcoming season\'s trends to see what items to concentrate on in marketing campaign. Market research needs to inspect on your other rivals. Discover what items they display and how they achieve their marketing campaigns previously.

As well as with analyzing what the purchaser needs, marketing includes bundling the product or service in a way that attract to your purchaser.  Another purpose of marketing includes valuing your item at a value where your business makes a benefit.

Moreover, function of marketing is the transportation of goods. When you have the items, you must have the capacity to convey them to buyers. How you deliver your items directly affects marketing campaign.

Risk assessment and quality control also can be included as the function of marketing. It requires for us to observe at the variables that can compromise the sales of the business\'s product and service. Where as, quality control implies to see whether your product is outstanding against the rivalry.

b) Human resource management can be defined as the administration of a company\'s workers. The procedure towards employment and developing workers with the goal that they turn out to be more profitable to the organization.

The function of human resource management is in terms of job analysis where it is the procedure of illustrating the characteristic of a worker and determining the human requirements, for example, abilities and requires experience to implement it.

Other than that, the function is assessing performance function monitors worker performance to guarantee that it is at satisfactory levels. Appraisal of worker performance is the commitment of administrators and managers. Performance appraisal information is fundamental for worker advancement since learning of results is important to inspire and guide execution accomplishments.

In addition, the training and development gives workers the ability and learning to perform their occupation efficiently. This may help the workers able to perform their jobs at worthy levels. Also, giving training for new or inexperienced workers, organizations regularly give training programs for experienced workers whose are lead to change.

c) One of the functions of accounting and finance is that with financial accounting, the tension is to see at past data with an aim of deciding an organization\'s amount overall. Shareholders and investors will use the data to determine if a public enterprise is less value and worth supply in in or overestimate and ought to be stayed away from. Creditors will use this same data to make a data determination whether an unprofitable association is a good chance before loan money.

Basically, the function accounting and finance sum up all the records that have to do with financial activity on your company in the benefit and loss statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement.

d) The function of research and development is to grow new item before beginning of rivalry, to enhance the nature of an item, which this permits colleagues to guarantee the items meet those principles so the organization puts out quality items. As well as to enhance process of the production so that the expenses can be decreased. An important device for developing and enhancing your business. Research and development includes inquiring about your market and your client needs and growing as new, better products and services to fit these necessities.

Organizations that have a research and development system have a more prominent possibility of achievement than organizations that don\'t. A research and development technique can convey to development and expanded your business\' competitive benefit.

A diagram of a matrix organizational structure

A diagram of a functional organizational structure

According to matrix structure above, this emphasizes of accepting people with certain special skills into project group. It also explains that managers regularly claim that this is the most ideal method for organizing people, since it depends on the knowledge and abilities of workers and gives space for those people lower down the organization to use their skills efficiently.

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